Here is our interview with Matt Houston

The Questions
1.       How did you get into the wrestling business?
I have loved wrestling all my life. My uncle was friends with an indy wrestler and introduced us. The wrestler hooked me up with a promoter. I began ring announcing, then managing and refereeing before I started wrestling.

2.       What was your favorite event?
The STARRCADE’s from 1983 – 1987 were great. I loved the Wrestlemania III match with Savave/Steamboat.

3.       What did you think when you joined wrestling? (i.e did you think you fit, was it your dream)
I was having a blast just being in the ring. I don’t think I was used correctly in the beginning. My first gimmick was “The Blue Angel”. I looked like the blue Power Ranger. Of course, this was 1994 when Power Rangers were very popular. The kids loved me, but I was always getting squashed.

4.       Who did you love to watch when you were young?
I grew up in eastern NC so JCP was it, Jack!

5.       Did you always want to be in the wrestling business?
I never dreamed of anything else.

6.       How would you describe yourself?
I am a good wrestler. Not the best, but I don’t suck. I work an old school style.

7.       What is the next step for you in this business?
Work behind the scenes. I am 38 years old. The years in the ring are starting to tell on my poor old body lol.

8.       If you could say anyone thing to a fan who is going through a major struggle in their life what would it be?
NEVER give up on your dreams.

9.       How much do fans mean to you?
Without the fans….the TRUE fans, this business would die.

10.   If you would face any wrestler from the current roster, who would it be?
WWE – Taker or Santino…TNA – Jarrett or Beer Money

11.   If you could give yourself any nickname what would it be?
I work as “The Manaconda”

12.   In your eyes, what is your biggest accomplishment?
Being asked by Chris Cruise to referee for WCW.

13.   What advice would you give to anyone looking to become a pro wrestler?
Learn the art of wrestling before trying to become one.

14.   Biggest challenge in your wrestling career?
Getting the respect of the veterans.

15.   If you could work with any wrestler in the world currently working as a pro wrestler who would you work with?
Too many to list here lol

We thank you for doing this and to our readers Enjoy it.