Around a Year ago, there was this once feared group that invaded raw, after a 3 hours viewer choice night, this 8 man army, led by NXT season 1 winner Wade Barrett, came in, and left chaos in its path… Left shock, stunned, and unknown on what will happen, the NXT contestants and winner, stood their ground and became the most talked about event in recent wrestling history. Fear took over the locker room as the contestants of NXT season 2 were quickly beat up by their pros in case they thought of doing the same, everyone was on ends, looking over their shoulder… fearing the line… “You are either NEXUS, or Against US!”

One Year Later… No one gives a rats ass anymore. Nexus has become a walking joke thanks to the power of uncreative writing on wwe’s staff, and a string of bad luck since day one. The point is Nexus was the biggest flop of the year, and that is saying something. The Once feared group of rebels is now a walking curse, and that anyone wearing the black and yellow colors only ended up falling hard. The idea to build up 8 new stars quickly, and make an actual feared group in modern day wwe died at summerslam. But let us look at each member and see where they landed.

Daniel Bryan. Most likely the fan favorite of the group for his pure wrestling skill, and amazing out of nowhere promo after “losing” nxt, Daniel Bryan became a fan favorite for kicking cole’s ass and standing up against the miz and kicking his ass too. When he was seen as being with the Nexus 8, it was amazing, he choked Justin Roberts, Kicked Cena’s head in, and was a clear force to be reckoned with, People couldn’t wait to see what he will do next… FIRED! That is right, The Biggest impact and most skilled wrestler of nexus, let alone one of the driving forces of nexus, considering his promos when he lost nxt where heavy against wwe, and how he was calling out vince himself on these promos, made him in nexus like a perfect fit. It was not even a week later that he was fired.

Today, Daniel Bryan was already a US champ with an amazing reign of 176 days, putting him 25th on the list of 76. and While he never got that wrestlemania moment, he is currently in a feud with Legacy, a new and improved Cody Rhodes I might add, with the same old boring Ted… and with this feud he is tagging with Sin Carra. So while Daniel Bryan’s momentum has slowed down once he returned, he is still good in the books, which is not easy after getting fired for doing your job… If there is any good story to come out of the original nexus, it must be this one at least.

Wade Barrett. The Leader and Winner of NXT season one was promised a Championship chance and in a strange turn of events, brought back the 7 losers of nxt with him. He didn’t have to, he won, what does it matter to him if these 7 no bodies follows him. This is like winning survivor and sharing the million dollar prize with everyone, it was pointless really. However despite his logic, when he brought them with, he brought the most shocking, most talked about moment in wrestling to date. Invasion angles always happen, there is nothing new about this, however I don’t recall an invasion angle in which a winner of a contest, brought the losers with, to destroy the ring, take out the biggest face of the company, and rip through everything… It was unreal then, and looking back, it was minor damage at best, and if you think about it, did more good for the ring workers than anything else, but still at the time, it was a shocking moment.

The Fall of Wade. Wade Barrett’s run as leader of nexus would be the worst run as a top dog than any other group. Losing Summerslam, losing at his title chance, and Losing against cena, the constant losing of nexus made wade look like a weak and cowardly leader, not deserving of any chance to move nexus along, making people wonder how not only did he get these people to follow him, but also win NXT in the first place. While yes he did get one major win, the win against cena, was really just a back fire moment, causing cena to damage nexus from the inside out, thus making it a dumb idea in the first place.

Today. Today Wade is a former Intercontinental Champion, with one of the weakest runs to date. While yes he did hold if for 89 days, most of his retains were actually loses. Title cannot change hands on a DQ, or count out, in which case Wade did both when going against Ezek Jackson. Wade had 2 title chances in group matches and lost at both, and started nexus again as the corre but failed faster then original nexus did. To say the least, the person getting the biggest push, got the biggest pull back.

Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel, Basically the only 2 that didn’t do much beyond nexus, but used the push of nexus to win three tag titles. Many people would say that the tag division is dying, and I would normally agree, but then I see these 2, work fairly well in the ring together and I would say… yeah it is dead, but to see these 2 in action isn’t that bad. The One man Rock band and the 450 splash make a good team. All in all they flat lined, they didn’t fall, but had no rise either.

Young, To simply put, he was dropped. All the Zack Ryder Jokes and he does on youtube, multiply that by 10 and you get Darren Young. He has talent, and good ring work, but was left to suffer week in and week out. Wwe simply didn’t push him at all.

With Injury hitting Skip and Tarver, and when Tarver returned, his contract with wwe expired. and Otunga being the only original member left in nexus (and tag champ) nothing else can be said about the others.

Even New Nexus is in danger, considering CM Punk is leaving, and he is the current leader.. the nexus angle was a walking fail. Biggest moment, biggest let down. The New Nexus only has punk to talk about, and everyone other then otunga from the original nexus is on smackdown, or not seen, or worse, stuck on NXT again after being given a contract (young). Fact remains Nexus was a fail.