Money In The Bank – July 17, 2011

Live from Chicago, Il Money In The Bank starts off with a promo featuring the CM Punk/John Cena/Vince rivalry. Tonight’s show is brought to us by fruity, fruity skittles. The announce team is HOFer Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole and Booker T. The crowd is hot tonight and we’re starting off with the Smackdown MITB match. I must give WWE props for the great set tonight.

SmackDown Money In The Bank Ladder Match
Kane vs. Sheamus vs. Sin Cara vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Wade Barrett vs. Justin Gabriel vs. Heath Slater

Sin Cara comes out first debuting a new white mask and pants with the crowd fully behind him. Barrett out next followed by Gabriel. The crowd seems fairly silent for Justin. Then we have Sheamus out to a decent reaction….nice boos! Cody Rhodes and a nice vest is on his way out to the ring. Slater out next to a dead crowd for him while Gabriel gives him a stare down. “Nerdy” Daniel Bryan is out next. An explosion of flames with our last entrant, Kane next on his way down.

Quickly the ring is cleared and down to just the 3 big men, with Sheamus and Barrett joining forces to attempt a beat down on Kane which gets reversed. Ladders are already being used with most guys being taken out with a nice spot on Sin Cara with him being smashed into the guardrail. Heath and Gabriel go at it. Gabriel with an attempt to climb up just gets stopped promptly. Sheamus is now beating on Rhodes, who both get double choke slammed (kind of) out of the ring by Kane. Barrett and Kane back at it with Wade going face first into a ladder. Kane throws a ladder to the outside taking out a few men. A great escape through the ring by Daniel Bryan, then every high flyer takes a turn with a spot to the outside. A real fast and exciting match so far. Cara is getting the spotlight with a great flip move on Daniel Bryan. It almost seems this match is being built around Sin Cara. Barrett boots Cara in the face as Cara attempts to take a ladder inside. Barrett sets up a ladder between the ring and the Spanish announce table. Sheamus kicks Cara in the face and steps to the outside edge of the ring in order to hit a huge powerbomb on Sin Cara through that ladder that was set up earlier by Barrett. Cara is being checked by refs and a trainer….I hear “paramedic”. Here comes the stretcher. Sheamus and Kane are fighting over a ladder in the ring, with Kane getting the upper hand. Now in the ring Cody Rhodes and Daniel Bryan are going at it after taking Kane down. Kane then bashes them both with a ladder while they’re distracted with each other. Sin Cara is now wheeled to the back. Kane is going up the ladder but is stopped by the former members of the Corre, minus Zeke(obviously). Cody takes the chance and goes up but gets quickly pulled down. Daniel takes his shot but denied by the former Corre men. Barrett is trying to direct traffic between Gabriel and Slater, they pretend to listen to him before pulling him down and giving him a beating down. Slater and Gabriel race to go up the ladder but Rhodes pushes them both down, ladder included. Then a nice Cross Rhodes on Slater. Cody is now attempting to climb, but gets stopped by Barrett. Another Cross Rhodes hit, this time on Barrett. Cody climbs up once again but Sheamus is back from the outside now. Sheamus with an attempt to go up the ladder but Daniel Bryan starts climbing up with him and slugging it out. Kanes climbing to the top rope while Sheamus has Bryan on his shoulders. A Doomsday Device! Daniel goes down hard. Sheamus and Kane are once again battling. Kane is now dominating all the participants and goes for a climb, but Daniel Bryan is there once again. Daniel goes to fly off the ladder but Kane catches him and goes for a slam, but Bryan counters and Kane rolls to the outside. Slater runs in from outside and tries to get the briefcase. Bryan goes up to stop him but Slater gets in a great neckbreaker off the ladder. Barretts back up and in control. It looks like Barrett and Sheamus were going for a nice spot with Slater, but Slater falls off and goes outside. Sheamus kicks Barrett, Gabriel now in control. Sheamus turns it around and is taking it to Gabriel. He goes for a climb but we have Kane running up the other side to stop him. Kane ends up chokeslamming Sheamus off the ladder onto another ladder set up horizontally. Gang up on Kane now by Rhodes, Barrett. Gabriel up top with a 450 Splash off a ladder set up horizontally on the top rope right onto Kane. Barrett hits his Wasteland on Gabriel to the outside on top of Slater. He takes out Bryan, and now Rhodes. Barrett now going up the ladder but just in time Rhodes stops him and Barrett ends up outside. Daniel Bryan crawling up the ladder but Rhodes is there to stop him. Both men are climbing the same side of the ladder now, while Barrett is on the other side and almost gets the briefcase until Bryan stops him. Rhodes falls off and now Bryan and Barrett are fighting on top of the ladder. Kick to the face on Barrett and Bryans up there alone. Daniel Bryan is grabbing the briefcase and actually releases it! Daniel Bryan with a huge win! Daniel Bryan is your Smackdown MITB winner.

