Smackdown started off this week with former World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton sitting in the ring. He said he had “Unfinished business” with Christian. He demanded a rematch, with new World Heavyweight Champion Christian, tonight. Christian came out to the ring. He says that rematches don’t grow on trees. He has to earn them, like Christian did. Just as Orton stomps up the ramp, T-Lo comes out. He says Orton will not get his rematch tonight. He is facing Kane in the Main Event tonight…in a Street Fight. He says to Christian that he is in action right now…against Intercontinental Champion Ezekiel Jackson.

World Heavyweight Champion Christian d. Intercontinental Champion Ezekiel Jackson.

Remember last week when I said Jackson would always have bad matches? Well, I take that back. It was an ok match. Thank Christian for making Jackson look good. That’s one of Christian’s best traits: He makes his opponent look good while looking great, himself, in the process. Christian got the win after throwing his shoulder into the ring post and hitting him with the Killswitch. Let Jackson’s bad matches continue next week.

I’m assuming Orton gets his rematch at Summerslam, with Christian retaining, ending the feud. I can see Sheamus turning face and feuding with Christian for the gold soon. I’m glad that Christian has had the Title for more than 2 days this time. Hopefully this reign goes to at least Survivor Series. As a Wrestling fan, a dream match for me would be Christian vs Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 28. That would be an Instant Classic!

Daniel Bryan came out for an in ring interview Michael Cole. He dismissed all of Cole’s criticism and said he was going to do what no other superstar in history has done: Announce when he’s cashing it in. He says he is cashing it in, and fulfilling his lifelong dream, at Wrestlemania 28. Christian vs Daniel Bryan could happen. Doubtful that he’ll hold the World Championship that long, though. Heath Slater cam out and interupted Bryan and called him a loser. Yes, HEATH SLATER called somebody else a loser. He said that Bryan was a loser on NXT, He will be a loser at Wrestlemania and he will be a loser tonight. Does anyone else see the irony in these statements?

2011 Smackdown Money in the Bank winner Daniel Bryan d. Heath Slater.

Good match. Heath Slater did a good job. Ok, so nobody believes me there, haha. What actually happened was that Daniel Bryan made Slater look decent, like he always does with his opponents. Bryan won with a new submission move. Looked like an Octopus Choke. I hope to see the Cattle Mutilation executed next week.

Dear Heath, please note: If you are the only person in your rock band, YOU are the loser. Sincerely, Future Endeavored.

Sheamus vs Wade Barrett ended in a double countout.

It was good for what it was. Both men are solid workers. Sheamus is the better Wrestler. Big fan of Sheamus. For a bigger guy, his in ring work is very, very good. His mic skills have improved greatly over the last year too. Both men ended up being counted out. Barrett threw him into the ring post from behind, then put him into the ring. He attempted Wasteland but Sheamus fought out of it and hit the Brogue Kick.

I assume this leads to a slow Face turn for Sheamus. He seems right for that role at the moment. The WWE is too Heel heavy right now anyway, so a Face turn may work wonders for him.

Randy Orton d. Kane in a Street Fight.

Great match. Far better than what I was expecting. Michael Cole called it a classic. I wouldn’t go that far, but it was a very good match. The match saw both Orton and Kane fight through Leg injuries. Orton slammed the steel steps on Kane’s ankle. Kane attempted a Chokeslam through the announce table, but Orton landed on his feet, on the table, kicked Kane in the head and caught his leg where one of the Monitors were. Those were the spots for the leg injuries. The match also saw Kane kick out of an RKO and Orton kick out of a Chokeslam. Kane went out of the ring to get a steel chair and Orton countered a Chokeslam into an RKO, onto the chair for the three count. This was one of the better matches of Kane’s career, in my opinion.

After the match, Kane showed respect to Randy by extending his hand. Orton shook it and left the ring. Sportsmanship is what I like to see in Wrestling. Kane looked rather pained by the loss, though. He never had time to mourn it, however, as Mark Henry came out to the ring. Kane went for him but was easily thwarted by Henry. Henry was focused on Kane’s leg. He done to Kane exactly what he did to Big Show at WWE Money in the Bank and crushed his leg with a steel chair. Mark Henry then walked to the back while Referees and Medics were tending as Smackdown went off the air.

I guess this means that Kane will be out for a few months. That’s another reason for a Sheamus face turn. With Kane and Sin Cara out, that leaves Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan and Justin Gabriel as the top three faces. On the Heel Side, they have Christian, Sheamus, Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase, Mark Henry and Tyson Kidd. I mentioned Ted because he’s with Cody and I mentioned Tyson because he is one of the most talented yet underutilized workers that WWE has, as is Ted DiBiase if I’m being perfectly honest. Give them a Push! Anyway, I can definitely see a Sheamus face turn very soon. They need him as a face, to even out the Babyface/Heel roster ratio. Perhaps a programme with Christian, facing him for the World Heavyweight Championship that takes us to Survivor Series. That would be interesting to see, and refreshing. Overall, it was a good edition of Smackdown this week.