Ok these are my thoughts on the picks from last night….

Cena to Smackdown. I was in awe when i seen he was drafted to Smackdown, so i thought this was the ”big” pick of the night, so i said WWE have finally done it, and surely they couldn’t disappoint us by drafting him back to Raw later on in the night. I thought it was brilliant for SD as they would be getting the ‘Face of the WWE’.

Orton to Smackdown. I was shocked when i seen this happen. But after about a minute, i said to myself there is no way both of these superstars can be on Smackdown together. There practically the two biggest stars in WWE and they would be both on WWE’s second main goal show. I just thought ”WOW” Raw wasn’t going to end without one of them going back to Raw.

Rey Mysterio to Raw. Would of been surprised if this didn’t happen. Was happy he is on Raw now he can do new things and i said to myself he could feud with Sin Cara so i was pretty happy with this draft.

Henry to Smackdown. hmm its fine really, hoping he can feud with Tyler Reks maybe or something like that. Im sure WWE can come up with something for him, if they couldn’t he wouldn’t of been drafted.

Sin Cara to Smackdown. I was a little surprised cause i was thinking he would feud with Rey but then again, i’m sure WWE are waiting for Summerslam or Wrestlemania for a match between these two. Anyway, i still was happy he is on Smackdown, he’s better off on SD as he will rarely use the MIC.

Big Show to Raw. I was 100% sure at this stage Big Show would get drafted, even though it was predictable its not that bad for me, as he is a veteran and will be reliable on Raw, hopefully feud with Miz after Cena for the title. (Think Miz will retain at ER)

ADR to Raw. I knew it would be either him or Christian to be drafted after Big Show was announced first. I think he will have a solid upcoming year and get drafted to SD next year. He’ll have a feud with Cena and Jomo im sure, so was happy and looking forward to the next year at least.

Cena back to Raw. This pissed me off a little. They got everyones hopes up as he was a SD superstar but was obvious either him or Orton would be drafted back. So FUCK you WWE for doing that.

Please give me your thoughts on this or your thoughts overall on the night.