***What a great way to start the PPV and a great push for Daniel Bryan. I did not expect him to win as I thought it would go to Barrett or Sheamus. I’m not sure if Sin Cara is legitimately hurt, but they mention that he’s getting medical attention.

We’re shown the arrival of Vince McMahon, John Laurinaitis and an attorney for the WWE who are coming out of a limo in the parking lot.

Divas Championship Match
Kelly Kelly (c) vs. Brie Bella

Both Bellas make their way to the ring with a few creepy guys in the crowd giving them a standing ovation. Kelly Kelly actually gets a nice pop and is accompanied by Eve Torres to even things out. A few decent moves from Kelly Kelly in this match. She even hits a splash type move off the ring apron onto both Bellas. Brie then reverses something Kelly was trying to do and Kelly splats to the outside. Brie takes control for a bit and gets her first 2 count. Brie is keeping the pace of the match slow with a few holds, but Kelly Kelly turns it around and smashes Bries face into the mat a few times and throws her around. Kelly gets a near fall next. Kelly then hits her Fame-asser move and gets the pin. Kelly retains the Divas Championship. The Bellas leave unhappy while Kelly and Eve celebrate in the ring.

***Summer Slam promo…nice!

Big Show vs. Mark Henry

Before the match we get a highlight video of the Mark Henry push/Big Show feud and it actually makes Mark look pretty vicious. Mark comes out first to a fairly silent crowd. People are on their feet but aren’t giving him much heat. There’s a small pop for Big Show as he’s on his way out looking ready for business.
Henry and Big Show start with a few slaps on each but Big Show takes Henry to the mat with a shoulder. Mark rolls outside and Big Show follows only to hit Mark with a boot to the face. He keeps taking it to Henry then gives him a huge shove over the stairs. Back in the ring after Mark got the upper hand outside, Henry attacks Big Show from behind by taking out the knee. Henry keeps up the assault on the knee with a few bashes and even puts on a half crab! I think that’s the first real submission I’ve seen Henry do besides the bear hug. Show uses his strength and crawls over to the rope to break the hold. All he can do is make his way to the corner due to the attack on his knee. Mark snaps out of it and gives him a running splash in the corner. Big Show get Mark back with a kick, then goes up to the second rope and gives a huge shoulder to take Henry down to the ground. Show sets up for a Chokeslam but Henry counters and gets him up in a World’s Strongest Slam. Henry continues the assault and gets him with a Big Splash, then hits another World’s Strongest Slam, and another splash to get the pin. Mark Henry gets a clean pin over Big Show. After a quick celebration Henry goes outside and grabs a chair. It gets set up on Big Shows ankle and Henry hits a second rope splash on the chair and leg. Show bellows in pain while the medics make their way down and they bring the stretcher-mobile to bring him away.

***Not what I expected. The match seemed to be just a little too quick for the time they’ve been giving it. It seemed the point was to write off the Big Show on an injury angle. I guess this makes Mark Henry look like more of a monster but they could have done this a different way IMO.

Backstage Vince and his groupies are having a chat with Vince until they get interrupted for an interview. McMahon says Punk is the biggest ingrate and he offered him the most lucrative contract but Punk still turned him down. “For the CM Punk fans, they should not blame McMahon because he did everything he could to keep CM on the roster.”(McMahon quote) McMahon also blames Cena for bringing this on to Vince, and declares everything is now on Cena. It’s up to him what happens tonight. I guess Vince believes the company’s fate is in Cenas hands tonight.

Raw Money In The Bank Ladder Match
Rey Mysterio vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Alex Riley vs. Evan Bourne vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. The Miz vs. R-Truth vs. Jack Swagger

Alberto Del Rio is out first, wink wink! Kofi Kingston follows soon after and grabs a ladder as soon possible taking it in the ring, while Alberto arms himself with one too. The All American American does his push ups and grabs himself some arsenal for the match. We get Air Bourne next who gets a ladder like everyone else has. I hope you’re not a Little Jimmy! R-Truth grabs a little baby ladder, which is really strange but suits him perfectly. A-Ry is out next with a nice reaction from the crowd. Then it’s his former mentor and the former MITB winner, The Miz. Rey gives his mask out as usual and grabs a ladder as the last entrant.

