Hey, it’s Wednesday and that means its time for my weekly column to be posted up. This week, I will be talking about the Rock, and how I feel at this moment in time since he has made his return to the WWE. The reason why I am doing this topic is because I was watching ‘’wrestling returns’’ videos on youtube and came across the Rocks return, so I watched again and only realized how angry I was as it went on. If you read on you will understand why. So let’s start.

On 2/14/11 Edition of Raw, almost every prowrestling fan alive watching Raw would of marked out for the Rock. Why? ‘Cause he is built as the most electrifying man in all of entertainment, he is the peoples champion, the great one, Brahma bull, eyebrow raising, trail braising….you get the point. He not only returned, but he made one the greatest returns in prowrestling history. The Rock made one of the greatest promos in the last 5 years, and said some wonderful things, that all WWE fans wanted to here. When he said them, he sounded as if he was talking from his heart. And I for one really thought that we would see more o him than we are. Ok, I knew he was never going to appear week in and week out, but come on, he hasn’t appeared in weeks.

Earlier today, I was randomly looking on youtube of great wrestling returns. I started out with Billy Gunn returning in 2002, and then I got to Diesel and Booker T returning at the Royal Rumble. Then I got to the Rock’s return and to tell you the truth, I couldn’t finish watching it. Ok, he pulled off an amazing segment but he has done nothing but lie. During his epic promo, he mentioned a lot of stuff. He said finally he has come home. Well since his return, he hasn’t been in WWE much at all, it makes me sick. Then he went on and rambled that it’s been a long 7 years since his return to WWE, he said its not because of the money, not to promote a movie. He said he is back in the middle of this ring because of all of us; the fans. Then, from the bottom of his heart he thanks us for being right their by his side. Then, The Rock say’s what we all wanted him to say, he said that he is never ever going away.

Now, I must admit it was a helluva great promo he worked. He rambled on about Cena and bashing him by mocking his taunt ‘’you can’t see me’’ and saying that he was a disappointment to be face of WWE after his Predecessor’s Rock himself and Stone Cold. But newsflash for you ‘’Great One’’, Cena pours his heart out for us WWE fans. In fact, at Wrestlemania week, he doesn’t bring his family to the access week, you know why? ‘Cause he wants to focus on the fans, and makes sure that the fans get their money’s worth and he wouldn’t have to worry about keeping his family happy aswel, he focuses on the fans.

  • John Cena has signed 3000 autographs every wrestlemania hand signed himself for his fans. Has the Rock done that?
  • John Cena travels through sleet and snow for a small percentage of fans in Northern Ireland/England, has the Rock done that?
  • John Cena also travelled all the way toAustraliato entertain fans, has the Rock done that?
  • John Cena appears week in, week out for WWE fans, does the Rock do that?

Fact is, John Cena cares about his fans. And if you don’t see that, then you are an idiot. The Rock says he cared about his wrestling fans, but he never shows up. 1000’s and I mean 1000’s of fans would of loved to see him inAustraliabut did he show up? No, he didn’t. So do you see why I am angry at the Rock? Even if you don’t agree with what I am saying, I hope you understand why I am angry with the Rock. Now I am not saying that we won’t be seeing more of the Rock, but since he’s return we haven’t seen much of him. Also, I loved his return, but have simply just been disappointed. I do not doubt him as a great entertainer….face it, he is an awesome entertainer. I don’t doubt the Rock in anyway; I’m just showing how angry I am that he’s not around and has disappointed me.

That’s it for this week folks. I hoped you loved this column and as much as I enjoyed writing it. It took me about 3 hours to complete, I really enjoyed writing this as it was my first time writing about the Rock. I recommend you just have a second think about the Rock and his love for his fans. So that’s it, thanks for reading!  Before you go hares a few videos that may interest you.

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