As a former wrestling fan, one thing that pisses me off to no limit is people bashing on the product for 2 little letters… P,G. However it should be noted for one main reason I hate it, and that it is a scapegoat, that people can’t pick one reason why they dislike a product so they attack the minor threat of wrestling. PG is not a dreaded poison, killing off the business, it is mindless idiots that think straight off the back that it cannot be good if it is PG, that wrestling must be TV-14…

NEWS FLASH, WWE and WCW where only TV-14 for the 90’s and early 2000’s was the only, ONLY era to include TV-14. All other era’s and times where in fact PG, many WCW shows where indeed pg, and many Raws, when they started where PG. The fact is, blaming 2 letters for a fault is completely and utterly stupid as sin, and shows that you are twat of a wrestling fan, that knows very little about the product and need to shut the fuck up.

Why am I on full on rant mode, with more curse words than a drunken sailor on saint Patrick’s day… well for one, I AM FUCKING TIRED OF HEARING, “That ain’t PG!” Joke or not, it is fucking stupid. But hey the site needs ratings, so here you go, FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK. THERE you happy, FUCK FUCK FUCK…. Does that make this article any better, using “stronger language”… well that is all that is missing with the PG rating drop, and if that is the case, Go watch Southpark the movie 5 times, enough cursing for you to handle.

The fact is, there is much more than just a ratings change that is causing wrestling to die out… The fact that they dropped to PG is minor at best, and while it only did damage there is no true difference that takes place…
Look at this, pretty much the same

The only key difference is how far you can go… how many times you can say ass bitch and other words, and the depth of the words like shit fuck and cunt. Now since cursing doesn’t mean the end of the world, the only thing PG has really done is make the wrestlers use different words however the concepts are still the same, So yes, if you are curse friendly bastard, go ahead and blame PG, by all means… However everything else about wwe is the extent of wwe writers being more friendly family… which is more than just PG… Let us look shall we.

CM Punk’s promo… Still in the lines of PG. Kelly Kelly doing the stink face, still in the lines of PG. The fact is, and while the swimsuits wwe had the diva’s wear where granny one pieces, the standard Bikini is still in the lines of PG, the fact is, what the idiotic wrestling wants to blame is something simple, when really their tiny inferior intellect cannot comprehend anything past the complexity of 2+2, so they fault the basic event of the situation, without reason or understanding… Don’t understand what I said, GO BACK TO SCHOOL.

So while I can curse like a 12 year old watching adult programming for the first time, I can also expand my articles of writing to an extravagant level with the requirement of a comprehension skill above an infant. It all boils down to is this…

Guest Host, Not related to pg
Lack of Hardcore matches, Not related to PG
lack of Blood, Not related to pg,
Lack of cursing, Halfway related to pg,
“dirty moves”, Not related to pg,
unsexy diva wardrobes, Not related to pg,
lack of word wrestling, Not related to pg,
lack of wrestling, Not related to pg,
lack of rising stars, Not related to pg
corny segments, Not related to pg.

Everything that is bad with modern wrestling today, is not related to the PG, it is the fact that wwe is trying to become more family friendly and reach out to a greater audience, pg is the least of your worries. Old School WCW, WWF and other promotions were pg and didn’t go through all this avoidable bewailing.

If you really want to make a difference, do it one step at a time, Changing PG to TV-14 won’t change the situation in the grand picture, you can change the rating, but it will still keep all the objects we hate intact, the lack of wrestling being the main picture… We as a group must stand, and attack each issue at a time, and not a generalization that has nothing to do with what we hate. We as a group, must stand and really tackle the issues, and not act like simpleminded fools and not generalize everything under one blanket of hate, that has nothing to do with the product at hand. So when when we do remove the sheet of despair we made for ourselves, and see that there isn’t anything there, that it was all in our mind, and that the problems with the companies continue to grow, we will have no one to blame but ourselves. We are the ones who put ourselves in this boat, and we will be the ones left drowning, not wwe, not tna, and not their new fans.


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