You know that article I wrote a month ago saying I would be gone for a month, yeah Well I lied! If CM punk can leave WWE for a week, I can return a week earlier!

A shot to many…

John Cena is a 9 time WWE champion
John Cena is a 2 Time World Heavyweight Champion

John Cena has received a shot to many…
April 3, 2005. He wins the title for the first time, holding the belt 280 days, after defeating John Bradshaw Layfield at wrestlemania 21
January 8th 2006. Edge cashes the Money in the bank at Elimination Chamber to beat Cena for the belt.

Edge was champion…21 days…

January 29, 2006. John Cena Wins the WWE title for the Second time at Royal Rumble. Edge was not even the champion a month before the title swapped back to Cena. Cena was champion another 133 days. Rob Van Dam cashes his money in the bank in advanced, and challenges Cena at One night Stand.

Rob Van Dam was champion 22 days…
Edge wins the belt… was champion 76 days…

September 17 2006. The longest time Cena was without the belt so far, and stands at 98 days. Cena didn’t even go 100 days without the belt, and wins the belt for a third time. The longest reign yet for Cena… 380 days… and was not even defeated for the belt. Vacated due to injury. This will leave Cena out of action long enough for the belt to be moved to Smackdown while the World heavy weight title comes to Raw.

November 23, 2008. Two years since Cena has held a World title, this time it would be The World heavy weight title. He would defeat Chris Jericho who just had the title 20 days, after Batista who would have it for 8 days…Cena’s run with his First World Heavy weight Title would be 84 days.

April 5, 2009 John Cena Wins the title from edge at Wrestlemania XXV. This, sadly would not be his shortest run. He defeated Edge and Big show in a triple threat to gain the title.

Edge was champion 49 Days…

September 13, 2009. 5 months since Cena has held a World Title belt. Almost 3 years since Cena has touched the WWE title. John Cena would face Randy Orton for the title. John Cena would be the champion 21 days. He Defeated Orton at breaking point for the title.

Randy Orton was the champion for 90 days.

October 25, 2009. Cena and Orton have been hot “potatoed” the belt. both had 21 day reigns, but at bragging rights 2009, Cena would win the title back, for the 5th time.

Randy Orton was the champion for 21 days.

February 21, 2010. Cena wins the elimination chamber match. The champion at the time was Sheamus. This would be the quickest Cena has held the belt, because right after the match, Batista would get a title shot for no real reason. Batista was the new champion after elimination chamber, making Cena champion for 0 days… but still gets the credit of having the title for 6 times.

Sheamus was champion 70 days.

March 28, 2010. John Cena and Batista have a match at wrestlemania XXVI in which Cena wins. He would hold the title 84 days, In what should be listed as his 6th title run, considering his last one lasted 5 minutes, this will count as his 7th title run with the WWE Championship, and would continue to face Batista 3 more times, defeating Batista each time… making the 35 days he held the belt, Pointless at best. He would lose to sheamus and not see the title for almost a year.

Sheamus was champion 91 days
Randy Orton was champion 64 days
The Miz was champion 160 days

May 1, 2011. Cena would defeat the miz in a cage match, that also included John Morrison. Let me repeat that, He defeated the miz, as in, Cena didn’t pin Morrison to win, that miz was the reason Cena has the belt again. (Just for new readers, I have always hated the miz, and just wanted to point out his weakness at any given chance). Cena would beat the miz after 160 days of cheap wins with a constant stream of outside help. Even R truth got involved in this match, which he only beat up Morrison mainly… but still, No miz match is complete without someone helping him.

July 17 2011… Cm Punk defeated John Cena to win the WWE title… and “Leave the company” with the title.

CM punk is considered a 0 day title holder, and if Cena can get away with it, so can punk. CM Punk is the second person to win the WWE, World Heavyweight, and ECW titles.

