Hey, we are looking for some writers that would be able to provide an article/blog on prowrestling. It can be from WWE, TNA, ROH, CZW or any other wrestling promotion. This article could also be one about a past promotion like WCW, ECW etc. You would have to be reliable and able to post these up on Monday. And before i get the question ”Do i get paid?” i’m afraid we cannot pay you, we do these articles for the love of the sport and you work will get viewed by many people. We are a growing site and have big ambitions and will be working on big plans soon. No experience required, just send us a sample of your work.

Any questions, send to WrestlingRambles@gmail.com or send it to our twitter account which is located to the right of yoru screen.

Thanks for reading,

**EDIT – Got a writer for Monday slot. If we receive more, we will pick the best piece and work something out.

Also a Writer for Saturdays has been filled.

Another writer has been picked and will make his wrestling rambles debut next week!