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WWE Vintage Collection – July 23/2011

Where the hell is Mean Gene? I guess Jack Korpella gets to host once again as Mean Gene is getting some sun and working on his golf game. Dammit Jack, you’re corny. We’re starting a two week tag team Vintage run and that sounds good to me!

Road Warriors vs. Faces of Fear – January 29, 1996

This is a WCW match up and it’s the Road Warriors return to WCW after a stint in WWF(e). The match starts off already in the ring with Meng going after Animal. After being thrown outside, Barbarian takes over the beat down on Animal and throws him into the guardrail. Back in the ring Meng hits a huge dropkick to the chops but only gets a 2 count. The crowd is chanting LOD, obviously knowing them from being fresh from the competition. Barbarian tagged in and hits a huge powerbomb on Animal and still only gets a 2 count. Second rope lariat from Barbarian, then back up to the second rope. This time, Animal hits him with a lariat while Barbarian is flying through the air. Tag to Hawk (RIP) who takes control and takes both Meng and Barbarian on but that only lasts so long. The double teaming whips Hawk into the corner, but as he comes back out he does a double clothesline and takes down both men. Now all 4 men in the ring, Animal takes Meng outside but the Barbarian puts Hawk on the top turnbuckle. Animal comes from behind and it looks like a Doomsday Device but Meng comes back from outside and pushes Hawk off. Barbarian hits a nice piledriver on Animal in the center of the ring, but doesn’t go for the cover. As he goes for another one, Hawk jumps off the top and hits a huge clothesline on Barbarian and gets the pin as Animal distracts Meng. Their debut on Monday Nitro was successful.

The Hart Foundation w/ Jimmy Hart vs. The British Bulldogs (c) w/ dog – WWE Tag Team Title match

Hitman and Bulldog start the match off. After a reversal Bulldog hits an atomic drop and powers over Bret. Davey with a whip to the corner but Bret gets out of the way and tags in Jim Neidhart. The two powerhouses go at and lock up. A drop kick by Bulldog, then a headlock. Anvil gets him off the ropes and they knock into each other with neither man falling down. Davey off the ropes again but jumps into a powerslam by Anvil. Bret back in and tries to take a quick pin but gets a 2 count. Inverted atomic drop by Bret, then a nice backbreaker. A tag back to Anvil who comes in and gives Davey some pain. Avil holds Davey over his knee while Bret his a second rope elbow. Bret gets in a little cheating by choking Davey while in the corner. Another cheap hit by Bret with a knee to the back while Davey goes off the ropes. Now outside, Bret slams Davey hard to the ground while Jimmy Hart cheers him on. Anvil pulls a crawling Davey back in and gives him a reverse chinlock. Back from commercial Bret is in the ring with Davey in a rear almost choke hold, but the ref makes sure it’s legal. Davey is able to pick up Bret on his back and slam him into the corner. Davey goes for a powerslam but Bret lands right on his crotch on the top rope. Dynamite Kid finally gets the tag in but Anvil runs in to stop his momentum. It doesn’t work as Dynamite kid hits them both with a double noggin knocker then throws Bret off the ropes and gives him a clothesline. Dynamite takes out Neidhart who rolls back to his corner. A nice snap suplex by Dynamite on Bret and then a headbutt. Dynamite gets on a sleeper but Anvil jumps in and takes out both men and the referee. Anvil pulls Bret Hart over the Dynamite Kid and tries to wake up the ref. The ref crawls over and starts the slow count, but a kick out! Anvil gets angry and comes back in and hits a powerslam on Dynamite and puts Bret on top again. The ref shakes out of it and starts the count again, and another kick out!! Anvil lifts the ref up but from behind Davey comes up and gets a quick roll up and gets the 1-2-3! The ref being confused had no idea who the legal man was, but the winners of this match are The British Bulldogs. The Hart Foundation are in the ring angry with the ref and decide to attack The British Bulldogs in a poor sport move.

