Today is sunday and that means it time for me to post my weekly blog,hope you guys enjoy reading it. This is a more in-depth (or we can say updated in some cases) version for one of my previous blogs; “Wish This happens…Money In the Bank 2011” which can be read here:, Today if you look at the date it is 17/7/11 which means tonight is the WWE Money in the Bank Pay Per View!!! (YESSSSHHH), Previously I said what I wanted to happen and gave my thoughts on what it does to people [superstars] careers and how it makes then sometimes get into there peak such as the Rated R superstar Edge, In the end did kinda touch on what Alberto Del Rio can do with it. Well Today I’m going to help say why I want these two men to win it by saying what they will do and how it will help WWE. Cheers if you know who I want in Raw to win already. I pretty much gave it away anyways.

Starting with Raw here are the participants:

From left: Kofi Kingston,Rey Mysterio, Evan Bourne,Alberto Del Rio,R Truth,Jack Swagger,Alex Riley and The Miz.

Why I think some people won’t win: The Miz and Alex Riley are feuding with each other I just think there gonna brawl with each other in order em lets say people fire in the feud they are currently having. Kofi Kingston and Evan will just be punch bags in this match to help it “work” and R Truth just had a WWE title match and I think he was just another Cena Filler. Finally Swagger is just there (I think there gonna give him a US title feud)

Now that means I’m going with Mr.Alberto Del Rio is my choice to win this years Raw Money In The Bank.

Why I think he should win it?

  • Look he is now just hanging around on Raw, and what people “he’s just there” and doing his same old shit IM ALBERTO DEL….you know the rest. His momentum is like a clusterfuck hill (is that possible) anyways its always going up and down! remember this guy was the 2011 ROYAL RUMBLE WINNER it means he can beat an amount people for his goal HIS DESTINY and the MiTB case will make people say “hey this guy is really up for it all”. It WILL revive him in my opinion.
  • He will be a threat to people, You can say well he won Royal Rumble (which I actually said above) and beating remember 40 men but he came in number No.38, beating another 7 people will make him look grand, even like when he first wowed us on his debut beating Rey on SmackDown. He plays his character well to do that even though he is another “cocky heel”
  • But guess what? even though he is a cocky heel. I think this case can help him with his gimmick. You can say Edge and RvD and Mr Kennedy did this but Cutomize his case (this is if he doesnt cash in on the day), I dont know put gold and diamonds and then put some money in side you get the picture. It will help his character, Forget calling him the rip off JBL dammit, he has a good character like him be it.
  • If he does keep it for longer he can do challenges with the case like you vs me for the case (but him allways winning) after he gets his winning streak he go on to win the WWE title making him look vastly credible.
  • It will make him a Majour heel. Just like at Miz now the guy who the MiTB 2010 for Raw.

Now Smackdown here are the participants:

From Left:Kane, Sin Cara, Daniel Bryan, Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater and Sheamus.

Why I think these people wont win: Kane won it last year but it was for a reign that he should of got years ago IMO and I also think he will get a good one in future not another one from MiTB maybe, Sin cara and DB look like Punching bags in this sorry but this is WWE they dont have that main event IMAGE (comment if you disagree lol), Rhodes looks as if he is ready to go win IC belt and show Ted how to do things properly ad Gabriel and Slater have a somewhat feud going on now and Sheamus can actually win but listen I think that the person Im choosing is gonna keep it for a long long long time (but I do think Sheamus is gonna be like you know battleing for the case and then drops.

So yh I think Wade Barrett will win this one, Seeing that he is now on a new thing by him self and it will help him significantly.

Why I think he should win?

  • As I said he is now on that journey being by himself, He should of been World champion allready when there was the orginal nexus But anyways this will make him go to the main event fast.
  • He has shown us the Leader Barrett and will then show us what his smart tactics can do, I find this characteristics really interesting. He play with the fans really really well.
  • Smackdown doesnt really have star power, Same as Del Rio he can be the next top heel.
  • He can be a twenner and have feuds with peoples such as Sheamus, like this week on smackdown he attacked sheamus and I can say I was like YESSSS!
  • When he moves on, more people can move on. Meaning the WWE development circle can work faster.

Quick thoughts on Mitb overall: WWE have finally I think made a real excitement to watch a PPV in a long time and also thinking this is not a top 4 PPV and more like a B PPV they have worked really hard into making me see who will win the matches. I hope MiTB does continue to be a PPV.

Please comment so we can discuss!

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