Now I wrote this while I was watching world wrestling entertainment’s Friday night smackdown. So when you read it and it sounds like me predicting sort of then reflecting after the match that is why. Now I felt it was better to do it this way because then any comments I have to make are fresh in my mind. So yes I watched smackdown and typed out my thoughts as it was on.

I would like to start off by saying I am glad to see Michael Cole got rid of his glass box or as he called it “the Cole mine.”

Randy Orton promo- Started off seeming as the usual. Guess what I won I am still champion promo. And it was easy to see Christian was going to be coming out eventually. It was good though hearing christen say it was a great match and congratulating Randy however I feel this is just an attempt to make the wwe fans not be mad at Randy. Heck I am sure that’s the only reason they did this. However Randy vs. Christian matches have been great and of good quality so far so at the same time you can sort of see it comes from the heart. It was also obvious that he was going to ask for another title shot. I knew Sheamus would come out but I defiantly didn’t see him coming that quickly. Sheamus is defiantly not the star of smackdown not even close WWE pushed him too quick and now he is stale. Of course Mark Henry was going to come out with bad comments and not doing a good job. And not being intimidating or entertaining. Obviously the smackdown general manger is going to come out. WWE needs to stop doing the whole relying on the crowd because most of us know by now they edit the cheers so it is not really what the fans want but what WWE wants. This is all so usual on smackdown now it is kind of getting old I mean really having the same guys saying the same usual things.

Chavo Guerrero vs. Sin Cara- I am always going to smile when I get to see Sin Cara because I am a big fan of his matches. I always love matches that involve Sin Cara because I love his wrestling style and he always puts on a great match. On the other hand Chavo set himself up for this by cheating to help Sin Cara win a match. I am not going to say Chavo sucks but he isn’t great either I mean when is the last time he was something big? Sin Cara isn’t perfect but he is good. Sin Cara has shown us new and great moves that amaze many however I understand they are normal moves for lucha libre style wrestlers. What is up with everyone claiming Sin Cara gets his moves from them? Sin Cara has defiantly made a name for himself in World Wrestling Entertainment already.

Cody Rhodes Promo- It was just the usual hide your faces people so here is a bag. You all suck and look bad is the usual we hear from Cody now.

Daniel Bryan vs. Cody Rhodes-Cody starts of dominating at first like always showing some great power. But it cannot always last. But he always gains it back too. Cody Rhodes is a great heel he actually sounds intimating on the mic like others. And for someone who isn’t big he shows a good amount of power during the matches. As stated by the commentators Cody was defiantly dominating in this match. But domination never always lasts. A great submission move by Cody Rhodes. No surprise in Rhodes using his mask as a “weapon.” Daniel Bryan going high risk with the missal dropkick was a good dropkick. This match is great. Very back and forth no one has truly gotten a lot of momentum. The reversal to the la belle lock was great. The attack after the match was predictable. But entertaining at the same time. Paper bag time! The paper bags are the mental pain to add to the physical pain.

Heath Slater vs. Ezekiel Jackson- I would have more so liked to have seen Wade Barrett versus Jackson instead of Heath Slater. I mean Jackson is big and powerful where Heath Slater isn’t he isn’t tiny but isn’t big and he isn’t that strong. At least in comparison to Jackson. This match has had an okay start. Now we get to see the easy to predict domination by Jackson. I mean the way this match was set up from the start it was easy to see who was going to dominate. Of course Corre would come out however Jackson did a good job getting rid of them and standing his ground showing him just what he is made of.

Christian promo- It was a good promo and truly shows what Christian was about. And it shows he has been proving people wrong his whole life. And I sure hope captain charisma will be the one laughing at the end because he won. Christian showed some great mic skills like he usually does.

