So I have decided once a month I will reviews a superstar and tell you about them. So to debut this type of article I have written about one of the fan favorites.


                Who is He? Well that’s an easy question but let’s take a closer look at him shall we?

Little Bio

Zack Ryder, hailing from Long Island, N.Y., knows a thing or two about how to party … and punish. The self-described “Long Island Iced-Z” first gained prominence teaming Curt Hawkins, to a major star: The Rated-R Superstar, Edge. During that time, Ryder showed that, although he can be a goofball at times, he’s more than capable to capture a win. Whether on Friday nights on SmackDown or Raw on Mondays, The Long Island Loudmouth continues to prove that he has what it takes to hang with the big dogs. “Woo woo woo… You know it!”

His birth name is Matthew Joseph Cardona Jr. His birthday is May 14 and he is currently 26 years old.  He weighs in at 214 lbs. He stands at 6 ft 1 in. He debuted into the Pro wrestling world in 2004 in NYWC. His career highlight is being the Tag Team champion.

Wrestling ability’s skills and more

                Zack Ryder isn’t a main eventer and we all know that. As much as we would all love Zack as a main eventer. But that doesn’t mean he is a bad wrestler with no skills what so ever does it? No there are plenty of people who are good if not better wrestlers than our main eventer’s but they have not been given the proper push.  So I am going to break down some basic wrestling things when it comes to Zack Ryder.

Move set

                Some wrestlers have move sets that don’t fit them or that could be improved. However I do not necessarily think that is needed for Ryder. He has always personally impressed me and done a good job with the moves he uses.  Unlike some of the main event people (not going to name any names) he has more than just a couple moves to end a fight. He doesn’t use 5 moves to finish most every match. He goes beyond that. Also his move set very much so suits him unlike others.

Mic Skills

                Mic skills tend to be pretty simple either you got them or you don’t. There is an in between but I mean we never really look at the in between. And seeing as Zack won the Slammy for most annoying catchphrase in 2010 I think we see he has them besides in my opinion his catchphrase is amazing not annoying.

Crowd Reaction

                Again another thing you either have or you don’t. This time there isn’t much of a middle ground either. And when it comes to Zack Ryder it is extremely obvious he has them. I mean look through the clouds and see all the Ryder signs and tell me the crowd doesn’t love him?  Then listen to the chants for him and go online the day after Monday night Raw and see all the threads about him and it is dumb that he wasn’t on. After all of that you cannot tell me he doesn’t get crowd reactions.

General Wrestling Skills

                This concept it pretty easy and an easy judgment. Pro wrestlers work extremely hard and train a lot. Every pro wrestler has basic wrestling skills. So obviously Zack has them. You cannot say a wrestler cannot wrestle because that’s not true. Some are just betters than others. Some work harder than others. But in the end Zack Ruder has general wrestling skills otherwise he wouldn’t be in this business.

From Small to Big

                How did Zack Ryder go from small with very few fans to so big and a huge amount of fans? Well he used the power of the internet to his advantage. A smart move for Zack Ryder was the creation of his YouTube series Z!, True Long Island Story. He started this show in February of 2011. It contains some comedy in relation to wrestling and pop culture. On the show one of the big things is Ryder has named himself the internet champion.  Even making him a title belt to show it. He took a toy replica belt and used stickers for things like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.  And has shown it off a Monday night Raw before.  This show it what has started the Ryder Revolution. The show is currently up to 18 episodes.

Just to show a couple of episodes.

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