July 25 2011. Rey Mysterio wins the 8 man tournament for the Vacated WWE title. He would also be a 0 day title holder, because 1 hour and 30 minutes after claiming the belt, he would lose to Cena. That is right, the same person who lost the belt for the company would get it again. This would mark his 9th run with the WWE title, and 11th time world champion… Making him the Wrestler with the 2nd most reigns at the top. With a total 1130 Plus days at the top John Cena’s 10 years with the company has topped Triple H 20 years. Triple H is a 13 time champion, but only has 1155 days as a champion. John Cena is 15 days away from topping that.

My point is, there is a legit reason why People dislike John Cena, the longest he goes with out a title run, is usually because of injury, for the most part, he is a multi time champion just on rematches alone, making what almost half of the other members runs meaningless. While I personally don’t count Cena or Rey’s runs as Punk was never defeated, at the writing of this article, the story is Cena is the current champ. This isn’t the most disgusting run, however the many 21 day runs, and the 0 runs are a bit harsh to see. It gives the notion that WWE does not care about the belt, Other than Cena, during his title chase, not many people had 100+ runs. in fact in a twisted cruel ironic joke, the least experience wrestler got the longest run while Cena was in the title hunt. I can understand that Cena does indeed deserve a rematch if he loses, especially considering most heels defeated him with a dirty tactic, however there should also be a limit how long someone stays at the top. While this is not new, many wrestlers who gain the top spot stay there, Hogan did, The Rock Did, and it is only fitting that Cena did as well.

The Rock has 7 runs totaling 297 Days, his longest run was 119 days, with an average of 40 day holds. Shortest days held was 2. To give you a better idea, Shawn Micheals would hold the title 100+ days in 1997 after the Montreal screwjob and it would be almost 3 years since anyone did would hold the belt longer than 100+ Days again. In a twisted sense, John Cena is the BEST and WORST thing to happen to the title, his lengthy holds would give it meaning again, having a run that lasted almost a year, to ones that seem pointless to count, and there are those that just seem bizzar at all to see. My point is, after holding the belt 5 times, you cemented yourself into a book of enough is enough already.

with the likes of Undertaker with 7 runs total, has been in the wwe 20+ years now. Shawn Michaels, 4 time champion. 2 of the top wrestlers in wwe of all time, can show that you don’t need the title, to be the best. Infact most of the time, Shawn and Taker had greater story lines when they were not in the title picture, and combined, had back to back matches of the year! Totaling 11 world titles, Undertaker and Shawn Micheals will both go down as the greatest wrestlers of all time, while Cena, needs the belt to remain relevant.

The whole notion that Cena is forced upon us isn’t without reason. People just get tired of seeing him with the belt this long without any real threat, it is almost common knowledge that unless Cena gets injured, he will have the highest chance to get the belt back as soon as possible. Even his storyline with Nexus involved a few chances at the belt. While I do enjoy Long title Reigns, sometimes you have to wake up and see that enough is enough, and you have steal the spot line, with out the title resting with you to prove you are great. Cena has reached a point of common hate now. He gains the title to quickly, and loses it just as fast, with his last few reigns around the 70 day, 21 day, and even 0 day marks, Cena has quickly destroyed what was built up from his first two reigns as champion, making his creditability short, and his matches predictable, if he wins, more of the same old Never give up crap, if he loses, more of the same old, never give up crap, but angrier.

It is almost unbearable to watch wwe now, it feels that for the past 10 years, John Cena has done nothing new. While untrue, he did start off as a heel, and then one of the best us champions, it is hard to even that that in one point in my life I was once considered a Cena fan. (No I was never part of the CenaTION, that shit is stupid, I was a chain gang solider, back before the 5 moves of doom, and the never give up slop that has taken over.) But what I see now is just a repeat of the same old same old. Cena is the champ, he will never give up, and he will no sell his way to the top. It is time for a new era if you will, and not a false one planned out, a real to life one that involves new people, with new ideas. The Attitude era came about of WCW (rival) and the Montreal screwjob the safe WWE came about out of Partnerships and Chris Benoit Murder Suicide… this new era will have to come about as something they cannot control anymore, and this involves taking the belt of Cena.

Before you call me a Cena hater, please note, I respect the person, I hate the character… Unlike the miz, who if died tomorrow I would throw a parade!

Peace out.
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