If I were to describe WWE Money in the Bank PPV in 3 words I would pick; Phenomenal, Excellence, and Glorious. It was action packed and dramatic. At the end of the PPV, it left us wondering what will happen with the prestige WWE title with Punk walking out of Chicago WWE Champion. Let me say this, if you haven’t seen it, order it now….you won’t be disappointed and you will get your money’s worth. I’m just waiting to read the buy rate of the PPV. This PPV also had a wrestlemania vibe to it.

Smackdown Money in the Bank ladder match won by Daniel Bryan.
This was a very good match, it was what I think we all expected to be and the winner of this match was not many people’s choices or picks to win it, but same time were not overly surprised that Bryan won it. It may not have been as good as last years Smackdown MITB ladder match but it was still action packed, high flyers doing what they do best. Unfortunately something happened what we don’t want to see, we saw Sin Cara being stretched away on a stretcher from ringside and he was brought hospital by Ambulance as he was thrown off a ladder by Sheamus. But we were not disappointed as Daniel Bryan won the match…I was delighted with this but it did kind of give away that Christian was going to win in my opinion, but Christian and Orton match was class. Bourne did a nice high flying move off the top of a ladder to the competitors, I did however think he should of done something bigger to get him over, maybe they had something big planned that we didn’t get to see with Sin Cara. So overall; I enjoyed this match.

Kelly Kelly vs Brie Bella Diva’s Championship
Thankfully, I got to go toilet during this match, as I was hyped as heel for the main event and jumping off my couch for Smackdown MITB match. Like, what else can I say? We knew Kelly Kelly was going to win; an idiot would of said Brie Bella. Sorry but can’t really express my opinion on this match, it was just horrific.

Mark Henry vs Big Show
Now, I didn’t expect this to be a ‘’great’’ match, but it was pretty good in my opinion. It started out faster than expected as they were proving this match was going to be a fight, or a brawl if you like to call it. The moment of the match for me was when they both jumped and collided with each other; I thought that was pretty cool. Also, Henry dropped kicked Big Show against the steel steps…didn’t really work but they tried to do something cool as there both so big. The finish to match was the way if had to be done, by Henry doing his ‘world’s strongest slam’ profusely. Reason that being is Henry is currently being pushed and a loss in this match would of just made little to no sense. So, hopefully we’ll see Henry vs Orton soon enough.

Raw Money in the Bank match won by Alberto Del Rio
This was a little better than the Smackdown match. It seemed more action packed and exciting,, I think they had to have this match better because of account of Smackdown’s MITB match better last year. I’m surprised that Del Rio won because Del Rio was everyone’s choice or most people’s choice as the winner. I thought WWE would of took that into account, so I did pick R-Truth or Alex Riley to win this match. Anyway, the moment of the match for me was when all contestants were on 2 ladders all together fighting for that contract. This showed heart and passion from all of these superstars, it showed that THEY wanted the contract so badly, they’ll do something dangerous like that. Miz’s injury. Still not sure if this is real or not, I don’t know if we were fooled as wrestlers usually sell this on their left knee. Perhaps I am wrong about raw being the better MITB match, but I did enjoy the Raw version more.

Christian defeated Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship
This was a lot better than what I expected it to be. I just didn’t think another match between these too would be so entertaining to watch, but it was, so I enjoyed it. Performances from both Orton and Christian were played very well. It was very action packed near the end of the match with close pin falls etc. At the beginning of the show I didn’t actually pick a winner but as Bryan won the MITB match and Henry winning against Big Show and has a successful push….i see Henry vs Orton and Bryan vs Christian. So I picked Christian to win at the start of this match. I knew he would had to win by DQ, I guessed Orton would hit Christian with a chair, but a kick in the balls is always nice to see. I laughed when the announce table wouldn’t break after not one, but 2 RKO’s. Either the RKO has no impact or they used the wrong table. I was delighted when Christian won, I really just hope to god that they won’t disappoint us and make him lose it after a short reign fro a second time. I’m pretty sure this will sky rocket Smackdown’s ratings, as they have dropped terribly in recent weeks. So we just got to wait and see what will happen between Orton and Christian next, I’m sure Orton will be giving Christian a horrific beat down this week on Smackdown.

CM Punk defeated John Cena the WWE Championship
Now let me say this first….CM Punk has been doing a tremendous job in all this but John Cena has also worked extremely well in this and unfair for Punk to take all the credit. Don’t get me wrong, I know Punk did an awesome job in this. I don’t know how to express myself in saying how much quality was in this match. Defiantly a five star match. People are saying Punk made Cena look good, what do you think? I think both deserve full credit for how well this match was worked and booked. The Lets go Cena chats never really took off, as the Cena sucks chanted proved too powerful for the kids. My moment of the match was when McMahon and John Laurinaitis came down the ramp, and tried to screw Punk but Cena quickly sliced out of the ring to stop John Laurinaitis from playing a part in this match, then for Cena to only walk into a Go to Sleep by CM Punk, was a great ending and I didn’t think it would happen that way. Then, what we expected to happen once we saw the ending of the match, Alberto Del Rio was ordered by Vince to come rushing down to the ring, but Del Rio was quickly stopped by Punk and Punk walked out and through the crowd posing at the top of a staircases then walked out to where the concession stands are at. But Punk still remains the WWE Champion as the bell never rang for Del Rio.

I can’t describe how great this PPV really was. It was phenomenal, epic, awesome, great, exciting and glorious. The whole card was booked successfully and I can’t actually complain apart from Diva’s match but I don’t care about Diva’s because the rest of the show was action packed, dramatic and just superior than any other recent PPV. As I said, it had a Wrestlemaina vibe feeling to it. It was worth the money and if you didn’t order it or watch, I recommend 100% you do, watch this awesome PPV in good high quality. It was hands down one of the greatest PPV’s of all times. All I have left to say is, WWE left us wondering If Punk is still a WWE employee or not and I can’t wait for Raw tonight!

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed this.

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