Hey everyone, I thought for this go around I’d take this time to explain what it means to me to have Wrestling managers back in to the fold. When I was growing up watching Wrestling, I was able to see the talent that Wrestling Managers. Having a Wrestling Manager can be very beneficial. Let’s say you have a wrestler who has tremendous talent, he has the tools to be Championship material, however, he has that one thing that is missing to complete the package, & that one thing is mic skills. If you’re not able to talk fans into watching your matches or buy tickets to see you live, you won’t get very far. That is where the manager comes in. His job is to do the talking for you, accompany you at ringside, encourage you in your matches, etc. & all the talent has to do is work the matches. This topic came to mind when they were doing the manager storyline on Superstars with Tyson Kidd. Every week Tyson was being accompanied by a different manager hoping to find the right one to guide his career in super stardom. Each week he had managers like Michael Hayes, Armando Estrada, Vickie Guerrero, & Matt Striker accompany him to the ring & cut promos for Tyson. All of a sudden in one episode Tyson appeared by himself with no manager whatsoever, in fact I think there wasn’t even a reason as to why he stooped looking for a manager. So I guess we all have to pretend it didn’t happen. Over the years there have been many great managers that have graced our presence. One of the most successful & a personal favorite of mine has to be Bobby “The Brain” Heenan. The man was just natural on the mic & can make even his most useless prodigy into a decent talent. One of my favorite Heenan quotes has to be “You listen to me, you go to the top. You don’t listen to me, you’re never heard from again.” The thing w/ these managers is that they don’t manage just one Wrestler, they manage quite a few. Today there still some talent in the WWE that have the makings of a champion however they just don’t have that ability to get themselves over on the mic. I do believe having a manager in their corner can be very beneficial to the current WWE Talent. I’m not saying it’s gonna happen, I’m just saying that I hope it’s being taken under consideration.