Last night at Summerslam, the Wrestling world witnessed the return of Kevin Nash. He came back & attacked CM Punk, who had just won the WWE Championship. Since Nash became the trending topic last night, I’ll use this go around to give some of my thoughts on Nash & his career in Wrestling. The first time I saw Nash was when he debuted as HBK’s bodyguard back in 1993 when HBK was the IC Champion. Before that, he got his big break in WCW where he had his share of unsuccessful gimmicks. One of the most infamous of those gimmicks was OZ. OZ was a just a Wrestling version of the Frank Morgan character from the Wizard of Oz. His most successful or lack of gimmicks was Vinnie Vegas, which was a basically a wise cracking mobster. After leaving WCW, Nash got his ultimate break as Diesel, a bodyguard for then IC Champion Shawn Michaels. I had good thoughts going in to this team. I thought Nash was a good fit for HBK because even though he was kind of small, Shawn had an insurance policy in the name of Diesel to help him out in his matches. 1994 became the year of Diesel, because at that year’s Royal Rumble, he dominated the Royal Rumble match, he won the IC Title a couple months later, him & HBK won the Tag Titles that summer, and he won the WWF Title at MSG in November of that year. In November of 1994 Diesel’s one year World Title reign had begun. A lot of people have remembered this reign as being one of the worst in WWF’s history. The only few good matches he had at that time were with Bret Hart & I think that was it. Because of his lack of in-ring abilities, he wasn’t able to carry anyone to a good match. His Title reign finally came to an end at the 1995 Survivor Series against Bret Hart, of course. After a few more months with WWF he went back to WCW, only this time, things were a little different. He came back as Kevin Nash and alongside his Kliq mate Scott Hall, they wreaked havoc among WCW. In July 1996 Nash, Hall, & Hulk Hogan formed the NWO & the Wrestling world never became the same. Somewhere down the WCW road, Nash became the booker and I’m pretty sure we all know what happened there. One of his most infamous decisions was him ending Goldberg’s Year long winning streak. WCW just completely went downhill with bad decisions after bad decisions. I’m not saying  Nash was the sole reason why WCW became horrible, I’m just saying he was a part of it. Nash also had a couple of runs in the WWE later on which were not that terrible compared to earlier in his career. Now that Nash seems to be back in the WWE, the question is how’s he gonna be used this time? Only time will tell.