As all of you may already know Vince McMahon has been relieved of his duties as Chairman of the WWE & Triple H is the new boss in town. I just want to take this time to say a few things about the former boss & share my thoughts about the man. I first started watching Wrestling in January of 1992, & at that time Vince was a Commentator. When I first saw him I couldn’t help but noticed how distinct his voice was. I also like how energetic & enthusiastic he was in his delivery. I also liked how he would assume a new champion would crowned in a match, that was good stuff. The 1st time I found out he was the owner of the company, was when the Montreal Screwjob took place. It was then I realized he wasn’t a Commentator but the boss of the whole company. It was then at this time, that he now was going by the Mr. McMahon character. I really liked Mr. McMahon esp. during his feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin. That character was the perfect antagonist to Austin’s rebellious, sticking it to your boss, Beer drinking, Middle Finger raising, Persona. Vince had everything including the famous power walk. I’m sure all of us have mimicked that walk at least once in our lifetime. One of my favorite VKM moment would have to be when William Regal had to join the VKM Kiss my Ass Club. I loved how Vince was putting over his ass so much, even going as far to make it do tricks. Funny stuff. Well that’s about all I have to say except that Vince was a memorable boss & there will never be another Vince McMahon. Thank you Vince, you will be missed.