Hey all, this is our first podcast discussing the latest edition of Raw 8/2/11. For a future reference we have no set date for podcasts, they will be done regularly enough is all i can predict. This week Lucas the Menace hosts the show with Jeremy and Cody Springer discussing all the happenings of Monday Night Raw and Wrestling in general.

We soon will be having @FrankWWEClown on the show, i’m sure we all know who he is, a WWE sensation fan! not sure about when but soon anyway. Also we will be interviewing Gregory Iron who works for AAW and got a push from CM Punk so big things ahead in the future.

You can check out Lucas’s site Menacing Massacres where he post’s up interviews and blogs about Wrestling and more. Cody’s an administrator who is involved in running a forum of over 200 members so check out Wrestling Vengeance Forum

So we hope you listen to the show and we will keep you updated each time a podcast is done. Would like to thank Lucas, Jeremy and Cody for doing a great job and excited for future podcasts.

Enjoy the show!