In 2008, the team known as the American Wolves was formed in Ring of Honor, consisting of Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards. They won the tag team championships from Steenerico (Kevin Steen and El Generico)  in April of the following year, and went on a title reign that would rank as the third longest tag title reign in ROH history. Before they were the American Wolves, both Richards and Edwards were apart of Larry Sweeney’s Sweet n’ Sour Inc.

During all of that time, Davey Richards was considered the better grappler out of the two; whether it be due to his hard-hitting style, experience, life-story…it didn’t matter, fans just seemed to gravitate to him more. Davey  is a  future World champion, mainevent material, a top guy. Eddie Edwards was dealt the “shadow” card.

Eddie Edwards by all accounts, is just as technically sound as Richards, but for some reason, in the eyes of the fans, he played second fiddle to him. He was the other American Wolf, who Davey had taken under his wing.

In 2010, the two began to team up less and less in ROH. That same year, ROH announced a new championship, the Television Championship. A tournament was held to crown the inaugural TV champion. The finalist were none other than Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, with the latter coming out on top.

Defeating his longtime partner, and friend, would surely end all the remarks about Edwards being secondary. It didn’t. Now fans just attributed Davey for Eddie’s success. Edwards would go on to hold the title for nearly a year, before dropping it to a returning Christopher Daniels. Their match originally ended in a time-limit draw, but Edwards wouldn’t except that he couldn’t beat Daniels, and demanded the match continue.

Meanwhile, Davey Richards was busy trying to capture the ROH World title from Roderick Strong. Unfortunately, during a match between the two at Final Battle, Davey endured a concussion. After that, he promised the ROH fans that he would train harder than ever before, and that the next time he challenged for the title, it would be his last.

On March 19, 2011, shortly after losing the Television Championship, Eddie Edwards stunned the ROH fanbase by defeating Roderick Strong for the ROH World Championship. Davey Richards entered the ring, stared Eddie down for a moment, before a smile snuck across his face, and he gave Eddie a big bear hug.

When Edwards won the World title, fans immediately began to talk about an Eddie vs. Davey feud over the title. Two tag team partners, two best friends, one title, one shadow. What’s not to love? ROH delivered.

Eddie challenged Davey to a match at “Best in the World”. Davey didn’t want the match,knowing that he had a made a promise to only challenge for the title once more and this time would be against his friend, but Eddie insisted, saying he would quit if he couldn’t defend the title against one of the best.

On June 26th, 2011, at the Hammerstein Ballroom, two of the best will face off for the ROH World Championship. One to prove that he can live up to not only the fan’s, but his own, expectations. The other to prove that he’s just as good, and deserves to be up there with the best of the best….to step out of the shadow. Both to prove that they’re the “Best in the World.”

Eddie Edwards vs. Davey Richards.

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