WWE Monday Night Raw is approaching and there is high expectations swirling around the wrestling world. Last week, we saw the unbreakable Vincent Kennedy McMahon left emotional in the middle of the ring as Triple H came out for the first time in months and informed Vince that there was a board of directors meeting and that Vince had to step down as chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment and he did not have the authority to fire John Cena.

So as Raw is approaching, what is going to happen? Well, here are some of my thoughts anyway.

Triple H has returned to the screen and he is playing a corporate role. I do think that all along it was Triple H as the anonymous General Manager of Raw so I do think he will announce himself as the Raw General manager. I think it could be good or bad. It probably is more positive than negative as the stupid anonymous GM concept is done and dusted and who better would it be to be Triple H? Or, if not Triple H, then he announces Stephanie is. Would be a cool angle too.

New theme; I’m hoping a new theme is in order, don’t get me wrong I love Nickleback (Favourite band actually) but a new cutting edge theme is needed. A new theme, a new era, a new raw.

Will CM Punk appear? Now, I’m sure all this stuff past week is worked, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Punk is on raw tonight. I don’t think it would make sense crowning a new WWE Champion when there is signs that Punk is still with WWE. CM Punk was at comic and he talked to Triple H, he mentioned that he could come down to Chicago and face him for the WWE title whenever he wants, so that potentially could be leading to something. We could find out something to night.

If however a new WWE champion will be crowned, I am picking Rey Mysterio. I think he will beat Miz as Miz is not having his luck….even though he is in the finals, none the less without the help of Riley in a big match up, he’s not as focused. Anyway, so Rey wins…only to be cashed in by Alberto Del Rio and Del Rio will be the new WWE Champion. Leading towards Summerslam with Del Rio vs Rey.

I can see JR hopefully announcing tonight. I really think this is the start of a new era and things are going to change. Well I’ll certainly be tuning into Raw tonight, I’m sure you will too. Not a great column, but just a quick column to share my thoughts….thanks and enjoy the show.