In sports there is the professional level and the amateur level. The same thing goes in wrestling there are the company’s like WWE and TNA. Then the amateur level which would be all the Indy promotions. Everything in existence has a purpose.  So just how important is all the Indy promotions?

To start off everyone has to learn the basic wrestling skills the basic moves.  Just like any sport you have to learn before you can consider yourself the best and make it big.  Indy companies not only provide a chance for wrestlers to learn but give them the ability to always be working in the wrestling world.  Indy companies not only give wrestlers their start but put out good IPPV’S and PPV’S. These companies are just as good as WWE and TNA.

The wrestlers help these companies. Indy promotions tend to have their own sort of style. This makes it so there is a variety. True wrestling fans can never get enough wrestling so having more and more promotions is good. We won’t ever run out of things to watch.  They also give wrestlers the perfect place to gain experience. When you compare an inexperienced wrestler to an experienced wrestler. Also good for character development. Like Cm Punk he has stayed with the straight edge savior character ever since his time in Indy promotions.

The key here though is making a name for yourself. That is what the Indy promotions do. They help wrestlers make a name for themselves.  Like Sin Cara he had a name for himself in Mexico and that is what helped get him to WWE. And style the wrestlers get a chance to build up there style. Like Jon Davis he started as a cruiserweight that could do highflying moves but realized that style wasn’t for him.

In general Indy wrestling is what develops characters, styles, skills, experience, and abilities. Which is important because you wouldn’t want a bland wrestler at the pro level because then what? It would be extremely boring and not enjoyable. That is the importance of Indy wrestling.