I want to start out by saying that MITB was by far the best PPV that the WWE has put on this year. There were so much surprises that we didn’t know what was going to happen next. This is definitely one way to spark our interest as Wrestling fans. The question now is where do they go from here? Now that Punk is Champion & is now gone from the WWE where do they take that now? There was one idea I had that kept popping in & out of my head & here it goes. Thorough out the show they show pics of Punk with the WWE Title everywhere he goes, at stores, home, restaurants, etc. Mr.McMahon comes in, talks about getting embarrassed, how that WWE Title is meaningless now, will wipe the slate clean. He says that starting tonight there’ll be a Tournament to crown a new World Champion with the finals taking place at Summerslam. The Tournament happens & at Summerslam we get a new WWE Champion. For the next few months, we get WWE Title matches with the new belt & then somewhere down the road, Punk shows up & says something like, How can you call yourself the WWE Champion when you’ve never even beat me? That will set up a Unification Match to crown an Undisputed WWE Champion. As to who will be the WWE Champion with the new belt, I figured it has to be Cena because I believe he’s not really gonna be fired as WWE can’t afford to lose both Punk AND Cena. So the Unification match will be a rematch from MITB. I’m not saying this is going to happen, I’m just saying that it might happen, so all we can do now is wait & see.