Hello and welcome to a new column I felt the urge to full fill. Simply it’s about what the title says; this week in WWE. With the last few weeks being rather transcendent, it gave me an urge to write up a moments of week type thing. So I said why not. Unsure if I’ll be writing these up every week, so this is kind of a test column. Enough about the intro so let’s begin!

Raw kicked off with superb Wrestling qualities from both Rey Mysterio and the Miz. Firstly; I am not a fan of the Miz. Whether I am a fan of him or not I will be honest and say he put on a great performance and worked well with Rey. The Wrestling we’ve been watching this past couple of weeks have been outstanding; it’s certainly been a while since we’ve watched Wrestling this enjoyable. The last few weeks have been unpredictable to say the least; I am baffled on how good WWE have been with both telling stories in a storyline to watching a wrestling match. The winner of the match was Rey Mysterio; but you already knew that. Thrilled I was to see Rey with that WWE title around his waist. Unfortunately the only thing I disliked about this was him losing it to Cena, but to make it worse on the same night! Unfair is the word to describe how I felt for Rey. Considering he has young kids and a wife, it would have been nice for him to bring it home with him. Sadly; he didn’t. Why I asked did he even have the belt in the first place? Perhaps there were late plans blooming around backstage with this whole Punk/Cena angle that WWE were unprepared for the tournament they held for the WWE championship.

Triple H being involved as made WWE a helluva lot interesting, exciting etc. Just using Triple H; WWE are adding that star power thing back on Raw. So as Triple H rambled on he got to the point when good ole JR returned. I was happy and was great to see JR back on commentary. No disrespect to Cole but; he is an annoying son of a bitch. The guy is not able to call a match, he’s good a telling a story but fortunately for us; JR can do both. So it was nice to see JR back! Also what this means is NO MORE EMAILS FROM THE ANNOYMOUS RAW GENERAL MANAGER. As I assume, I think WWE realized they could not go anywhere else with it so they scrapped it; which is good. I may very well be wrong but for as now; I can’t see them going anywhere with this. Also John Morrison returned to psyche out the disturbed R-Truth. All the little Jimmies were glad to see Jomo had returned. The next few weeks hopefully we can see some sparks out of Jomo as it will add some extra light to Raw.

As we continue with this tell tailing couple of weeks on Raw, CM Punk officially made his return to WWE. Before I say this I am telling the truth. I had a distinct feeling that Punk always had a contract with WWE. Why? Simply because they had the Best in the World T-Shirt at MITB and he walked out WWE Champion. In all honesty it was clear he had a contract with WWE. None the less, it didn’t damage the storyline at all….it is exciting, unpredictable and enjoyable. Saying that, I didn’t know when he was going to make his return to WWE. I never thought WWE would have brought him back to all this so suddenly. Personally, I thought they could of waited a few weeks and maybe tease us with the new theme ‘Cult of personality’. But regardless I was still delighted to see him back. What I love must about this storyline is that it’s the best fiction and reality can get. Every week we all look most forward to Raw to see what happens next, it’s keeping us ‘on our feet’. All we got to do is keep watching and enjoy WWE.

Enough about Raw, let’s talk some Smackdown!

Smackdown kick started off with an interesting Triple H promo. As he said he will have an announcement on Raw…it’s simply simple but genius tactic. It will make us watch Raw now on Monday! Anyway, during his promo, Christian interrupted the COO. Triple H said he didn’t like to be interrupted, which is the exact opposite of how Vince ran things on screen. It’s a different situation with new ‘owner’ basically which is a nice change. We still want to know what will happen with Vince still….so that’s another great storyline (Hopefully) that will unfold. Back to Christian. It was refreshing to see a segment with different characters. Certainly it’s been a while since we seen Triple H and Christian in the ring together. As Triple H said he disliked meetings; that was genius. If he ever turns heel and gets booed, it falls back onto that line.

Zack Ryder is now the official assistant to Teddy Long. I was delighted when firstly he appeared on Smackdown since I think he’s better to grow there as a superstar. Secondly that he appeared quite a lot and made Teddy Long even more interesting. It was hilarious as he was annoying Teddy Long. So I can see a bright future for Zack Ryder in the upcoming months. We just got to stay tuned and find out!

Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett seemed to have opened a new feud on Smackdown. Always good to see new fresh feud. First time ever one on one if I’m not mistaken when they have a match. Better than seeing Orton v Christian 40 times. Hopefully when/if this match happens it would be entertaining. Both men are great wrestlers and have great potential to be a great feud. So that’s another positive thing I can add.

I’m really enjoying WWE as of late. So far; it’s showing to be a new Era. Wrestling fans have been dubbing it as the ‘’Reality Era’’. It’s keeping us on the edge of our seats to say the least. I will continue to watch this week in week out as long as the product they are using now is enjoyable and that’s all I have to say about that. Yes, I just quoted Stone Cold.

So, that’s my column…hope you enjoyed it and I enjoyed writing it.

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