Low-ki The World Warrior has fought in many Wrestling companies. Working in Ring Of Honor, Total Nonstop Action, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Zero-One, Florida Championship Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Pro Wrestling Noah, Jersey All Pro Wrestling, World Wrestling Entertainment and World Wrestling Federation, among other promotions. Know around the world having a special style most wrestlers do not have.  Known for many ring names he made his debut into the pro wrestling world on October 10, 1998.

Before I comment on his return to TNA which I mainly what this is about I want to look into his career more.  In late 1998 he began his professional wrestling career in New Jersey Pro Wrestling facing Homicide and Kane D for the JAPW Tag Team Championship.  Moving forward to his next promotion. In 2000 he began to make several appearances in World Wrestling Federation on the programs Metal. Where he competed against Raven, Crash Holly, Christian and Essa Ríos. From 2002 to 2006 he competed in Ring of Honor. He then went to Total Nonstop Action on June 19, 2002, in a six-man tag team match alongside A.J. Styles and Jerry Lynn against the Flying Elvises. Where he continued to compete until 2004. When he left TNA he went back to ROH.  Low Ki made his first trip to Japan with Pro Wrestling Zero-One in 2002. On September 16, he wrestled Leonardo Spanky and won the International Junior Heavyweight Championship from him. Low Ki left Zero-One in mid-2004 to join Pro Wrestling Noah.  He later joined New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) and joined Shinsuke Nakamura’s stable RISE. At Lockdown, Christopher Daniels’s mystery opponent was revealed to be the returning Low Ki, who wrestled under the name of Senshi (Japanese for “warrior”).  He stayed in TNA until 2008. Low Ki made his debut for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG) on April 7, 2007, by defeating Davey Richards. He stayed with this company until 2008. He then joined FCW in 2008 and stayed there until 2010. In 2010 he competed in WWE NXT Season 2. He won the season and competed on WWE’s Smackdown branch. December 23, WWE announced that he had been released from his contract. <-I will come back to this at the end with my opinions on this.

On June 30, 2011 Low-ki made his return to TNA wrestling now referred to as Impact Wrestling. defeating Jimmy Yang and Matt Bentley in a three–way match to advance to a four–way match for a TNA contract at Destination X. First off it is genius that they did this and brought back former X-division members and are giving them a chance at a contract. This also gives me hope that TNA realizes that the x-division is what made the company and it has slowly been dying away so this is a way to rebuild it.  I guess it wouldn’t really matter who wins no matter what it will be helping to rebuild the x-division however I think if low-ki wins there will be more perks than that.  First off I will state I am a huge Low-ki fan so if any perk I say sounds like an opinion that is why. To start he has an amazing style that isn’t like any other x-division member.  His style defiantly shows that he has wrestled all around the world and it defiantly shows hints of Japan in it. Now obviously it would take more than a different style impress people right? Well it should however for most general wrestling fans and like the 9 year old kids that’s all it takes. Think about it Sin Cara has so many fans because of his move-set but then again its Sin Cara. But Low-ki can do well on the mic and to show I will share a video with you.

    You cannot say if you watched NXT you don’t rember that. Low-ki has shown he knows how to deal with pain and put up a good fight.  Low-ki has been the X-division champion 2 times.  Now If Total Nonstop Action does have him win and they were smart they would not let him go. They would not let him be a complete jobber. But instead show off his strengths and work with him to improve on his weaknesses.  Low-ki has many fans very many fans. I am one of the many people who will start watching Impact Wrestling on a regular basis if Low-ki wins this match and gets the contract.  I also would like to see him win because then it could sort of be like a ha ha in your face WWE. Also Low-ki is like the full out version of him. Whereas Kaval seemed to have limitations.

Before I wrap this up I would like to end with more of an opinion thing and that’s about World Wrestling Entertainment’s mistake of getting rid of him. First off WWE buried him continuously. Why? No one knows but let me tell you that was mistake. He could have been and amazing intercontinental champion or united states champion. Eventually he could have been an amazing WWE or World heavyweight champion.  He had a lot of fans and could have =ratings. But WWE made the mistake and that’s their fault.