World Wrestling Entertainment is starting to lose me. When I first started watching wrestling like say 2 or 3 years back it was a big thing. I would not go do stuff with friends so I could watch it. During the school year I only get to see Smackdown. Now if I have the chance to do something else instead of watch Smackdown I do it because it has been so boring lately. Now before you say anything I was working backstage for a musical so I missed the latest WWE Smackdown so if it was good then I am sorry maybe I will have to take back this article.

                Fading of wrestlers- By fading of wrestlers I mean their quality. I mean it seems like with Smackdown now everything in general is fading away to boringness. Whereas before I would have said that Smackdown is way more entertaining than Raw. The characters and storylines are still there but they just do not compare.

                Bad decisions- First thing WWE needs to cut the crap out where they say the choice is up to the WWE Universe and they make decisions based on the crowd cheers. When in reality even the dumbest person in the world should be able to figure out that all they do is edit the cheers so it is really what WWE Creative wants and we all know they suck at doing their job and really need to either actually become creative or find a new job. The best storyline in the last say year and a half is this Cm Punk and John Cena thing. This is sad to say because WWE quickly ruined it.

                The same old- I mean come on do we really want to see Christian vs. Randy Orton again and again? Come on it was okayish at first but got stale very fast.  Maybe if WWE would bump someone new up to main event that deserves it then things would start to get better.  And when it comes to Raw really? The point of making Rey Mysterio champion was to keep Cena out of the title light for a while.

                This new WWE championship belt. Really WWE? Do you lack that much creativity that you couldn’t come up with a new design? Or are you just that lazy? Or are you that fucking stupid that you no longer care about the fans? And that it is all about you?

                These little kids may be buying your products still but I would never do it. Why? There are better things for me to spend my money on. I mean I have a 50 visa gift card that I am going to use online. But is even one dollar of it going to be used on WWE stuff? Hell no. Instead it will be used on MMA things. I used to want to buy something wrestling related. As a matter of fact the only thing I would look at buying from the WWE shop is the highflyers DVD.  That’s it not a t-shirt or anything like that.

                I am not the only one either. I know a girl I have been talking to online for some time now. She was on WWEU she is on twitter. Now she has completely faded away from WWE.  And slowly that is starting to be me. She too sees the same old boring things.

                So ummm yeah this was just a short rambles of why I am fading away from WWE if you disagree then disagree. That is the truth though i may very soon if things do not change be done watching WWE.