Today I will start another area of my blogs called “Wish this happens” and mostly will be for WWE Pay Per Views. Today I will talk about Money in the Bank 2011 and obviously what I want to happen.

The concept of Money in the Bank was introduced for WrestleMania 21 in Hollywood, where superstars would go into a Ladder match which has a briefcase to a contract for a chance at WWE gold (world titles) and become a star well that’s why I think they debuted it at WrestleMania 21 hence the Hollywood theme. Don’t take this really bad but the truth is it helped people like Edge get into the Main event also CM punk is a good example. The concept was staged at every single WrestleMania until it got its own Pay Per View in 2010 to hence the meaning of it I guess. Recent success stories of MiTB is Miz who is now doing promo’s with Stone Cold and segments such Piper pit’s, Also a big storyline which included THE ROCK. And Kane who is somewhat doing both in and out of Main eventing, well he got it because he deserved it.

Its a simply great concept. No matter how lazy looking it is, WWE helps themselves into pushing people. The only problem is that the cash in’s well have gone repetitive, well deal with it 😛

Now moving to this year’s MiTB which will take place on July 17, 2011. I will now simply tell you what I want to happen at this PPV and if you can YOU comment and will discuss this! Or alternatively here (shameless plug).Anyways seeing that WWE love putting there pushes into being sucessfull and putting storyline with a “mix” lets say. I would love the Raw MiTB to have the following ; Jack Swagger, Evan Bourne, Alberto Del rio, Big show, Dolph Ziggler and Kofi kingston (yes thinking there is 6 people). This will help the WWE storylines get more showcased lets say? yeah. This the winner being Albero Del Rio just because IMO he is going downhill he is the like one of the first Royal Rumble to have a really crap aftermath, He is currently a guy just there doing that SAME HEEL THING “IM BETTER THAN YOU” BLAH BLAH BLAH. We need to know he is the mexican RICH seriously who cares if he is another JBL, I want to entertained! CMON WWE with this briefcase he can be that cocky rich man pleaseee WWE.When is the time we actually saw him use his Money characteristics (gimmick), Like the only time we that is like that is in his entrance literally lol.He can do soooo many things with the briefcase hell fill it with money and stuff. I know this will be making get another push…But I THINK he has the flippin potential, And if CM Punk actually win at MiTB he can cash it in and win the WWE title then making a great pathway to Cena feud (if punk leaves)

And then for Smackdown; Christian,Sheamus,Mark henry,Cody rhodes, Daniel Bryan and IDK and IDC. This is one is gonna be wide open but id like to see Chistian simply just win this and then just be a heel and cash it in on Orton.Simple much.

Smackdown has the great booking of IC belt to get people over so its ok. All Im really interested in is the Raw MiTB just to see who there next big push on the A show. and IDC Alberto Del Rio FTW!!!

Please discuss on thank you.