Why The WWE really DOESN’T have faith in The Miz

For those Miztakes that still think WWE will push the miz beyond any point after this year, let us take a look at the all so great push the miz had as champion. The fact remains, that yes, while Miz did have a long title run, one of the longest since 2008, it is clear that if WWE was truly high on the Miz, you would think he would have one clean win over any body. I know he is the heel, but let us take a look at all of his opponents. Jerry “The King Lawler”, Randy Orton, John Cena, and John Morrison. Now while Miz could not get a clean win over Cena or Orton considering their spots in the company, and Morrison was the closest he got to a clean win… you would think that Miz would easily beat an ageing announcer that hasn’t wrestled (on Tv) for years. In the length of Miz’s win, he always had outside help, always. From CM Punk, The Rock, and Even Cole, Miz never had a single win he can call his own. Even for the most of the early title shots, creative wanted us to think that the Miz could lose the title at any time any place, and that is believable for one main Reason… Miz, cannot wrestle.

No Clean wins in months.
Now that is fine and all if you plea he is heel… however that argument is bullshit considering that even some of the dirtiest heels had their feet to the fire and had to win cleanly. With this in mind, The Miz, needed help, against Jerry “The King” Lawler… Now nothing against Jerry, but you would think a young champion being pushed would not need the help of not one, but Two people. That is right, The miz needed two people to beat Jerry “The King” Lawler, while other champions can kick his ass easily. On Raw that night, King was inches away of becoming WWE champion… Now how is this pushing the Miz. With John Morrison it took Alex Riley, and a Missed attack for Miz to finally get the win… and he had no remember-able spots, Unlike Morrison… Standing above the WWE Stage Sign, Starship Pain Through the Table and a flying kick on the rail to A-Ri. Randy Orton… Cm Punk got involved, Cena… The Rock Got involved… end of story.

No Major Matches.
TLC, The Miz faced Orton… Kane Faced Del Rio, Edge, and Rey Mysterio. Elimination Chamber. Miz got a one one one, while Edge had to face 5 other people. The Fact is, The Miz was never in a match that could prove he should keep the title. For over 5 months, The Miz was never in a risky match. He was like your little sibling, playing SVR on easy mode, while you struggle to play on Legend mode. He has all the easy wins and matches, while you rage to stay at the top.

Lack of Wrestling Ability
While alot of people bash on Cena’s 5 moves of doom, let me point out one clear thing… He at least can do his finishing moves. Cena has lifted a 500 pound man, on his shoulders, and slammed him. Wade Barrett has lifted and slammed both Mark Henry and The Big show… The Miz could not even leg sweep the Great Khali. Am I supposed to believe that the miz, This new rising superstar, as a creditable wrestle, can not even preform a legsweep against what is really a pair of legs and a jaw. The Miz could not even nail his finisher on this guy, and resorted to multiple chair shots. Now I know the great Khali isn’t the most gifted wrestlers in the locker room, but when your finisher is a simple leg sweep and cannot do that, while there are others pushing their bodies to the limit slamming giants… How am I supposed to take you as a serious champion.

Double Concussions.
This may seem like a cheap shot, but The miz’s poor in ring work prevents him avoiding serious injury. The first one at Mania while not entirely his fault Ill admit… You should still know how to avoid smacking your head on steal, This is just common sense. However the second one he got at extreme rules was entirely his fault. He has poor timing when being attack, poor execution on the delivery end, and poor results. While we all bash no sell Cena for his many superheroic moments, the fact is, he still is delt the attack, and for the most part, avoids serious risk and injury. Now no wrestler is perfect, but this was back to back months for the miz.

Nexus Vs Team Raw (Team WWE, but all Raw stars.. So Team Raw) Let us take look at Team Raw. John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Edge, Chris Jericho, Bret hart, John Morrison, and R-Truth. While it was true for the most part team Raw was trying to get the miz, however in this all star list, even WWE felt that the Miz was not creditable enough to take on the once feared nexus. Daniel Bryan was given his spot, Since then, Danielson has beat the Miz for his United States Championship. While Danielson hasn’t done much since then, he has defended the Title more then the Miz, and wasn’t defeated by Bret Hart.

Losing to Bret Hart.
Bret Hart became the US Champion in 2010… He beat The Miz. Now after the impressively long run that the miz had (for now ignoring the fact that he truly didn’t defend the title that often), it ended on an episode of Raw, to an aged out bret hart. Don’t get me wrong, I respect Hart alot, but even with outside help, the young, developing champion should at least be able to kick out of the sharpshooter… Not tap instantly on the spot, which is what happened.

Cena VS The Rock
While the Main event was Cena Vs Miz… All eyes where off the Miz and placed on The Rock, more people cared what was going to happen between The Rock and Cena, that people forgot instantly that The Miz was the champion.

Over The Limit.
Already this is set up for a disaster. Cena heading into this one is 3 and 0. Meanwhile Miz hasn’t had a win to call his own yet, you would need an IQ of a negative number to even think that the miz stood a chance. While the match was in his favor, thanks to the help of Alex Riley, Cena didn’t quit after the brutal onslaught of attacks… However at the very end of the match, it took only a belt whooping and an stf to make miz say those magic words… after only 2 attacks compared to the beatdown cena got, and to top it off the stf was not even used that long, miz quits almost instantly.

Alex Riley brutal beatdown
The next night a disagreement happened with Miz and Alex, and then Alex beat the holy hell out of the miz. Now this would be a normal thing, managers/friends/sidekicks usually break into the main event in this manor, however it was Alex Riley, if anyone got more insults thrown at him for just standing around, it was him. Riley was not built as a credible fighter, and was always on the receiving end of a one hit knock out move when ever miz ran his mouth to much. So him beating the shit out of the miz last night was more than enough proof that miz was indeed champion because of Riley.

In the End
In the End, the Miz was a flash in the dark, he was pushed as far as he could go, but had no true back up in the end. He was a failing champion, and is slowly on his way down the roster back down to midcard hell. He has have some impressive title runs and chances, but with all that, came the sudden realization that he was nothing. Minimum Championship defense, no true victory, and lack of ring awareness has finally cost the miz. He will forever be a nobody.

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