(Note from Ray, this is Derek’s post, he was unavailable to post this morning so he sent it via email to me yesterday fro me to post for him)

Smackdown starts off this week with Sheamus coming out to the ring. Sheamus vs Mark Henry at SummerSlam is announced. Khali comes out to face him.

Sheamus d. The Great Khali.

It wasn’t a very good match. It’s ok, though, because it wasn’t supposed to be. The purpose of this match was to get Sheamus over as a Babyface. It worked. The crowd were hot for him. Sheamus won after powering out of the Vice Grip and nailing the Brogue Kick on Khali. Sheamus seems to be doing well as a babyface and he’s only been in that role for a week. His future as a babyface is bright. I think Mark Henry is winning at SummerSlam, though. Or he will lose by DQ.

Natalya d. AJ.

The match was to quick to be as good as it potentially could have been. AJ and Nattie are two of my favorites on SD. Nattie is my fave in WWE. Natalya got the win via Sharpshooter. The real story came after the match, though. Nattie continued the beatdown on AJ before saying: “Beth Phoenix: I’m with you, sister. The days of the cute, perky little princesses are over!”. The crowd cheered. Is this a a Heel turn for Nattie and Beth or the rest of the divas roster? haha. Sisters of Destruction for life!

Randy Orton is interviewed by Matt Striker. They talk about his match at SummerSlam. Matt says Christian looked on in horror at Ortons action last week. They show some footage. Wouldn’t you look on in horror at a man who isn’t heavy enough to break an announce table after two RKOs? Me neither. Anyway, Orton says that Christian will have to beat him by pinfall or submission, something that he has never done or never will do. Does Randy think that I’m an idiot? I seem to recall Christian pinning him in a Six man elimination tag team match, the night after Capitol Punishment.

Wade Barrett comes out to ringside to do commentary.

Mr. Money in the Bank Daniel Bryan d. Tyson Kidd.

Daniel Bryan has new entrance music. I like it. I think it was from Night of Champions 2010. It was a great match. Daniel Bryan did a great job of selling a knee injury. I love the chemistry between these two. A feud between these two would be great. Bryan won with the guillotine choke. More matches between these two please. I caan see Bryan facing Wade Barrett at SummerSlam. I have a sneaky suspicion that it may be one of the better matches of the night, if it happens.

Zack Ryder comes out for a “State of the Showski” address. Ezekiel Jackson interrupted him. He asks why Ryder put him in a Handicap match last week. Ryder said he thought they agreed to it. Cody and Ted come out. Cody says he believes the term is “Sour Grapes”. Obviously referring to the fact that he lost last week. He says that he isn’t worthy of being a champion. He says he makes the IC title look back. The solution is for Cody to beat him and restore it’s image again. Jackson says Cody is using Ted like Barrett used him. Cody suggests that Ted beat the Champ out of Jackson but that’s up to him. He asks Ryder if that’s ok. Ryder says it’s cool but Teddy Long comes out. He makes Ryder vs Jackson. He also says Ryder is NOT assistant GM. He is HIS Assistant.

Intercontinental Champion Ezekiel Jackson d. Zack Ryder.

It was basically a squash match. I’m disappointed that it was Ryder that got squashed, though. I hate Teddy Long. He’s a crap GM. Ryder is so much cooler. Ryder or Riot. Woo Woo Woo, You Know It, Brother.

Apparently Triple H came out to thee ring after the match and gave Ryder a Pedigree, but I never saw it. I don’t think it was aired.

Teddy Long is shown backstage with a new diva assistant. I think It’s Aksana (NXT Season three rookie) with black hair.

Mark Henry d. Vladimir Kozlov.

It was another squash match. Henry won with the WSS. After the match, Henry crushed his ankle with a steel chair, like he did to Kane and Big Show. Sheamus came out with a steel chair as Henry backed away from him. I like this Heel Mark Henry. His matches are better. By better, I mean quicker. Seriously, though, I have enjoyed more of his matches since his Heel turn. He works better as a heel, that’s for sure. However, I do prefer Sheamus. I think they can have an ok match, at SummerSlam, at best. I don’t expect it to be too great, though.

Backstage, Sheamus cut a promo on Mark Henry. He talks about how Mark has taken out Show, Kane and Kozlov. He says he wont take out Sheamus and he wont take his will or passion away, to compete for WWE. He says a SummerSlam, after he beats him, he’ll drag Henry down to the pacific ocean so he can swim with Shamu and all his other friends. That was funny.

JTG & WWE Tag Team Champion David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty d. Trent Barreta & The Uso’s.

Basic formulaic six man tag team match. I don’t think JTG or Otunga are that good. MM is ok at best. Barreta is a fantastic worker. Very underutilized. I am also a big fan of The Uso twins. They have improved greatly over the last year. I assume nobody will care too much for this match, haha, but MM, A-List and the Gangsta got the victory.

Christian is interviewed backstage. He says he’s disappointed that he has a No Holds Barred match at SummerSlam but he’s not surprised. He basically says ever since Orton went to Smackdown, “The Brass” wanted him as their Champion. And now that Triple H is there, Orton has another shield to hide behind. What he means is that Orton is their Golden Boy. My words. Not Christians. R-Truth comes by and says Christian sounds like The Miz did, this past week on Raw. He says to not let the Little Jimmies fool him because he’s a Good R-Truth. Tonight, He’s gonna put a hurting on Randy Orton for last week. Tonight, Orton is gonna get GOT! Truth is Awesome.

“Who the hell is Little Jimmy?” – World Heavyweight Champion Christian. Classic. It was how he said it.

World Heavyweight Champion Christian and R-Truth d. Raandy Orton and John Morrison.

Great Tag match. The heels worked ovr Morrison for the most part until Orton got the hot tag. He and Morrison took Truth Out the ring and Orton stalked Christian with the RKO. Truth comes in from nowhere and gets an RKO. Christian then hits the Killswitch and pins Randy Orton. Yes, Christian beat Randy Orton. Doesn’t surprise me. Christian is better than Orton in every aspect. Only thing I didn’t like is that it’s the 3rd match that Morrison has lost since his return. I want to see him build some momentum. I’m assuming he’s facing Truth at SummerSlam. A match that JoMo would win. Overall, another good edition of Smackdown this week.