The ladders start swinging as soon as the bell rings. Alberto, down on the mat outside gets a bunch of ladders thrown on him from the rest of the guys in the ring. One by one everyone is knocked outside leaving The Miz and R-truth left to smash each other. Next Kofi and Evan are in the ring trying to climb up while Swagger holds a ladder shut tight. Truth gets a little bit of the upper hand. Rey comes in the ring and goes for some action but ends up back outside. A-Ry comes in next and takes out R-Truth to a huge crowd reaction. He gets a ladder set up and goes for the case. The Miz runs in to stop him and gets him down to the mat. These two go back and forth until Miz gets knocked outside. A-Ry jumps to the outside area and takes out Swagger and Miz together. Truth sees this and takes note then takes out all three. Rey and Kofi hit the top ropes and do a double dive to the outside and take everyone out. Evan is now climbing a giant ladder on the outside and hits an Air Bourne right on top of everyone. Nice work Air Bourne! I know why you have your name. Evan gets in the ring and sets up another huge ladder and goes up for the grab. Miz runs in once again and attempts to stop Bourne. Evan and Miz both get their hands on the case but Alberto knocks the ladder and the two men down. Two refs and a trainer come over and are talking to Miz as it looked like his knee popped. This seems legit and they wave to the back. His knee is already looking swollen, as Jerry Lawler noticed. Alberto is on his way up but Truth blocks him and takes his turn to climb. Alberto joins him. The Miz is helped to the back by the refs. Rey and Bourne climb over Del Rio and Truth to go up top. Everyone off the ladders now but a double hurricanrana from the faces but everyone rolls outside. Kofi spiders from outside the ropes on the apron to the inside but Swagger takes him down. A-Ry starts to climbs up but Swagger takes notice and attacks. Truth takes them both out and gets his chance alone in the ring to set up ladders. Rey comes in and cancels Truth’s plans. Rey gets behind a ladder set up between the ropes horizontally but Truth kicks the ladder into Reys chest. Truth goes to pull Rey up while standing on the ladder but Rey counters. Kofi hits a Boom Drop and rolls Truth to the outside. Kofi is attempting to set up a ladder but Rey hits a 619 through the ladder. Truth quickly runs up a ladder inside and gets a hit on Swagger, but Rey comes quick to knock down Truth. Rey runs up the side but A-Ry joins him and they trade punches. Most participants are in the ring now and Evan and Del Rio have their own ladders and start to climb. Now everyone minus the injured Miz are up on ladders trying to grab for the briefcase. Del Rio goes down face first to the mat hard. Swagger falls, then goes Bourne. A-Ry falls down while the rest swat at the case like kittens. Down goes Truth and Mysterio. Kofi is up top all alone and has a chance but Swagger runs up the ladder beside him only to get pushed down by Kofi, who falls legs first on top of him. Out comes Miz!! Out comes Miz!! One leg hop! The Miz gets up the ladder but out of nowhere Rey stops him and The Miz ends up out of the ring. Mysterio is alone and on his way to the top until Del Rio tries to stop him. Rey is using the briefcase as a weapon and is smashing Del Rio in the face. Rey slips down and so does Del Rio, both falling off their respective ladders. Del Rio rips off the mask of Rey Mysterio and goes for the climb! Del Rio gets up to the top and with his classic smile, unhooks the briefcase to become the Raw MITB winner. Alberto Del Rio can now cash in whenever he wants.

***Now I can breathe! Great match for the Raw superstars who for sure gave everyone a good show. After the match, Alberto takes a break sitting on top of the ladder holding up the case celebrating. He’s got a pretty decent cut on the side of his chest but a little blood doesn’t hurt anyone.

Orton/Christian promo gives time for Alberto to make his way to the back for an interview. He bloats saying it doesn’t matter who the champion is, and after being asked if it was his destiny, he says, this is just a formality. His destiny is to be the new WWE Champion.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Randy Orton (c) vs. Christian

Christian comes out first looking as ready as ever to hit the switch. Uh oh, is that young girls I hear screaming? (and maybe a few dads, too) Yes! Which means the Apex Predator, Randy Orton is on his way to the ring with his WHC. We then get the formal introductions with full title display and the bell rings.

