ABout Edge


Smackdown started off as it should of, a promo on the ultimate opportunist and the Rated R superstar, a legend in the making and a future hall of famer, you know him as Edge. When I first seen his announcement on Raw, I wasn’t quite sure what to think. I thought to myself…is this kayfabe or real? But as his announcement went on, I could just feel it wasn’t kayfabe. This is no joke, a shiver went down my spine, as tears were coming out of Edge’s eyes, I could just imagine how Edge was feeling. Like, this was his passion, life and love for a sport, and he is forced into retiring due to injuries he had received in the past but caught up with him. It all happened to him unexpected and in my opinion he hasn’t felt the ‘’real’’ effects to all this just yet. Personally, I think it will all hit him in a couple of weeks, when he realizes how much he will miss the WWE. When looking back at Edge, it shows how much we appreciated him.  He performed for over a decade, been in numerous of brutal ladder matches, hardcore matches, steel cage matches, Elimination Chamber matches, hell in a cell matches etc. He has the highest amount of belts or titles won for a pro wrestler. He had a live sex celebration, wonderful friend during his early and late career with Chrstian. In my book, E & C were one of the greatest tag teams of all time. Had awesome feuds against John Cena, Undertaker, Batista etc. He had an awesome theme. He has won the Royal Rumble match, competed a numerous of Wrestlemania’s. So I hope he will have no regrets going out, as I call him a LEGEND. On his last promo on Smackdown I’m watching now, he runs out of the ring, and comes out with his entrance one more time, I cried. Now I’m not a guy to cry, but when it comes to things I have a passion for, which one is WWE I can get emotional. So, my heart went out to Edge. I will miss the Rated R superstar. But the good thing about this, is that he will be able to have a few matches in the future, from what I know, he just has to be extremely careful and not over do it. I would like to say THANK YOU EDGE. I will miss you.

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