We got the chance to interview Jon Davis and here it is.

1.  How did you get into the wrestling business?
Oddly enough, I had absolutely no idea how to get in at first. I was kind of wandering through life and after a chance meeting in an emergency room with a Vietnam vet decided to start pursing everything that I ever wanted to do. I was given a card for a wrestling school and pretty much lost it as soon as I walked into my house that afternoon. Fast forward, after a couple of arena football tryouts I woke up and there the card was so I called the number on it. Two weeks later I started at a school ran by a guy by the name of “Rock n Roll” Chris Turner. The first time I met him, he allowed to climb into the ring to see if it felt like I should be there. It did and here I am now.

2.  What was your favorite event? If we are basing this on the time before I got into the business, it would have to be SummerSlam 1992. After I got in, Wrestlemania 19.

3.  What did you think when you joined wrestling? (i.e did you think you fit, was it your dream) I thought it hurt. The training was brutal, but I was beyond elated. It was my dream and I was in the beginning stages of actually living it. I didn’t feel like I fit in right away though. Little know fact, I broke in weighing under 200 pounds. Yup, I was a cruiserweight. I could do most of the cool flippy moves but knew that it wasn’t where I was supposed to be. So I started working out with local body builders and power lifters and became a heavyweight within a few years.

4.  Who did you love to watch when you were young? Arn Anderson and Bret Hart. Both were Technicians and weren’t your average wrestler for the given time period. I felt like I didn’t have to be 330 pounds and from Venice Beach, California to be a champion in wrestling. While Bret was a HUGE influence on me deciding to get into the business, after I got in I feel like I leaned more toward the Anderson style of wrestling. I like to work a body part and will use my strength and power to beat said body part until my opponent cant use it anymore and I win. Plus I love hitting people with spinebusters.

5. Did you always want to be in the wrestling business? I cant say I always did. As a kid I wanted to do everything as most kids do. But I can tell you the exact moment when I decided it was what I was going to do. SummerSlam 1992. Bret vs Davey Boy. As soon as that match ended I turned to my friend and told him I would be a pro wrestler when I grow up. His mom instantly crapped on me by telling me I would never be big enough. Her bad.

6.  How would you describe yourself? Straight forward. Focused and determined. I keeps it real. In the ring, aggressive is probably the best way to explain me.

7.  What is the next step for you in this business? To continue to prove that I am a force to be reckoned with. What ever that takes, I will do.

8.  If you could say anyone thing to a fan who is going through a major struggle in their life what would it be? It’s going to hurt before it feels good. At the end of the day, anything that you live through continues to make you the person that you are. So while it may suck, in the long run you can use that experience to make it through something else, stop someone from going through it or avoid a bad situation all together.

9.  How much do fans mean to you? The fans are the reason why we are here. If the love me, great. If they hate me, that’s great too. As long as they are there. Without fans, there would be no one to ever want to become a wrestler much less have a business to wrestle in.

10. I f you would face any wrestler from the current roster, who would it be? Tough question. Really tough question. There is honestly so much talent on the roster it any match on any card could be a standout. But, if I HAD to pick one guy I would say Pac. He is a very good mix of quite a few styles and I feel one of the best doing it today. What better way to prove you belong at the top than shooting for it?

11. If you could give yourself any nickname what would it be? I have no idea how to answer that question. Not really a nickname kind of dude. I thought I was when I was younger, but nothing ever really stuck. Most people that know me call me Jon Davis like its one name anyway so I just go with it.

12. In your eyes, what is your biggest accomplishment?  Knowing that the last time my grandfather watched wrestling on television before he passed away that he saw me. He was a very big part of my life and the person who got me interested in wrestling in the first place. He was excited to know that was the path I chose to walk down and proud to know that he was the one whom my passion stemmed from. For him to be able to see me compete at such a high level meant the world to him and in turn to me to know that he was able to see me succeed.

13.  What advice would you give to anyone looking to become a pro wrestler? MAKE SURE ITS SOMETHING YOU REALLY WANT TO DO. I’m not saying that to deter anyone. However, there are plenty of people who call themselves wanting to be wrestlers that simply will not be able to handle everything it entails. It’s more than just working out and getting in the ring in front of huge crowds. There are numerous sacrifices that have to be made and I have seen it destroy people. The ones who will succeed are the ones who understand that and have a very strong support system behind them. While it will not always be easy, to those who are sure it’s for them and stick with it the rewards are worth it.

14.  Biggest challenge in your wrestling career? Coming back from destroying my wrist and being told that I would never workout out with any kind of intensity much less step into a ring again. The doctor was certain I was done and had most of my family convinced as well. But I’m not really one for being told what I can and can’t do and usually the fastest way to get me to do something is to tell me that I can’t.