As we know it will be Miz versus Rey Mysterio for the WWE championship on Monday night Raw. Everyone has their reasons for one or the other to win. Who I want to win is Rey Mysterio.

                Time in pro wrestling/experience- Mysterio made his debut into the professional wrestling world in April 30, 1989. Meaning he has been around longer and has more experience.  Not only that but this means he has worked harder to become WWE champion. Miz has already been a WWE champion. However Rey Mysterio hasn’t yet been a WWE champion.

                Style- Miz may have his own little style and I am not denying anything from him. But Rey has a better style on the mic and better and if WWE does it right he can always be wearing different attire meaning with different colors. This way it is not the same old thing. Also with Cm Punk leaving with the title that gives me hopes that there will be a new title. So who better to have the new title first?

                Face- I would like to see the new title go to a face. And Rey Mysterio is always face. He is the ultimate underdog and I would like to see them play with that angle.

                Money- Lets think about it if there is one thing WWE likes it is money. But we get tired of seeing John Cena as WWE champion all the time but he makes a lot of money. Now who else is a face and can raise big money for the company? Little Rey Rey the ultimate underdog the master of the 619 REY MYSTERIO!

                Weight- Now when look around online you hear people complain the 2 times Rey Mysterio was World Heavyweight Champion saying he isn’t a heavyweight. Now Rey Mysterio deserves main event and to be a champion and what other way have him be main event and a champion where people won’t complain about him not being a heavyweight? WWE champion.

                Bringing him to Raw- Why bring him to Raw if you had no plans for him? They wouldn’t when it comes to the draft everything with the exception of Alex Riley is drafted to a different brand with a reason.

                Lack of faith in Miz- Hopefully you have all read Tim’s amazing blog on how WWE lacks faith in Miz. So why have him be champion again?

These are the reasons why I see him being champion and why he deserves it.

                About Rey winning then Del Rio cashing in- I do not see this happening only because we have seen Alberto Del Rio against Rey before. Now yes if he is the Raw MITB winner that will come again but it wasn’t that long ago when this feud happened I personally think they would wait a while have Rey face other people then have Del Rio go after him. Spreading it out a little more.