Christian jumps to the outside and grabs a chair and slides it in the ring towards Orton, who picks it up. Christian turns his back to Orton in the corner waiting for a DQ hit. No luck as Orton throws the chair back outside. Randy gets angry after a hit and takes charge on Christian. A “lets go Randy” chant is heard before Christian has a failed attempt to fly outside. Randy with a few more bashes until Christian out moves Orton and takes over the match. Christian is in full on heel mode with some dirty stomps. He’s slowing down the match and throwing in some bloating to the crowd. A classic outside the ring smack to the face by Christian. The crowd is still into it huge when a large “aww” is heard after a failed 2 count from Orton. Christian fires back with slam on Randy and the match goes to the outside. The two men crawl back in around the 4/5 mark. Randy almost hits an RKO but Christians too quick. Some more quick action back and forth but Orton gets Christian in the ropes and fails at a DDT. Christian off the ropes but Orton gets in a dropkick. Christian gets Orton down and goes back up top until Orton runs over and they go back and forth on the top turnbuckle. Christian gets the upper hand, knocking Orton to the ground and hits a tribute to Chris Benoit, a flying headbutt! Only a 2 count. More back and forth action and out of nowhere we see a Killswitch. Christian can’t believe it when he only gets a 2 count. Christian is setting up for a Spear, but Orton side steps allowing Christian to hit the post. Orton gives a kick to the stomach and hits a gutwrench lift into a neck breaker but is in disbelief when he only gets a 2 count. Great move. A countered punt only angers Orton, who then hits his slam. Orton then gets “vintage” and knocks out Christian with a DDT hanging from the second rope. He gets ready to hit the RKO but Christian begs off, then spits in the face of Orton. Orton almost gets DQ’d punching the hell out of Christian, but stops…then hits a low blow! The winner of this match as a result of a DQ, and new World Heavyweight Champion…Christian! Christian wins the WHC via DQ.

Orton totally snaps and attacks Christian. He goes for the Spanish announce table and clears it off. A wack to the head with a TV monitor by Orton stuns Christian. He gets on top of Christian and even Teddy Long comes down to try and settle Orton and stop him from snapping. Everyone is trying to settle down Randy Orton at this point. He doesn’t comply as he hits Christian with a huge RKO off the table. Orton is now slithering around the ring looking upset while a few refs and Long follow a good distance behind. But wait! Orton snaps and returns to the cheer of the crowd only to do it again. Christian is completely laid out. The crowd is going insane for Ortons snapshow. A close up on Randy leaving to the back then over to Christian slowly getting up from his beating. Christian with WHC in hand gets helped to the back.

WWE Championship Match
John Cena (c) vs. CM Punk

Loud CM Punk chants before his music hits. Huuuge reaction when it does hit and he comes out with a new shirt. Best in the world, Chicago, 07.17.2011. To me I don’t know why they’d make a new shirt for the guy if he’s leaving, but you never know. Punk sits in the middle of the ring. CM Punk chants so loud as he takes a seat right in the middle of the ring. Punk gets up and gets the crowd screaming and goes outside to give his shirt away. Back inside sitting again the crowd chants his name even louder. John Cenas music hits and the loudest boos I’ve ever heard him get fill the arena. CM Punk is shown outside the ring beside crowd members clapping as they give thumbs down and boo Cena. Formal introduction. Punks home town gets a cheer, Cenas home town gets a boo. CM Punk chants again, and the bell rings.

