Smackdown started off with Randy Orton talking about how he’ll retain the World Title. Christian comes on the tron and shows him a picture of him standing over Orton with the WHC. Orton says it’s pathetic if he thinks he’ll get inside of his head with a picture. Christian says what is really pathetic is Orton’s Father and that he was only ever a lowly sidekick. He says his Dads HOF spot is on par with the likes of Bob Uecker (Is that spelled right?) and Drew Carrey. This seems to get under Orton’s skin. Orton asks him to come to the ring and repeat what he just said to his face. He says he’ll come out after this Sunday and tell everyone to their face what a pathetic champion he was. Orton says Christian is a pathetic excuse and after this Sunday, Chistian will be a mere flash in the pan that only won the WHC because of his best friend.

Good promo. I assume this means that Christian is winning this Sunday. I hope so. He deserves it. He’s the best on Smackdown right now. Orton seems to have come out of his shell more, in terms of wrestling ability, against him. It won’t be the Main match on the Card this Sunday, but expect it to be the best.

Intercontinental Champion Ezekiel Jackson d. Ted DiBiase to retain.

I knew this was happening. Vince is high on Zeke and sees him as a future top star. That’s Proof in itself that if you can’t wrestle, Have huge muscles and are over 6ft 4″ tall, you too can be World Championship material. I’m not joking. That’s what Vince likes. Match wasn’t good. No match with Jackson is good. Not a good worker. I feel like I can’t stress that fact enough, haha. Jackson won with the Torture Rack. I assume that they have another match at MITB. That’s just speculation on my part though. If that is the case, though, I assume Ted is winning. I hope.

Cody Rhodes d. Daniel Bryan.

Great match. Match of the Night. Love the chemistry between these two. This is what I would call a World Heavyweight Championship fued. Vince would disagree. Why? Because these two guys are very talented. I’d love one of these guys to win MITB. I think Cody is winning it. Cody won the match with the Beautiful Disaster. I’d like to see more matches between these two please.

Sin Cara d. Sheamus.

Another good match. Sin Cara won with a hurricanrana pin, similar to Mysterio. It was a counter to Sheamus’ High Cross. It was made to look like an upset victory, so Sheamus didn’t look weak coming off of it. I wasn’t sure how these two would work together but they worked pretty well. No botches this week either by Cara, that I could see. I wouldn’t mind seeing a rematch next week. Good stuff. After the match, Wade Barrett came in and hit a Big Boot and Wasteland to Sheamus. Is this a Sheamus Face turn? Could be. The WWE roster is Heel heavy. Expect a Face turn by a top star soon. I think it will be Sheamus that turns and fueds with Barrett down the line.

Mark Henry and Big Show had a face off. There wasn’t to be any physical contact either, or else their match at MITB would be called off. Mark Henry said that Bigger isn’t better. Meaner is better. Big Show says that if he thinks he’s better than him, why doesn’t he come down into the ring and face him right now. Big Show said he lit the fire in Henry and will put it out. I think. I can’t remember. This promo bored me, haha. I think Mark Henry is winning at MITB. They seem to be high on him right now. Rightfully so. He’s doing some of the best work of his career right now.

Divas Champion Kelly Kelly d. Rosa Mendes.

I wont bore you. The match was crap. Give Natalya the title please. Fued with Beth at Wrestlemania please. Turn one of them Heel. I think Beth should be Heel. Nattie will always be a Babyface to me. Especially in real life, haha.

Justin Gabriel d. Heath Slater.

Justin Gabriel is a babyface now. Works for me. He’s better for that role. He beat Heath Slater via 450 Splash. It was a decent match. Gabriel is a good worker. He’s in my fave 5 this week. That’s subject to change  next week. Can you dig that Sucka? haha. Breaking up Slater and Gabriel will only benefit Gabriel. Slater just isn’t that good, In my opinion. He’s ok when he teams with Gabriel, but I can’t see him lasting as a singles superstar. I think he’ll either be a Superstars regular, Future Endeavored or a rookie on the next season of NXT. That NXT part was a joke.

Kane d. World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton.

I’m confused. Is Kane a Heel or a Babyface? I think he’s turned more times than anybody else in the history of the company. Anyway, Kane won when Christian interfered and distracted Orton, allowing Kane to win via countout. I forgot to mention that earlier in the night, Christian vandalized Orton’s tour bus and lost $1000 of Orton’s money by Gambling it away. Christian said that somebody else Vandalized his bus. I  believe him. He’s an honest guy. Why would he lie?…

Post match, Orton and Christian beat Orton down. Kane then chased Christian out the ring, then Orton hit Kane with the RKO. Then Orton beat Kane down with a chair. I’m now convinced that Christian is definitely winning at MITB. Let’s hope so.

It was another average edition of Smackdown this week. Some matches and storytelling were good. Some were not. Cody Rhodes vs Daniel Bryan was a great match. I’d advise you to watch it. Safe to say the company’s future is safe if left in the hands of these two young ‘Wrestlers’. I also missed out describing a Johnny Curtis promo. You’re welcome.