Hello everyone going to write a really short blog today, Cousins getting married so yeah got to help them and stuff. Moving on Today I Just wanted WWE to do these storylines for their upcoming “A” PPV Summer Slam. This is more like a match card and how the feud can work and why I want it to happen. Plus Im not asking for alot MiTB was amazing PPV. Just continue it please and I think these feuds will.

Match one: Cody Rhodes vs. Ezekiel Jackson (Intercontinental Championship)
Why?: I’ve made it pretty clear that I hate the fact Jackson is out current IC champion, You can I’m hating but WWE have failed at building this guy since he was on WWECW (and also the last ever ECW champion *face palm*) and still trying to because I guess his size is nice to Mr VKM. I think Rhodes needs to win to show as a trial before going into the Main Event as IIII think his tag titles don’t mean shit anymore and legacy seems to be forgotten in my eyes. He needs that run to go really over (yes more than now) and sorry don’t bash me but the mask thing is getting old.

Match two: Raw US title scramble.
Id love everyone to be shown a great way that they should be…Like look when Ziggler, Drew and Vickie were the VKM walk and stuff that was entertaining I liked it, hell its looks like to me they care a hell lot and are good workers they need to be given out more to us. Jack Swagger needs a revival, Bourne should be a Mid card champ time ago and then many more like Kofi IDC make it a 8 man match Mid card needs more.

Match three: Wade Barrett vs. Sheamus (No.1 Contender match for World Heavyweight Championship!
Why?: Seeing that Wade was the last one to technically fall before he lost at money to Daniel Bryan, and then Sheamus FINALLY after a long long time looked like that great big Celtic warrior like when he “injured” in the match. And also If anyone noticed they were kind of feuding each other before MiTB and proving who is stronger etc and also this week on SD.

SD Main event: Christian (c) vs. Randy Orton in a Steel Cage match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Why?: It simply to end this stupid feud where Christian shouldn’t of lost it in the first place. We will never know why WWE decided to give Orton another pointless reign and sometimes I think they done it to get Christian over with people sorry but when I say that I mean the mainstream fans, Look the guy IS past his prime and WWE are doing this to get him over [Christian] and that’s me if you don’t think so then COMMENT. I know he earned a reign in many years blah blah but were the IWC and think like a kid (the future and that is the truth) doesn’t know about Christian.

Raw Main Event: Rey (c) vs Miz vs Cena
Why?: I think WWE striped Punk of the WWE belt (his reign does still count) and will just crown a new champion no clue what I can say what they do but they may just do this match then and maybe ADR cash in..Well that’s looks like it will happen but I wish that I would see CM Punk come back and fight that he IS the WWE champion but many people say the guy IS gone on to a legit break. We will see tomorrow on Money night Raw!

I just want these things to really happen and yeah.

Guys forgive me I need to help my cousins no lie.
Hasnan Peace out.Please comment and discuss my thoughts and if you like them to happen aswell.