Cody Rhodes has become not only a memorable name in world wrestling entertainment but a big one too.  The former tag team wrestler who was a part of legacy has done a better job than his former partner at actually becoming something. The guy who was only known for legacy is no longer only known for legacy but himself instead. And it has all started with his move to smackdown.

At first on Smackdown Cody wasn’t really a big person. He just had little matches here and there. However that changed eventually.  It started when a poll showed he was the best looking wwe superstar. This just gave him a huge ego burst. He said instead of just being good looking he was much more. He was DASHING! This quickly changed him. Although his theme music at this time wasn’t good he made a name for himself. With his cool entrance with the mirror. Always having promos about how he is so dashing. Even having a tag team a short lived one though. It was with Drew McIntyre and they were called THE DASHING ONES. Again this was short lived.

That has all changed and honestly for the better for Rhodes career. This change started with a match Cody had against Rey Mysterio. He exposed Rey Mysterio knee brace. So when Rey hit his finisher the 619 the knee brace hit Cody in the face.  Now instead of being dashing his is just the opposite. He comes out and gives the WWE universe bags. His promos are solid and amazing. His voice is pretty intimidating. He is doing great on the mic. And his matches are great. Lately his matches haven’t been of importance. However he in my opinion is now the top heel on smackdown. I have no doubt in my mind he is the top heel on smackdown. And the way he puts a bag on his opponents head to cover their face after matches. It’s just a great way of adding insult to injury.

However who would have seen this coming? He started out as a member of a tag team. Nothing big nothing special. No singles career just a tag team career. His move to smackdown made all the difference in his career. However how much longer will it be until he gets a championship match? It does have to be a world heavy weight championship match. But how much longer will we wait for something like that happen?

Another career that got its big boost from moving to smackdown is Sin Cara. Yes I am keeping in mind he had just showed up when the draft came and he was sent to smackdown. But I still feel this was for the best for his career. How while he did have a couple of matches before moving to Friday night smackdown. None had meaning or purpose no storyline just a random match. Now on Smackdown he has already had a feud. I think it may be a while before he is anything huge. I also feel he won’t be finding himself as a complete jobber either. One thing that is missing for Sin Cara is mic skills because he does not use the mic. But instead he will have a good career because of his move set and true Lucha Libre style.  However do what would he career have been had he stayed on Monday night raw? Or was his move to Friday Night Smackdown what made all the difference in his career? I personally think him going to Friday night smackdown was what has made his career. Now yes he has spent the most time on smackdown. But it seems to be that way a lot. That smackdown is what starts some ones career.

Now Cody Rhodes former tag team partner Ted DiBiase has been a jobber since the ending of Legacy.  This is sort of what I expected to happen. However I think that with some hard work from Ted he could be a good mid carder.  At this point I don’t see much of a future for him. I think this may change in time but why? Why is his career been nothing when he could be made something maybe a small something but something? I think Friday Night Smackdown will give him an actual meaning. So he can have feuds, participate in storylines, and become an intercontinental champion. Is this going to happen soon I do not believe so .However like Cody Rhodes he started with a tag team career. And sometimes it is hard to gain a singles career or a good one after the tag team is said and done.  So is Friday Night Smackdown the key?

I have shared 2 careers that were built because of smackdown. And those are only two of the many. And I have shared one person career which is pretty much nothing. However since he is on smackdown I believe it will become something. But that is just it. Is the key to gain an actual good career Friday Night Smackdown? It obviously is not winning NXT. As we have seen with the many seasons of NXT the winner usually amounts to nothing. It obviously isn’t Monday Night Raw. Or at least it usually never is. There haven’t been many Careers that started on Monday Night Raw and have become big because of it. So is Friday Night Smackdown the show all jobbers or superstars with practically no career want to go to?