Hey guys, this is a special column I am doing today. Unsure if I will do these every week but here it goes anyway. It’s simply called ‘’5 things I would love to see’’ until I can come up with a more creative name. So you get the point I think.

5 – FCW on the WWE network.
It was announced that the WWE Network will be a real thing so I’m hoping that FCW would have an air spot time. They have some great young talented guys who would nothing but benefit from TV experience. Sure, it may not get even quarter the views that Raw and Smackdown would get but it would increase viewer ship a lot and I mean a lot by this if it was to happen.

4 – Cut down on number of PPV’s in WWE
Now TNA do have a little too many PPV’s but WWE are worse. WWE have 12 a year, now which would cost me 150 Euro a year and that is a helluva lot cheaper than what you Americans pay. Aside from the cost; it’s not enough time to hype PPV’s. Granted Punk and Cena angle with McMahon was put together in the space of 2 and a half weeks but that was a special moment that made that storyline so powerful. Image if they had an extra 3 weeks to hype that up? They could have done stuff like pick the other guy’s opponents, contests and other stuff like that. So if WWE cut down to maybe around 7 even 8 PPV’s a year, in my opinion they would sell more and it would be more interesting each storyline.

3 – Take Michael Cole off Raw
Let me say I am not a hater off the man. But however I would absolutely hate my job if I was too sitting beside him for 2 hours on Raw. JR returned and it was magical for fans especially ones watching at home to listen to him. But JR was attempting to say stuff and Cole was just talking over him and found Cole disrespectful. When we listen to JR at home, we love it as he calls the bloody match, he tries to do that and Cole is just using up the whole show with his voice. It’s annoying to say the least.

2 – New WWE Championship Design
I think we could very well be seeing a new WWE title design but nothing has been announced or anything so I can add it to my list. Reason why I want a new design is because with the Era practically changing and direction of the company is going it would be good for WWE. We all see the current belt as JOHN CENA’S belt, like he owns it. So make a newly designed belt that belongs and feels like it belongs to WWE and not have the same guy hold it for years. It would be refreshing and I think it would look better, change is good. I do think that we’ll see a new design after the title unifies.

1 – Let WWE’s talent be themselves
This is a subject I think most wrestling fans want to see happen in WWE. I believe they play a role as someone there not it turns out badly, if their they and fans don’t like it even, and then they still do a better job as being themselves. WWE tends to not let them be who they are.