WWE presents SummerSlam live tomorrow night from the STAPLES arena in Los Angeles, California. The show is building up to have high potential and i’m sure all pro wrestling fans are looking forward to the event. In succession from WWE Money in the Bank PPV,  the storyline that has been grasping everyone’s attention is the John Cena/Punk and Triple H storyline.  Anyway, i’ll discuss that later in this column. So, let’s begin.

WWE Diva’s Champion Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix 
This feud started when Beth Phineix eraned the right be the #1 contender to face Kelly Kelly as she won the Diva’s Battle Royal on Raw a few weeks back. Kelly was at ringside as she saw Beth win the Royal, so she stood up from the announcers booth and stepped into the ring. Kelly tried to congratulate, which resulted with Beth neglecting and beating the crap out of Kelly Kelly.

I’m not trying to be sexist but last few years, the Diva’s division have been awful. For some bizarre reason i will tolerate not going for a piss while this match is on. Maybe because just for the sake that i can write a bit about it. The winner, i’m possibly 100% sure will be Beth. I won’t treat you like a dumbass and say why.

Sheamus vs. Mark Henry
Mark Henry has taken out both Kane and Big Show, the sound technician and Kozlov last couple months. Henry has been on a path of destruction. The Smackdown general manager Teddy Long struggled to find opponents suitable enough to face him. But however, on the July 29 edition of Smackdown, the fierce Celtic warrior from Ireland came out and picked a fight with Mark Henry. Henry didn’t want to have anything to do with Sheamus so he quickly got out of the ring.

I’m looking forward to this match, it should be a good brawl, that’s what this is gonna be; a brawl. I don’t think it will be more than 15-20 minute mark. Sheamus will probably win cleanly to get him over as a face.

World Heavyweight Champion Christian vs. Randy Orton
This feud started when Randy Orton won the title from Christian a few months ago. After feeling as though he was cheated in their rematch, Christian earned another title shot and had his lawyers put a clause in the contract that Randy would lose the title if he was disqualified. At Money in the Bank, Randy snapped after Christian spit in his face. Christian won the title when Randy was disqualified for kicking him in the groin.

I know it’s yet again, another encounter between these two men but however, i am looking forward to this match. Why am i looking forward for this? Mainly because i’m guessing this will be the last match between these two, hopefully it will be. As for the winner, i’m going to pick Christian to retain the World title, about 30 minute match and i’m going to go out on the limb and say Christian will win cleanly by Pin Fall, perhaps he’s execute the kill switch whenOrton is turned.

WWE Champion John Cena vs. WWE Champion CM Punk
CM Punk won the title from John Cena at Money in the Bank which was also the final day of his contract. The following day, he was stripped of the title by Vince McMahon. A tournament was held to declare a new champion. That tournament was won by Rey Mysterio who went on to lose the title back to John Cena later that night. When John Cena was celebrating his victory, CM Punk made his return. New WWE COO Triple H resigned CM Punk and declared that both men were champions.

Well, this is going to be, yes GOING to be another 5 star match up. Who will be the winner? I have no clue who the winner will be. The match is unpredictable as it is, now Triple H has been added to be the match makes it even harder to decide as there’s conflict between all men in this match with each other. What if the Rock came out and played a part? Reason why i bring this up is that last Monday on Raw, they showed a Rock promo during the contract signing. This made no sense at all. It is likely to happen but what if it did? Anyway, as i said about this match, it’s unpredictable. I and i’m sure most of you all would like to see Cena turn heel, but looks like it’s not going to happen. It should be a 30-50 minute match, 5 star match. People paying admission to get in will get their money’s worth and people buying the PPV will get their money’s worth.

I don’t think you should be streaming this. Why? This will be another good PPV, even if your only looking forward to the Cena and Punk match, not having to worry about lagging on streams to watch this, would be worth to just as well buy the PPV.

There will be more matches added but that’s all i will be previewing. Overall i think it will be a good show and no doubt the main even will steal the spotlight it deserves. Make sure to keep checking back to the site as the staff’s PPV predictions will be posted up in one column tomorrow (Saturday). We will be doing a SummerSlam recap which will be completed by Derek after SummerSlam that night or early in the morning.

Enjoy the Show!