Welcome to another Wednesday weekly column. This week I will be giving my thoughts/ideas on how to revamp the WWE tag team division. The WWE tag team division has shown to be little importance over the past few years. For the last couple of months, WWE have been throwing together main eventers to fill in a tag team match. But Seemingly WWE recently has been spending more time with the tag team division. But anyway; here’s my plan to revamp the WWE tag team division.

I ask the question, what the hell happened to the tag division? WWF/E had great tag teams like Road Warriors, Demolition, The Rockers – more recently Legacy and The Hart Dynasty. If you look at TNA, despite there horrible product and bad booking, they do have actual tag teams like Motor City Machine Guns and Beer Money. If MCMG and Beer Money were to go to WWE, it could more than likely fill a massive gap that needs to be filled for the Tag Division. Why would it be good for both teams to switch over to WWE? My answer would be they would be the four men known to have re-revolutionized the Division. They easily hands down are the two biggest tag teams in TNA right now. I think the WWE tag division would be better for them to compete in if they did both go to WWE mainly because it’s a fresh start in a new company, more recognition as wrestlers and it would re-revolutionize the Division that they would be known for, new storylines could happen…fresh ones. Those are the reasons why I think if MCMG and Beer Money should go to WWE.

You may be wondering who their opponents would be? Now, this would be a little tricky but with a bit of time and all that it could work. Firstly we look what tag teams WWE have at the moment. Ok, so there’s the current tag team champions David Otunga and Michael Mcgillicutty, now I’m not actually sure to be honest how popular they are with the IWC as in how they are considered as a tag team. From what I have seen these past few weeks; these guys can work well with each other. I don’t know if this is just me but once that fail Nexus reputation wears off of them I do strongly believe they will be considered as a talented tag team. My reasons being is because they have relatively good looks, Otunga pretty good on the MIC, Mcgillicutty being the son of ‘’Mr Perfect’’ adds a special unique about him, both are rather good heel superstars. I just feel with some work and time; these guys would be a great tag team. Secondly WWE have the Uso’s whom I think are the best tag team WWE has to offer. Why would I say that about the Uso’s? ‘Cause they are an actual tag team. I find their characters very entertaining and interesting. I think this because there are them selves, there cool and the haka (Dance they do when they come out) is always enjoyable to watch…it gets the crowd going and excited for the match. Who else? There’s still Rhodes and Dibiase. We seen they were pretty good in Legacy, both have pretty good Mic skills and decently good looks, both good wrestlers and great at doing tag team moves so I say why not continue to work these two into a tag team.

With Motor City Machine Guns and beer Money from TNA and for WWE to work greater and use the talent they have already in their company we could really see the tag team division revamped!

Now, hopefully at least some of this would come true, I defiantly think it will work but whether WWE will do something like this I don’t know. I don’t believe it would be a hard thing to fix the tag team division. It may not be as easy as what I said but then again it shouldn’t be that hard with Vince’s wallet and the ‘’creative team’’, if their that creative they should be easily able to do this.

I would love if you could kindly give me your thoughts and opinion on this matter. Just stuff like…..do you think the tag team division could be revamped this easily? Do you like tag team wrestling? Are MCMG and Beer Money right for WWE? Would TNA’s tag division be ruined? With both of the tag teams new to WWE, would they get a good reaction? Basically whatever your thoughts/opinions are. I enjoyed writing a column that is not about Punk/Cena/Triple H etc. Not that I don’t enjoy writing about them but it’s good to write a refreshing topic.

That is all for this week folks. As always I hoped you enjoyed this column and I personally would like to thank @alexitawilmont from twitter as she said some lovely words about my column last week, it meant a lot and I’m just showing my appreciation for that.

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