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WWE Vintage Collection Recap – July 30,2011

Welcome everybody to the latest edition of The Flashback. We’re finishing off our second week of tag team action on today’s episode, and Mean Gene’s back! Thank goodness. That Korpella kid doesn’t have Mean Genes story telling ability. We start out our first match with a WCW classic.

Harlem Heat w/ Sheri vs. The American Males (Scotty Riggs/Marcus Bagwell) (c) – WCW World Tag Team titles – Oct 28, 1995

The American Males are in charge of the match with Riggs in the ring going at it with Booker. Quick action here from both teams. HH double teams and takes control after Stevie gets in a cheap kick to the back. The control continues in the ring with a clothesline from Stevie which takes Riggs down hard. Stevie makes the tag to Booker who hits a huge scissor kick, then a slam. A few elbows and a cheap cover gets Booker a quick 2 count. Scotty Riggs almost gets the tag but a cut off from HH. Stevie in now, but Bagwell makes the tag to Riggs and comes in to clear house. Bagwell hits his finisher, a Bridge Suplex but only gets a 2 count. Bagwell gets his eyes raked by Sheri and while the ref is distracted with Riggs. Booker hits a Harlem Sidekick and Stevie gets the pin on Bagwell to win the WCW World Tag Team titles. Great heel win from Harlem Heat here tonight and as always Sheri is a great accessory. Then we get a classic backstage interview from Mean Gene who’s with Harlem Heat and Sheri who are bloating about their win.

Mean Gene with a classic backstage vignette with The Bushwackers who are feeding Gene some buzzard. The Bushwackers are discussing their feud with Powers of Pain.

The Bushwackers vs. Powers of Pain w/ Mr. Fuji – October 8, 1989.

Gorilla lets us know to start off that Butch is the one without any teeth. After a few jokes, Gorilla clears it up and says they don’t have a dozen between the two of them. A really slow match to start with more goofing off than anything. Bushwackers with a hide behind/push over double team then some rowdy arm wacking in the ring. Now in the ring Warlord is standing tall against one of the wackers. Warlord gets Luke up in a large bear hug. The crowd gets into it and gives him some moral support and the power to get out, but right back in again as the Warlord is more powerful. The Bushwackers try to double team again which doesn’t go so well. I think Butch is in the ring now, without a tag but the Warlord is still in control of the match. Warlord now makes the tag to Barbarian who comes down off the second rope with a blow to the kidneys. Barbarian now hits a huge boot to the face on Butch which brings Luke in to try and make the save. All this does is give the P.O.P. a chance to double team. Warlord back in and off the ropes with an elbow. Barbarian back in after a clean tag as Luke struggles to make a tag. Barbarian hits a body slam then goes to the second rope. He misses after Butch gets a breath and gets up to make the tag to a fresh Luke. Luke winds up and hits an eye gouge, then a double team battering ram which takes the Barbarian out, then the Warlord. The men celebrate in the ring and as he tries to get one of the Bushwackers out, Mr. Fuji makes his way into the ring with his cane. The ref turns around just in time to see Mr. Fuji and he panics. The ref calls for a DQ and The Bushwackers get a hold of the cane and use it. The winners of the match via DQ, The Bushwackers.

We get treated to an old school Steiner Brothers promo.

The Steiner Brothers vs. The Beverly Brothers – April 5, 1993

Scott and Beau start the match with The Beverly’s playing the whiney heels. Good to hear Macho Man on commentary with Vince. Things start slow but Beau eventually gets the upper hand which is quickly reversed into a double underhook suplex from Scott. Blake makes the tag in to go up against Scott. Blake goes over and taunts Rick who runs in the ring. Now Scott gets the tag and comes in to show some power. Blake gets Rick in the corner and hits a few kicks, then off the ropes and hits Rick with a big powerslam. Off the ropes again but Rick catches Blake in a leap from and gets in a slam. Scott in now who hits a huge belly to belly suplex. As Scott goes off the ropes Beau hits a knee to his back, which gives the Beverly’s control again. The Beverly’s keep tagging in and out to keep fresh while they work on Scott. Blake goes for a suplex but it doesn’t happen as Scott counters with a suplex of his own. Scott goes to make the tag but is cut short and pulled back. Beau goes for a leg drop but misses. Scott gets in a few punches and gets in a nice slam on Beau who went off the ropes. Rick gets the hot tag and comes in and is cleaning house against both Beverlys. Scott is now the legal man and hits the Frankensteiner off the ropes and gets the quick pin. Your winners, The Steiner Brothers.

A great promo from the Blondes. Steve Austin with a nice side part. It’s still weird to see him with hair. Now a
promo from Ricky and Shane, who are the NWA WCW World Tag Team champs.

The Hollywood Blondes vs. Ricky Steamboat/Shane Douglas (c) – NWA WCW World Tag Team Title match – March 27, 1993

Douglas has the abdominal stretch on Austin, but tags in Steamboat who keeps the move on. Steve counters out but Steamboat gets it right back on. Tag to Douglas who keeps the stretch on. Austin with another counter and a tag to Pillman. Pillman with a few nice chops, then a shoulderblock. Douglas gets him off the ropes up into a powerslam. A few punches in the corner to the followed by a couple clotheslines on both Blondes. Douglas than makes the tag to Steamboat who hits his fast chops and goes for a 2 count. A pick up slam from Steamboat but still only a 2 count. Pillman needs a tag at this point. Steamboat keeps an arm stretch on Pillman. Steamboat brings him over and tags in Douglas who goes off the top. Pillman though takes control and gets the tag in to Austin. Austin takes control and hits Douglas’ head in the turnbuckle a few times. Austin goes for a slam but reversed by Douglas, which turns into a pin attempt but instead Pillman interferes and chokes Douglas with a towel. The ref didn’t see anything as he was busy with Steamboat. Austin has Douglas up in a bear hug, wearing him down. Off the ropes now but Douglas counters and fights off both men until Austin catches him and slams him down. Douglas at this point really needs a tag. Austin is taunting Douglas telling him to get up, until Douglas gets the upper hand and pulls Austins legs out from under him. Douglas now with a back suplex. Steve makes it over to Pillman and gets the tag. Pillman comes in and hits another suplex on Douglas. Pillman to the top with Steve launching him onto Douglas…but wait! Douglas lifts up a knee just in time. Pillman is hurt but Douglas is far from his corner. Austin gets the tag and comes in for an attack on Douglas but Douglas moves. Douglas finally gets the tag to a fresh Steamboat. Ricky takes on both men and hits a double coconut smash. Steamboat takes Pillman to the corner and hits a second rope suplex. Steamboat up now and hits a splash but only gets a 2 count. Austin is inside the ring distracting the ref which only gets Steamboat another 2 count. Douglas comes over and takes out Austin on the outside, slamming him down hard on the concrete. Pillman and Steamboat back in the ring going at it. From behind Steve jumps up on the apron and smashes Steamboat in the head with a title belt. Austin pulls Pillman on top of Steamboat without the ref noticing, and we get a 3 count! The winners and new NWA WCW Tag Team champions, The Hollywood Blondes!
A great promo afterwards from Pillman and Austin. Austin gives a great heel promo and talks about The Hollywood Blondes being the team of the 90’s. A little while later they’d split.

That’s it for this week of WWE Vintage Collection, thanks for reading!

James Bones