Today is like 1 year and like 4 months since WWECW ended because of the decline it had when in my opinion when seemingly their main writers Paul Heyman left and then Lagana being released (for some rule breaking I think) they were the ones who actually knew about the show. The show did really become into a typical product of the WWE because of PG rating it stopped extreme matches happening, Now you may bash me because bashing PG is stupid but in this case it put a wall on what ECW was for which was extreme. Moreover the show felt more like Entertainment Championship Wrestling, Hence why some people called it WWECW in disgrace to the orginal.Today I just wanted to give my view on how the brand was during it’s what people will call fail revival, By telling you guys its pro and cons (well you need to notice them yourself more like) in other words IWC love to say the underrated and overrated things that happened. Also a breakdown of what happened year by year. I hope it changes your view if you had hate for the show aswell.I pretty much never watched the real deal of ECW, but I have many opinions on it. This is aimed at people that didn’t watch WWECW mostly.
Please note that video’s helps support the year I’m talking about.

2006:It looked like they cared.

WWE were starting mention the ECW promotion when they made a DVD called The Rise and Fall of ECW and then apparently this was what made ONS 2005 happen were all the originals would be in matches come up, then the success of this made… Build up for the second ONS (2006) which happened through the “main shows” Raw and SmackDown, Rumours leaked April time after RVD won his MiTB people were saying that Heyman and Vince wanted it to make ECW return and with a bang after the ONS Pay Per View with its own brand. They made a IMO a great Cena vs. RVD feud, the way in the ONS match the crowd were amazing was scary at time: S but great to watch. The show debuted June 13, 2006 on the Sci Fi Channel and with a great rating for today’s television which is 2.8 (better any than SmackDown rating so far on SyFy) . This all this happened because they had a vision that fans will like this. (it’s so ironic to todays WWE)

This was part of the hype of the show got. It looked they cared it really really did. They had way more things than this…Like invasions on SmackDown and weekly WWE vs. ECW stuff. Rip off Invasion storyline, but it looked promising that they wanted ECW to be great show.


Then RVD won the title making ECW seem even more credible with all the celebrations and all the other crap after him won 😛 and more as if WWE cared for the show! And they actually, me being a new fan for this was amazing they were really high on it well looked like. This was amazing WWE were doing something for their fans! Something which doesn’t happen anymore. The show that night was amazing. If you don’t notice this is obviously a Pro the show gave us. A new product but tbh this one was obvious.
Moving on the show then had the normal extreme matches all that fun, it had a great matches that were actually extreme; I Also hope that some peoples saying that ECW “never had extreme” will change here are some matches that I really enjoyed and pretty memorable.

There was also a PPV called December to Dismember, and was the only one then WWE made the stupid rule of all brands having PPV’s together. It was a major

But in 2007. It stopped being so extreme

Paul Heyman had left and then we started to get mediocre storylines and some storyline stupid storylines and such stupid things…The only storyline that seemed ok was the New breed vs Originals and sadly that was IMO to be the last ever good extreme conditions storyline ECW had. That pretty much what happened that year, To sum up The extreme was starting to vanish late 2007 and only had a extreme match like every few weeks. The Mr. McMahon Vs Lashley feud was repetitive never liked it but that was is opinion and even the blog title says that 😛 . But one thing that happened and some people fail to admit people like JOHN MORRISON, CM PUNK AND BOBBY LASHLEY the to FUTURE OF WWE, you know how? They were given then the ECW championship recognised as a world championship but we can say never meet the standard of WWE and WHC. But new stars were being produced on the show, twas interesting to watch. 2007 was a really bumpy year for ECW.

Arrgh 2008-2009

The title loses its world title status with Chavo G gets in title from CM punk and then the show becomes an absolute mid carder show and a show for people that deserved more than they got tbf just look at the champions; Kane Mark Henry Matt Hardy Christian Tommy Dreamer. The programming became all PG and then that’s it we never saw a Extreme rules match and if it was a extreme rules match it was more like a simple hardcore match(also the ECW logo on the bottom left went). But then if we look seriously if you have seen the point of this blog IDK what to say anyways..We had these talk show things The Dirt Sheet, The Peep Show and The Abraham Washington Show, this helped so much people get more than what they deserved based on lack of exposure to the audience and building them going onto Raw and Smackdown…. ECW turned into a development show (still don’t get the meaning?), Peoples like Sheamus from coming from FCW and people like Bryon Saxton (FCW & NXT) were coming into ECW to be on a development role. People currently that you guys marked for Christian, Ryder and some of you guys who like Swagger had amazing pushes and feuds that gave gold for what hardcore WRESTLING fans wanted. ECW turned into a sports entertainment thing, hell yeah it did but the wrestling was awesome.

2010-2 months of shit Christian and Jackson feud. This is one thing I will never liked. Way too kill ECW with that shite guy.
To conclude ECW gave what the fans wanted for 2 years. Then PG killed it but the important thing is that it helped some development happen. And IMO I think that it should of just stopped and same roster new image and brand cuz tbh NXT and Superstars never ever is going to meet what ECW did in terms of “other” shows that WWE produce.Hope you read the thing and get what I mean, Ive shown you what WWE with this Show PLEASE COMMENT FOR DISCUSSION ON THIS TOPIC.