First, let me start off by saying a bit of backstory of myself and wrestling, so you can get a good view of what I saw on monday night. For almost 20 years, yes every year I was alive, I was, and will always be a die hard wrestling fan, I cannot deny, or hide it. I took wrestling classes for a summer and worked as a jobber that year. Monday Nights, and Thursday Nights where my nights, to sit down and watch wrestling. WWF Raw is War, and WWF Smackdown on upn. And while many people liked WCW more, I will openly say, I was a WWF person. I was never a Hogan fan, I was never interested in being a hulkamaniac, however, the times I did watch WCW, where for 3 wrestlers… Macho Man, Sting, and Nash. Other then that, I was a WWF fan, and proud to say that…. a wwF fan. I am not a fan of the current product… So for 20 years, I have watched bad matches become gold, heroes become losers, and great ideas thrown out the window for mere pennies. I have seen the screwjob, and rise and fall of HBK, I have witness The Great one, vs the Immortal, and I have watched 20 years of the deadman and his rise to the top. I am a fan. But lately I have given up on wrestling.

It started 2 years ago after UNDERTAKER vs HBK I… I can say at the time, the last great match I watched. For that whole year, between Undertaker and HBK II I didn’t care for wrestling, it seemed to die out for me… Maybe I felt betrayed, with the guest host shit and the removing of smackdown in my area… maybe I finally grew up and saw the product for what it was, but for the passed 2 years the only reason I watched this garbage, and yes it is garbage in my eyes was for one reason, the 7x podcast. Watching this show became a job for me, a dream job in my younger days, but now that 7x is gone, and all is left is drama, I don’t have a drive to watch wrestling anymore, it was all the same, and still is. Same people being pushed, same results, same endings. When I watched Wrestlemania 27, I should have felt I missed out on a year of great moments and classic tales, but tuning in to Wrestlemania, it was like I never left, which for some maybe comforting, but for me it proved my point, that wwe never changes anything.

So when On Raw (at the time of this article) I said fuck it, I don’t care about the Raw Roulette show, I will do something fun and Play Team Fortress 2 for a few hours… Little did I know that I missed out on what I have been waiting for, for what feels like a century now. While I don’t have high hopes for this one, because WWE did this about a year ago with Nexus, I can safely say for now, this is the best storyline they got that will keep me interested in it long enough to actually care about the product.

For starters, everyone should know by now that this is indeed a work, and not a shoot… maybe some shoot elements are involved, however this is all one big story leading up to money in the bank. For once it feels like WWE is lifting the curtains and allowing their stars to really go all out when needed to. The last time I saw something like this was when Undertaker was the ministry of darkness gimmick, and Good ole Vince broke the 4th wall, using his real name, and calling him out as a gimmick. The Cm punk promo was aimed at the one group of people wwe could never please and that was indeed the IWC.

And while this promo was priceless in its own right, wwe manages to fuck it all up. Next Weeks raw is taped, and without spoiling to much, Punk is not gone, and that vince the character is unhappy at the moment. But That is not all where WWE messed up, using their twitter to retweet fans about vince and punk is what set the standard for stupid. As many people would remember, wwe ignored all cries for Danielson to return, going as far as taking signs away, and editing out danielson chants on TV. So WWE on their own right is out of character there as well.

While I will give this story time to see what happens, my hopes are not going up, this would not be the first time wwe has set the bar so high for themselves and just drop it like a ton of bricks, and I don’t expect a good result at money in the bank, but for now, that promo did save wwe from the mundane, even if it is for one ppv… they still have 13 pay per views a year with 11 months. Don’t forget they don’t have a pay per view in march to build up WrestleMania. My point is, with today’s standard of stupid and lazy writing on wwe’s behalf, I expect this to be dead at money in the bank, or at Summerslam or survivor series, you pick, and I expect the same results, disappointment, and shame… but for now I will give credit where credit is due.

Sorry for the lack of structure in this article, it is more of a rant on paper than anything else.