While I am still pissed off about the results of summerslam, and no, I am not mad at the results, Punk winning or losing, While I would have loved for Punk to hold the title out of summerslam, business choices come first, so wwe gives a title to a mexican while they travel to mexico… What? I am not racist, that is why they are giving Del Rio the title now, before their big trip to Mexico. Anyways, Home Depot workers aside (See, now that is me being racist), The bigger feud SHOULD continue. CM Punk VS John Cena has brought out the best in each. CM Punk, while always on fire on the mic, never got his chance to shine, that is until he helped R Truth defeat Cena, and did the classic Worked Shoot heard around the world.

…what do you want a fucking video, if you haven’t seen it by now, shame on you.

And I hate to say it, but Cena has been at his best in the last two pay per views. SummerSlam and Money in the bank showed that Cena CAN indeed put up a wrestling match. A Mixture of pins and reversals, made the classic chant “You Can’t Wrestle” to rest sadly. While I haven’t been a fan of Cena lately, his matches with Punk have been amazing to watch. Not even edge of seat worthy, I mean full stand up and Cheer… While I was cheering for Punk, it is a good feeling to not be resting during the main event.

Now it comes down to one main thing… What to do now? CM Punk Lost the title to MITB. Cena Lost to Punk on a count of a misread by Triple H (the ref during the title match). Well it comes down to this, Fuck the title, it is a Hot Potato at this point and it is time to settle business right. That is Right, I am calling it, CM Punk VS Cena in an Iron Man match, not for the title, not for number one contender spot, and not for a rematch after one of them gets the title, I mean Just to prove can these two really go all out. Punk is a proven expert wrestler, and needs that match to shine, and while MITB and Summerslam are wins… they are wins with disputes. MITB, what if Vince never showed up, would Punk have tapped, Cena had to release his submission on punk to attack Johnny Ace, and was attacked quickly once he entered the ring again. Summerslam, Cena had his foot on the ropes during the 3 count, meaning While Punk got the pin, if the Ref (HHH) saw it, the match would continue. There are to many “what if” in this story to say Punk got a win over cena.

These two need to go all at the next ppv, leave the title out of this. Pre Raw Guesses will be, Cena will be mad at HHH, setting something up between these two, while Punk will blame HHH somehow for the quick assault, and if not him, Than he will go against Nash.

This has been a T5X Short, I am Tim5000, Follow me on Twitter @Tim5000 and don’t forget to cry and bitch in the comments below.