What the blog is based on this week.

Today I wanted to talk about the championships in WWE, and again like every other Hasnan’s Opinioun Issue # I will summarise what I think about it (the topic) currently. I promise you guys I will use my dumb brain for a new topic next week. You guys must be bored of this analysing I do. Also this will be a very short read I’m quite busy this weekend.

Ok as you see WWE currently have World heavyweight championship, WWE Championship, Diva Championship, Intercontinental Championship, United States championship and then the Tag Team Championship (to those who dont know two tag titles the titles were unified to make this title, also the world title history for tag is now history WWE don’t use it). You know what I find this state terrible! you know why its a fat mess, Not that I think the titles suck its the way they are maintained with the booking. Mid card is pretend on Raw the US title is held by someone I mark for (Dolph Ziggler) but I just dont enjoy it one tiny bit; And no I dont like the kofi feud guess what ITS ALLREADY HAPPEND with the other Mic card belt, the IC belt. Which leads me to talking about IC it is ok thats all I can say about that title cause then ill be a hyprocrite because that title does have wrestling involded with it, we just have a piss poor champion right now called Ezek Jackson..The WHC and WWE are held by em the two “faces of the company” if you are a general fan hell you will like them-But the thing is there killing the future of WWE. Oh yh finally the diva title…Whoops I mean the hot potato title passed along to hot women. Pretty much the reason why the titles feel like. “Oh its title match” when it should “OMFG ITS A THE TITLE MATCH” *glued to screen waiting to see winner* 😛 . On a serious note like if we compare to boxing (yes I know its real blah blah dont compare) but when its a title match they make the fight hype go up to the standard it should be…Even though it was a really really really

…Shit match, David Haye and Klicibrgh9ol what ever his name is…Got a loadda hype for the fight. And guess what they did it by there self. Fucking creative cant do shit (who are also hollywood writers apparantly)

If you have no clue about that boxing match. I beg you go and search up the pre match stuff then watch it as if you payed for it, you will know what I mean. THERE NEED TO BE MORE EMPATHY….Right now it feels soo soo generic, And that excuse of recycled storylines and wrestling lives off that f off, do something new. I except the current WWE title storyline with CM punk leaving and stuff, like that promo sums up the emphaty is missing from WWE, AND GUESS WHAT…IT WAS A SHOOT PROMO…AGAIN THE CREATIVE CANT DO SHITTTTT. Shoot promo means the entertainer (superstar) works a promo with his own words to stay in context of the feud.

Im sorry this may feel like a rant now, But look WWE need to think about there champions.This is how I would want it to be like:

Mid card: There needs to be more storyline for them, Which are interesting! Again a guy that I mark for Wade Barrett held the title (IC), But I found the nothing but just adding fire to the feud and juts making the feud with Jackson feel relevant. And as I said above the Raw mid card is pretend and after the Draft it feels like we are doing the same old feuds-different show. They need to given more time, Em I swear there was a show called Superstars, hell yh its still here Americans. We need to put them on that show aswell like who remember heat and velocity verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry similar to Superstars…. Like they can have random title matches there, and if you dont think that works well.

Hell it would even help Superstars so much in making that undderated show get better. They need to given care, Cause guess what new Mid card champions do go on the to do big things in WWE. (i.e Main eventing)

Diva title: Give it longer reigns and make it show up more lol, The contenders show up a lot more than the champion tbh.

Tag titles: LOL unifying it was stupid, Because now I think that makes WWE feel that less things need to be done and not give a shit. Tag matches is when people work together to be partners I just think the title now is just being left that people dont need to work together, and it shits on people like DX, Hardy Boys etc, Knocking it as irrelavant.

Main Event: Is the only place were we actually get stoylines, That cosist of Cena and Orton- Yes I blamed Cena and Orton. Like WTF!? I understand there “top faces” but look we need new champions to make the title feel fun and that meaning full.This is the title(s) that make people tune in. Seriously I just think it needs new champions.

Very basic things. There not giving care. It looks like they dont do give good 1on1 feuds aswell anymore so they might aswell do something with the belts….And top cariinnnngggg soooooooooooo much about M.E, Also I would say that World titles dont allways need to M.E. Finally I would add one more title like the Cruiswerweight title and the Hardcore title which IMO was for people who dont do anything (perferrablly low carders or failed pushes) A Superstars TV belt…Similar to TNA one and duh it gets defended on Superstars. then guess what everyone gets a chance at something, Like that dude Zack Ryder.

Sorry for the very rushed blog.Talk about your thoughts on the state of championships in the comments please.

Thank you HASNAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (will make a better idea next week)