Well for my first blog I will like to tell you guys what I like over the next few weeks.

Ok I think and well most of us must think that WWE is seeking to build a new foundation of superstars for us. We can say The Miz can be treated as a success that’s one person and we all know there will be more, today I will list (ten not in any order) who I think in my opinion will be a great success for the WWE in about 5 years time. I will post a few vids to so some good moments they have already have.

Dolph Ziggler

This guy is absolutely great talent from the spirit squad to what he is now wow that guy is passionate for the business, The Charisma and those Mic skills he has made as a character is now really strong and I like it. This guy is already a triple crown champion (yes the 8 min reign counts) and he is coming for you!. Last year if anyone remembers we can arguably say he has one of the best matches of the year at WWE bragging rights 2010 this guy has “IT” the WWE want, he was also given a really good long Intercontinental Championship title reign and showed how good he is and he can be unstoppable heel now isn’t that how a champ should be? i know right 😉 I can say he had regained the status of that championship it was a few years ago.Now he has moved on to Raw the flagship show I think WWE are really ready to showcase this guy to the WWE universe. I think this guy can be champ within few months.

Wade Barrett

Wow just wow, The winner of NXT season 1 this rookie screw that superstar has raced his way to the WWE just in few months im being real honest but who thought this guy will be so entertaining? He has gone way over with people from being leader of the Nexus then moving to SmackDown in Corre and is now WWE’s current intercontinental champ.He can work things in wwe so well he has already worked with the face of the company Cena..beat down Undertaker and even token on WWE hall of famers isn’t wwe really keen on him and are now given him a run at a belt and so far looks promising.Ive also been to a wwe event in UK and seen how well he is with the fans just saying, Lets hope he gets a world title soon.

John Morrison

I’m telling you now this guy is all great with wrestling and not so great with the mic as a face but this guy is talented look up TLC 2010 ladder match with Sheamus this match was great and he proved me wrong with my bad judgement I allays gave him saying he was overrated and things. He has all WWE want but needs to fix up on the mic and that’s it to be honest. Look at him on ECW he was (unrecognized) world champion and it was a joy to watch his feud’s with CM punk. I think he has dropped the ball with charisma but they will all come back (that’s what I hope)

Cody Rhodes

If anyone notices he has been getting a really big push with Rey Mysterio, and now im taking him seriously and people only hate this guys because he looks like a joke but since legacy he has only been the only one that seems to be doing what a good looking wrestler in WWE should be having promo’s every few weeks and he even had a tiny show thing whilst he was with the dashing gimmick. This guy needs a mid card belt then lets see if he can a world champ BUT this guy also needs that image then im 100% on him. Look at this how amazing this promo is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TrZu4HfrxU

Alberto Del Rio

Well this guy is brand new to WWE but isn’t he amazing for his first year in the WWE? he has made a huge impact already he has beaten Rey Mysterio and been in Main events for PPV’s showed his too good for mid card, keeps making appearances on Raw doesn’t this show wwe want to expose him and show that he is ready to be a WWE star.WWE have put in alot of work into pretty obvious he must be part of the future.

Drew McIntyre

Now you must be thinking REALLY!?, he might not be really good as of late doesn’t anyone remember that WWE made him the chosen one and we had reports that Shawn Michaels, and Triple H think man is amazing. Look at his IC reign and look how good this guy is if told to do well. This guy is underrated only because WWE HAVE dropped the ball on him lets hope it fixes up.

CM Punk

When I say future I mean future by the way, this guy has already done alot like becoming ECW Champion, World Tag Team Champion, two-time Mr. Money In The Bank, Intercontinental Champion, and a three-time World Heavyweight Champion. He is actually not that old for another few reigns and making him keep this great gimmick in my opinion is really entertaining to me and his mic skills is amazing this guy is great to watch.

 Mason Ryan

Really!? you must be saying that again arnt you?. Well if you watch FCW this guy is great and got into WWE from development few months ago and he has the look to become the next Batista BUT i may be the only one that thinks he should not have the animal gimmick 2.0 he needs to be his own character as he was in FCW and trust me he will entertain you.

Jack Swagger

He has a really terrible world title reign for his first but this guy and can wrestle and he can wrestler and ever since he has been in WWE he has kept on getting into big things and I also think he was in one of the most underrated feuds in WWECW against Christian give this guy another shoot he will deliver.


He will get more WWE title reigns, he was given a push to JOHN CENA and he was dominating the only problem that happened was the push was way to early and in the future it show he is ready to come in! nothing else left to say J

My first Blog thank you for reading!