The Midnight Express (c) w/ Jim Cornette vs. The Southern Boys (Tracy Smothers/Steve Armstrong) for the NWA United States Tag Team Championship – Great American Bash 1990

We start with the match in progress with the Southern Boys knocking the Midnight Express to the outside. My god Cornette is loud. Armstrong and Eaton are going at it in the ring with Bobby in control. After climbing to the top Armstrong slams him off the top rope and takes over the match. A huge clothesline off the top rope by Steve. A tag to Tracy gives the Southern Boys a chance to double team on Bobby. Still with no tag, Bobby goes back for more and hits a clothesline on Tracy. Now the tag to Stan. Midnight Express get their chance to double team and change the momentum of the match. Stan Lane once again tags Bobby in, who’s only been out for a few minutes. Bobby hits a slam then goes to the top and hits a huge top rope leg drop. He makes the tag to Lane who gives Smothers a irish whip but a reversal into a pin by Tracy only to be kicked out. Bobby runs in a hits a neckbreaker on Tracy giving them the continued upper hand. Lane hits a double arm suplex on smothers, but only gets a 2 count. A punch by Bobby knocks Smothers outside, but as he climbs up the apron he slingshots Bobby outside. Tracy gets the upper hand on Lane but gets a rake to the eyes. Smothers really needs a tag. A double team now but Smothers rolls them both up and makes it over to tag Armstrong. Armstrong is fired up with the crowd behind him and takes out both members of the Midnight Express. Armstrong goes for a pin on Lane after a shoulderblock but Bobby interrupts. Smothers runs in and takes out Bobby, and then lifts up Lane. Armstrong goes up top and hits a nice top rope drop kick. Only a two count. Eaton pushes Armstrong off the top rope, then lane gives him a slam then we see a Rocket Launcher from the Midnight Express but only a 2 count. A quick inside cradle by Smothers on Eaton but Lane breaks it up. Smothers gets a boot in the back of the head from Lane and Bobby steals the quick roll up getting the 3 count to retain the NWA US Tag Team Champions. A really good match and this is how tag team wrestling should be. This actually made me miss real tag team wrestling.

The Glamour Girls (c) vs. The Jumping Bomb Angels – Non Title match – July 20, 1987

Wow, these sure aren’t Divas! I see more cellulite than a plastic surgeon on these so called Glamour Girls. The tag champs are in control until one of the JBA outsmarts them and goes for the tag. Doesn’t get it and this gives Judy Martin a chance to hit a nice powerbomb. Miss Kai now in the ring on Yamazaki. It’s funny, they just said Kai was over 300 pounds and the Japanese woman was 242? I really don’t think so. Judy back in working on the arm and another quick take to Kai. This poor JBA is getting worked. A whip to the corner gives Judy the idea to put her knee up to hand out some extra pain. Some illegal double teaming from the Glamour Girls and now the JBA is outside, with her partner consoling her. Kai looks like she just had 4 burgers and a few beers. Can you say FUPA? (That’s fat upper pubic area for those who don’t know) Wow, the JBA are in control after some nice dropkicks. Judy gets hit with a clothesline and another dropkick. The JBA bring in Kai and gives her a launcher and goes for the pin for a 2 count. The JBA girl goes up top and hits a top rope knee drop. Even the announcers are saying “the other Japanese girl”. The one JBA gets thrown into the corner but jumps up, and as Kai runs towards her she jumps off and gets the rollup. The winners of this non-title match, The Jumping Bomb Angels. It’s funny to actually see the WWE at one point had a Womens Tag Team Championship.

Tag Team Battle Royal – Winner faces Hart Foundation at Wrestlemania 7 – February 16, 1991 – Entrants are Legion Of Doom, Orient Express, The Rockers, The Nasty Boys, Power and Glory, The Bushwackers and Demolition

We get a nice promo from the Hart Foundation with the belts. In the ring now, all these great teams are going at it. I love seeing all these guys in the ring at once, brings back some great memories. Lots of action in the ring so far but no one’s been thrown out. Wait! First out is Smash which means both members must leave. Crush acts like a bad sport and won’t leave. An Orient Express member eliminates a Bushwacker, and they’re eliminated. Tanaka almost gets thrown out but hangs out. The Rockers are looking really strong but Michaels accidently drop kicks Jannetty to the outside Saggs moves. The Rockers are now eliminated. Out next is Orient Express who were always one of my favs, even though they seemed like glorified jobbers. Animal and Roma are outside but they didn’t go over the top. They get back in the ring. We’re down to Power and Glory, Nasty Boys and Legion Of Doom. The crowd is chanting loud for LOD. Animal lifts up Roma and throws him out. Power and Glory are gone. Roma comes up from the outside and pulls Hawk off the top rope, which actually eliminates the Legion Of Doom. The winners of the battle royal, The Nasty Boys!!! Knobbs and Sags get their shot at The Hart Foundation at Wrestlemania 7, who actually go on to win the Tag Team Titles from them in their first ever title win.

Jack Korpella then sends a message to Mean Gene telling him to get back to work….yes please!

James Bones