Last week I wrote about Wrestling managers & their benefits in Wrestling. I thought for this time around I’d write about another lost art in the WWE, & that’s Tag Team Wrestling. Much like Wrestling Managers, back in the day Tag Team Wrestling was one of the many strongholds in Wrestling. Back then Tag Teams weren’t just two singles Wrestlers paired up for no reason, These guys had gimmicks, matching ring attire, & they even had a name. The thought of this topic came about when I noticed the current WWE Tag Team Champions David Otunga & Michael McGuillicutty came to the ring one night without their Nexus attire & music. They didn’t have any matching attire, no name, nothing there were just Michael & Otunga. At least when they were Nexus they had a gimmick, of course it was joke but it was a gimmick nonetheless. One of my favorite Tag Teams of all time is the Hollywood Blondes. Flyin Brian Pillman & Stunning Steve Austin were one of the greatest tag team that shouldn’t have been. At the time of their start Pillman had just turned heel & Austin basically had nothing planned so they decided to just pair these two up for a week or two until something came up for them, singles wise. What these head wigs in WCW didn’t plan on was that these two clicked together so well that the audience took notice. These two went on to become a legitimate Tag Team with matching gimmicks, ring attire, the works. They even went on to become Tag Team Champions & pretty dominant Champions if I do say so myself. It’s a shame that these two didn’t last longer as a Tag Team, these two were the It Team in WCW & if they had more time together they would’ve been even more legendary then they are now. But alas it didn’t happen. The point is that when you don’t have legitimate Tag Teams as your Champions the Titles themselves become nothing more than a joke. I’ve been hearing that the Kings of Wrestling might sign w/ the WWE. I’m hoping that’s true because I believe that Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli have what it takes to revamp the Tag Team Division & bring back prestige to the Tag Titles.