I thought for this go around I would share my thoughts on the little Wrestling Promotion based out of Atlanta that was called WCW (World Championship Wrestling). WCW was originally Jim Crockett Promotions until Ted Turner bought it in the late 80s, then it became NWA/WCW. It was in 1991 when WCW broke from the NWA branch & became it’s own promotion. It had it’s ups & downs through out it’s 10 years of existence but the memories of that little Wrestling Promotion that almost did, continue on in the hearts of Wrestling fans around the world. I first time I started watching WCW in 1993. At that time I was merely just a WWF kid, but one day I was sitting next to my dad & he was flipping through the channels & came across a WCW match & decided to give it a watch. I don’t remember much about the specifics of the match itself but I do remember that the match had The Hollywood Blondes in it. After that match I was hooked on another Wrestling Promotion. From what I saw WCW was more based on Wrestling while WWF was more Cartoonish & more focused on kids, & for me it was a nice balance. We fast forward all the way to July of 1996, that was the date that changed the way we, as fans saw Wrestling. On that date Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, & Scott Hall formed a group called the NWO. This group consisted of ex-WWF talent that was gonna kill WCW from right from it’s foundation. I remember watching this live & just marking out big time. From there they would go on to beat the WWF for 82 consecutive weeks & nearly putting the WWF out of business. For the next 3 years or so the NWO would go on to have pretty much the entire WCW roster in the group. What started out as a revolutionary Faction went on to become just a watered down group. In between that road WCW had become the #1 Wrestling Promotion in the world, showcasing talent from all over the world. One of the problems that WCW faced was not doing much with their younger talent like Jericho, Benoit, Malenko, Guerrero, just to name some, thus causing said talent to jump to the competition. They only focused on guys like Hogan, Savage, Flair, Sting, & other names from the past. Then they brought in Vince Russo, a former writer from WWF that was supposed to be the next big thing, turned out to be the next big mistake. Him & another writer named Ed Ferrara would go on to become one of the worst things to happen to WCW since the Jim Herd era. One of Russo’s decisions that was supposed to bring in big time publicity was putting the World Title on actor David Arquette. Well, instead of bringing in publicity, it drove away business & fans alike. Then at the end of 2000, WCW would end up losing millions of dollars due to poor sales & revenue. Then in 2001, when the big AOL-Time Warner conglomerate took place the head executives from there decided that they didn’t a wrestling show on their programs. So in March of 2001 WCW was purchased by the same the man that almost fell victim to it years before, Vince McMahon. Like I said before WCW had it’s ups & downs, but it’ll continue to live on in the hearts of Wrestling fans as the Little Wrestling Promotion that almost did.