The Money in the Bank match and pay per view has always gotten a lot of hype. However I have never seen money in the bank match until last night at the pay per view. So I was excited to see if the hype was true that it was a great match. So here are my thoughts about the match its self and what made each one so great.

Smackdown Money In The Bank

                Watching this match I defiantly was impressed. Smackdown put some great superstars into this match. Sin Cara’s “injury” was upsetting to me only because I would have liked to see more of his moves that amaze us. Imagine what he could do from the top of a ladder. However with Sin Cara’s suspension I now understand this angle. Kane was the big powerhouse of this match. His choke slams powerful punches but his big move was going tope rope and punching his opponent down out of Sheamus hold. Wade Barrett also has some power in him. His wasteland teaming with others all helped. However what I didn’t like was him telling Slater and Gabriel to just let him climb the ladder and win. Heath Slater did well. What impressed me was his spin to the outside. Justin Gabriel did great he also had a great move to the outside. But what overall was his big moment was him doing a 450 splash off a ladder on top of the top rope. Sheamus had his nice kicks put into play but we all know his overall moment was when he took out Sin Cara. Daniel Bryan the Smackdown Money in the Bank winner. Big submissions and reversals came from him. In the end he won and that was his big moment. This match in general was great a lot highflying, power, strength, and over al skill. The ladder got a lot of use past for climbing to try and win. The hype is correct truly is an incredible match.

Raw Money In The Bank

                Very exciting and energetic match. Not as much highflying as Smackdown but highflying isn’t what is needed to make this match good. Rey Mysterio did great for it being his first time competing in this type of match. Kofi Kingston did what he does best make the most out of what chance he gets. Alex Riley used power but it wasn’t enough you could defiantly tell he wanted to win I mean everyone does but Alex Riley had something to prove to Miz. Miz got injured so his big moment was coming back out hopping on one leg trying to climb the ladder and win. R-truth well he did his best throughout the match. Jack Swagger I think was the blandest meaning he really didn’t show much of how badly he wanted to win. He was just kind of there. Alberto Del Rio was the winner in the end. He did fight hare to win.  And Evan Bourne he did great with everything. His big moment going airbourne off the ladder onto everyone.  With ladders everywhere many men on the ladders the briefcase swinging superstars trying to grab it. No dull moment in this and there never will be a bland moment in this type of match.

The match type in general

                The match in general is great. It has a great set-up great meaning. Ever since it was introduced it has been a big match. This truly is the match that can make or break you career. It is the match where it is all put on the line. Yes that is what they say for the hype but look at the matches and tell me it’s not 100% true. I mean come on you can’t do it you know by watching that it is true.


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