It is here! our interview with   Jakob Hammermier  from Chikara he is their Bilingual announcer.


1. How did you get into the wrestling business? JH: I decided that I was ready to learn how to wrestle, and an old friend of mine told me that his trainer was excellent and that I should go check it out. That trainer turned out to be Ares. He has looked after me since day one. Without him, nobody would know who I am, and we wouldn’t be doing this interview.

2. What was your favorite event? JH: KOT 2011; I think everyone brought their “A” game and it was awesome to be part of such a successful fulfilling experience.

3. What was your favorite match to announce? JH: Every single match that the BDK won.

4. What did you think when you joined wrestling? (i.e did you think you fit, was it your dream) JH: I was instantly obsessed with wrestling since mein very first training session. I took to it like a fish to water. Although it was a dream come true to finally wrestle, I also took it very seriously. I couldn’t get enough of it. Training was every Sunday, but I needed more. Ares worked with me personally during the as well along with the other students on Sunday.

5. Who did you love to watch when you were young? JH: HBK up until the attitude era (then I was forbidden to watch the WWF); then I loved the cruiserweight division and DDP (I am still bitter that he didn’t end Goldberg’s streak at Halloween Havoc in 1998. I mean seriously, I saved up mein allowance forever to buy that PPV!)

6. How hard was it to learn another language? JH: it’s extremely difficult. But believe it or not that “Rosetta Stone” helped in leaps and bounds.

7. Did you always want to be in the wrestling business? JH: I have wanted to be a wrestler literally as long as I can remember. I never wanted to be a fireman, astronaught or anything like that. Pro wrestler all the way.

8. How would you describe yourself? JH: Loyal, fair, and goofy

9. How hard do you have to work to remember what exactly you have to say? JH: I find this question to be confusing to be honest. I just say things from mein heart.

10. What is the next step for you in this business? JH: The next step is to continually improve as much as possible in every facet of this business. It is forever changing and evolving, and I am doing my absolute best to attempt to stay ahead of the curve with the advice and guidance of mein trainers and everyone who has more knowledge than myself.

11. What’s the most difficult thing about announcing, and what would you say to fans who believe it’s simple? JH: The hardest thing about ring announcing is working up the nerves to go in front of a crowd. Even though you aren’t wrestling it is still nerve wrenching to go out everytime with all those eyes on you.

12. How about if you could say anyone thing to a fan who is going through a major struggle in their life what would it be? JH: Stay busy by improving yourself (mentally or physically) and take everything one day at a time. Like a squirrel storing acorns for the winter. He grabs them one at a time.

13. How much do fans mean to you? JH: Everything. Without them, who would be watching us or buying our “Team Jakob” shirts? I sincerly appreciate every single person who spends their hard earned money on indy wrestlers, let alone on me.

14. If you could give yourself any nickname what would it be JH: Scrumtrelescent

15. If you would face any wrestler from the current roster, who would it be? JH: Awesome question! Either El Generico or Chuck Taylor. Danke for the interview!!!

We agian thank you for allowing us to do this. Check Chikara out on twitter @Chikarapro