Kane vs. Khali- I do not expect much from this match. I just expect the two to powerhouse each other and then eventually someone winning. Kahli starts out being the one to dominate which actually was a surprise to me I defiantly expected it to be Kane to first dominate because he is bigger than Khali has ever been. Both are very angry “monsters.”  However I feel WWE could have done better showing it during the match. The way Kane won was sort of unexpected I would have liked to have seen this match go longer but then again it was just a filler match used to take up some time. For a match they were calling “The monsters Brawl” I surely was not great it was terrible. This was a big fail by WWE and I wished they had put more consideration into this. I wish I knew what was being said to Kahli that is always making him so mad. But obviously the slap in the face didn’t help. Kahli is defiantly different because of whatever is getting said to him.

Booker T Promo- Booker’s voice almost sounds like he has no emotion. I love how Michael Cole wouldn’t go into the ring until he was asked if he was afraid. Of course it is about the kiss my foot match a booker is going to pick on him. I love the look on Michael Cole’s face and how disappointed he looks.

Sheamus Promo- This promo seemed true and almost as if Sheamus wrote it himself the way he was saying it all made it great. It shows he can do pretty well on the mic. This is great you always want to be able to show good mic skills. Hoping he proves to us he is back better than ever after he sort of seemed to have hit a low spot in his career. And made a good point that what really has Mark Henry accomplished in WWE when he has been here for so long? Sheamus was right when he said pretty much nothing.

Alicia Fox and Tamina vs. A.J. and Kaitlyn (w/Natalya) – Being this is a divas match I do not expect much. I am not a big fan of women wrestling more so WWE’s women’s wrestling because I have found it is never that great. Also this match is one normally used diva and a semi normally used diva versus two divas that just now are randomly showing up with a regular diva as a manager. I really won’t be saying much about this match so do not expect much. I am surprised at how well A.J. and Kaitlyn are doing in this match it is honestly surprising how well they did and how good they did with domination. However no surprises in the end result. And I loved Michael Cole’s comment about Natalya the great job Natalya look how well you did comments were great.

Mark Henry Promo- All that I have to say is it was exactly what I expected. Mark Henry trying to sound tough almost like he is some big thing. But world wrestling entertainment needs to realize he doesn’t sound intimidating at all and he really isn’t a great heel either.

Mark Henry v Christian v Sheamus- I defiantly am expecting a good main event worthy match. However I will not be surprised if I get let down. So this match did not end up as a letdown which is a good thing and it was a high quality match. Maybe not the highest quality but you cannot expect the best from everything. This match was full of great moves, great chances, and great opportunities. This match would quickly go from slow and powerhouse to fast paced a moving quickly. Having this match being a triple threat was great however. Think about it do you think World Wrestling Entertainment is that dumb that they are going to give Mark Henry a title shot? No way so having him in the match did make it lose some quality only because we easily knew he was not going to win. Having Randy Orton come out in the middle of the match was great. Having him just sit there and watch no commentary not saying a word just watching. Every champion should do just that watch your number one contenders closely and focus on them and them only. I defiantly see that giving Randy a small advantage. Now it was a failed attempt to look big and bag by Mark Henry when he pushed Randy like he did. He did look big and tough by doing that he just looked plain old dumb. Having Randy Orton interfere was great. It almost made it seems as if Randy Orton wanted to face Christian again. However in the end Sheamus won because Christian took his eye off the prize so and was more concerned with the ref than Sheamus. I do not think Sheamus deserves a world title shot yet. But he got it anyway. Let’s at least hope wwe does well with this push then. At the end the look Randy and Christian exchanged also made me feel like they wanted to face each other again. Which makes sense Christian wants the title and Randy would rather face the person he already faced multiple times because he knows his strengths and weaknesses.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! It was a great joy and I always love smackdown so I was happy to share my feelings. Most of my entries to the site will be smackdown based. But I will try not to make all of them that way and will try not to make them all reviews. Also I am looking for different styles and formats to type reviews so if you have any suggestions any at all please comment. Now do not forget to rate and comment on this article. And again thank you very much for taking your time to read this.


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