Just a quick, little article regarding this Sunday.

Professional wrestling is all about the fun and unpredictable. From witnessing shocking moments, to heartwarming moments, there is some aura that draws wrestling fans to the product regardless of how good or bad the product may be. There’s truly no fanbase out there, quite like wrestling fans. But of course…you already know that.

This Sunday, WWE’s “Money in the Bank” ppv emanates from Chicago, Illinois. While the two marquee MITB matches will most likely be entertaining, and exciting to watch, they’ve both taken a backseat to the mainevent; John Cena vs. CM Punk, for the WWE Championship.

Now, if you’re reading this, chances are highly likely (like 100%), that you know exactly why this match has so much attention. Punk cut an epic shoot promo, is threatening to leave the company with the WWE Championship and defend it elsewhere, and now, Cena’s job is on the line. Oh yeah, and this is the most exciting storyline in WWE in….gosh, I can’t even remember. The point is, this storyline holds the excitement of not knowing what’s going to happen.

The storyline has been near perfect up to this point, in fact, considering WWE’s current product, let’s just say it is perfect. It has everyone talking, everyone excited, everyone buying merchandise (I was actually moved to buy a Punk shirt, thats how good these past few weeks have been, but alas! WWE Shop is sold out of Punk shirts), and for some, actually thinking about purchasing a WWE ppv for the first time in quite some time. People in and out of the industry are looking forward to see what happens on Sunday, July 17th, and what they wouldn’t give to be live in Chicago.

Ah yes, the atmosphere in Chicago will be electric, regardless of whether or not The Rock is there. As if this Punk vs. Cena storyline wasn’t cool enough, location location location could never have a better ring to it, to wrestling fans, because if you didn’t already know, the “CM” in Punk’s name stands for Chicago Made!

Just to give you some perspective, this past week’s RAW emanated from Boston, John Cena’s home area crowd, and Punk was far and away their favorite. Even without Punk being the hometown favorite, Chicago is still known for being a awesome crowd.

The atmosphere in Chicago on Sunday is sure to be memorable. It will be the icing on the already delicious cake. I would absolutely love to be in the Allstate Arena in Chicago, as I’m sure any fan of wrestling wants to as well. After all, that this storyline, this match, the atmosphere….it just has that special aura that draws us all in. Oh, and it’s also just plain good!

I tried to order a CM Punk shirt this week, they were sold out. I will be ordering the Money in the Bank ppv, as I highly suggest you do if you have the means to. I’m investing in this storyline, because it’s good, and due to the excitement of not knowing what’s going to happen. Hopefully, WWE doesn’t let us all down. Hopefully, all this excitement in the product is not only fulfilled, but continues.

As Always, Thanks for Reading,