The electricity is real in this match. The crowd is high voltage and you can tell these two are going to perform. Some quick holds from Punk on Cena start off the match. Cena reverses and gets booed very loud. A “you can’t wrestle” chant is loud towards Cena but dissapears when Punk gives a motion to the fans and they cheer for him instead. Punk almost gets Cena into a full blown Anaconda Vice but it gets reversed. The two men exchange small holds playing on the crowds chanting. Next a classic hip toss from Punk and a dropkick. This so far is a “real” classic wrestling match. A couple failed finishers happen next which once again leads both men in a stand-off. CM Punk chants seem to help as he gets the upper hand over Cena with some fists and stomps. Cena moves quickly and gets back in control by out pacing Punk then hitting a huge clothesline. A headlock from Cena leads to a backdrop by Punk, who gets a quick count after a cover. Another 2 count from Punk only leads to Cena getting the upper hand and almost hitting the AA. Punk reverses the momentum of the match and takes control with a leg scissors lock around the neck of John. Cena with an impressive show of strength stands up with Punk still sitting around his neck on his shoulders. Both men are now outside with Punk on the second rope who hits a knee to the back of the neck of Cena, who’s hanging off the apron. Ouch! Punk gets Cena in the ring and goes for a shoulder to the gut, only to hit the post. After a scuffle Punk hits Cena down and gets another 2 count. Chinlock by Punk, and out of nowhere I hear a “Let’s Go Cena”/“CM Punk” chant. Young voices are the ones cheering for Cena. Punk hits a boot then goes for a cross body on Cena but basically hits his knees. All of a sudden Cena rolls to the side apron and starts checking his knee. Punk goes over and grabs him anyways and attempts a suplex. Cena reverses this and hits Punk with a suplex of his own to the outside. You could actually hear Punk thud on the ground. Cena throws him in the ring and goes for the cover. No success. Cena with a fishermans suplex on Punk then hits a vintage elbow. Cena does a version of a side slam. They slug it out with a few kicks until Punk goes off the ropes. Cena reverses and locks in an abdominal stretch. An escape by Punk leads to both men going for a clothesline on each other. Both men are down for a second, but quickly rise. Cena hits a move sequence – shoulder block, shoulder block, almost a slam but reversed into a pin attempt by Punk, escape by Cena, Punk runs and tries to jump on the second rope but his knee has issues now, too. This enables Cena to hit Punk with his vintage slam then he goes for a 5 Knuckle Shuffle. Punk kicks Cena in the head as he’s doing the You Can’t See Me. Punk flies to the outside smushing Cena into the barricade. Punk goes for a crossbody again back in the ring but Cena blocks it. John Cena is successful with a You Can’t See Me! Then a successful 5 Knuckle Shuffle. Cena picks up Punk for the AA but Punk lands on his feet. Punk gets a kick on Cena and gets a 2 count. Punk picks him up for the Go To Sleep but Cena reverses into a gutwrench. 2 count. Cena stretches out on the ropes and preps himself for the AA once again. Another counter and Punk gets in 2 knees to the jaw and a bulldog. That second knee looked scary. I heard the crack. Punk on the top rope who hits a flying clothesline, another 2 count. Cenas on his knees taking some kicks but rips Punk down and gets him into the STF. Punks screaming in pain is now crawling towards the rope….he makes it. They’re both up and Punk cracks Cena in the head with a kick, but still only gets a 2 count. Both men at this point seem exhausted. Punk goes up top with a crossbody but reversed and Cena gets him up into an AA, but reversal into GTS by Punk, no wait, Cena reverses that into a STF again. Almost to the ropes but Cena drags Punk back as Michael Cole screams, “it’s only a matter of time!!” Punk countered out somehow and gets him in a submission of his own. Cena escapes that and gets Punk up and actually hits the AA. Cena goes down for the pin but only gets a 2 count. The crowd is so damn hot for this match, especially right now. Booker T even said, “I can’t call it.” Cena goes up top and jumps off but Punk counters into a slam type botch. Thanks Cena. Punk with another 2 count. Punk motions for the Go To Sleep, and the crowd wants it. Cena goes up for the GTS but grabs the ropes then pulls down the neck of Punk across the rope. Cena goes back up top and actually hits a leg drop to the back of the neck. Still only a 2 count. I think this match is actually running close to 40 minutes by now. Cena picks him up and hits another AA but somehow Punk kicks out after 2. Cena can’t believe it and has words with referee Scott Armstrong. Cena carries punk up to the top rope. Cena is standing on the second rope going for an AA, but Punk gives out some elbows to stop it. Punk goes around and hits a top rope hurricanrana. Punk gives Cena another knee and hits the GTS but the announcers mention it only hit Cena in the ribs. Cena gets knocked to the outside of the ring. Punk goes after him to bring him back in. Vince McMachon and John Laurinaitis come out and distract Punk. Cena gets Punk locked up. Cena sees Vince signal to the time keeper to ring the bell. Cena does not like this and gets out of the ring to punch John Laurinaitis in the face as he’s running to the timekeepers table. Cena told McMahon, “not that way!” Cena gets back in the ring but Punk hits him with the GTS quick and goes down for the pin. CM Punk gets the win over John Cena and becomes your new WWE Champion!

The crowd is insane as CM Punk celebrates in the ring and Vince McMahon watches on in disbelief/anger. Vince marches over to the announce booth and grabs the headset from Lawler. Vince says to get Alberto Del Rio out here to cash in his MITB victory. Alberto comes running quick into the ring but Punk greets him with a huge kick to the head. Punk then jumps outside and on to the barrier and blows Vince McMahon a kiss, and runs through the crowd in his hometown with the WWE Championship in his hands. The fans are chanting CM Punk and cheering as MITB 2011 goes off the air with a close up on Vince McMahons face looking worried.

***All I can say is I think the WWE gave us fans what we wanted. I’m totally intrigued and there’s so many questions to be answered I know I’ll be tuning in tomorrow night to watch Raw. Alberto Del Rio didn’t lose his MITB as the bell never rang, so that’s good IMO. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as me. I’ve never actually had to write and watch at the same time before but I thought that would be the best way to capture the moments. Being my first PPV recap I hope it does the trick and fills you in on the matches and what vibe I was getting from it. Take care, guys!

James Bones