i know its late but here is my thoughts on the feud around wrestlemania time

Wrestlemaina is every wrestlers dream. Just to be able to say they have a match at Wrestlemaina small or big is a huge accomplishment. Although there are a bunch of PPV’s each year none are as big as Wrestlemaina. This year Wrestlemaina is featuring Cody Rhodes versus Rey Mysterio. A feud that has recently started on smackdown and will make its way to the big stage.

                Mysterio has been in many Wrestlemaina matches and despite his size can win. His finisher is the 619. He is known for his Lucha Libre high flying style. High flyers create great matches that are fast paced and entertaining to watch. Cody Rhodes is a different story. He is not known for a high flying style and has been in WWE for a shorter time. Rhodes singles career just started taking off. He did a lot of tag team wrestling previously.  He was a part of the tag team legacy with Ted DiBiase. Cody is now referred to as “Dashing” Cody Rhodes.

                I personally cannot wait for this match. I have enjoyed this feud and think it was a great idea. Even thought it might just be a way to have Rey in this year’s Wrestlemaina. I do feel they did a good job. This does not just give Rey his Wrestlemaina it helps Cody. Even if Rhodes loses it can help build him up. Leading him to be a better mid-card wrestler and eventually a great main eventer.  Rey has been great but given many chances and pushes. However it will be great to see better for Cody in the future.

                Talking with others about their opinions I have seen people bring up goods points about why to like it and why not to like it. Fantastic. Rey Mysterio has gotten a lot of younger stars thrown at him in the past couple of months, Swagger, Dolph, and now Cody; but Cody’s performance has put them all to shame. His character presentation is superb, and he’s looking legitimate like Swagger failed to as the WORLD Champion. I can’t wait for their match at Wrestlemaina because he’s done a flat out amazing job presenting him as a spiteful challenger that could take out Rey Mysterio for good.

                                    However here is another point of view. To be honest I think it’s a complete waste of time. It’s a sad attempt to Get Rey in WM and to put Cody over which won’t happen. Cody is not ready for the main event yet. I think he should have a I.C. run 1st at least then it will give him a little credibility. But to put him with Rey which is a match Rey will obviously win does nothing for Cody’s career. The big problem on SD now is that they have no real mid-card guys and the guys they use as mid-card should be fighting for The world title (Kofi, Swagger and Christian) wwe is holding these guys back by forcing them to be mid-card since they have no true mid-carders. Before Vince does something like get rid of the I.C. title. I urge wwe to go to FCW and get some of these out of that whole and onto SD where they can fill the mid cards. Have the return of Joe Henning and let him feud with Rhodes, bring it Byron Saxon and Abraham Washington, but the facts are if you want Cody to do something of interest stop having him go up against people that it’s obvious he won’t beat like Big Show and Rey. I’d rather a Divas Championship match then to see Cody get his brains beat in by the 619 and shame on Rey for taken a WM match that’s beneath him but hey I guess you do what it takes to make it to Wrestlemaina.

                                      Every great feud has to have great build up. So far wwe had done a good job building this feud. Especially compared to other feuds in the past. Match wise I think this match will be great after all I am a fan of both wrestlers. I feel that having Mysterio to keep the pace fast and Cody to do the simple moves that are great will make for a good match. They both have a highflying element to them that will make it a cool match. I know people have doubts on whether this match will be Wrestlemaina worthy or not. I started out with a lot of doubts and even thought most are gone some are still there. I hope my small doubts will be proven wrong. As for who is going to win I can see it go either way. Rey winning to help build him up one last time or having him win to prove he’s not leaving yet. Cody could win too so he can slowly work his way up to hopefully an intercontinental championship reign then slowly to become a main eventer.

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