From the Staples Centre in Los Angeles, this is the 24th annual SummerSlam!

The PPV starts off with Justin Roberts in the ring to announce Adam Roberts (Who’s he?) to perform the national anthem to kick off the show. He does a pretty good job, except in some parts it sounded like he was playing “We wish you a merry christmas”. Crowd didn’t seem that bothered by it from what I could here.

The SummerSlam intro starts, mainly focusing on the main event between John Cena and CM Punk. The pyro then hits as Michael Cole welcomes us to SummerSlam. Beside him are Booker T and Jerry Lawler. I’d rather JR than Booker. Booker is quite bad at commentating while Lawler is dire without JR. I feel for Cole. Even though I don’t like him, he has to carry that announce team. The Miz’s music then hits and makes his way to the ring. He gets a mic and says he is back at SummerSlam by popular demand. He thanks the crowd for wanting him to compete tonight and says to sit back and watch him steal the show. R-Truth interupts him. He says he doesn’t like spiders. Do you know why he doesn’t like spiders? It starts with the letter S. SummerSlam also starts with the letter S. Another thing that starts with S is Singing, which will be done by Cee Lo Green (Correct Spelling?) later tonight. You know what starts with the letter C? Conspiracy! Wow Truth. What a genius you are. He is interrupted by Del Rio, who makes his way to the ring. There are some Del Rio chants going on. Del Rio looks like he’s trying to encourage them to chant louder. That’s odd for a heel to do. It’s in California, though, near Mexico, so it makes sense that people might like him. Kofi Kingston comes out to the ring, followed by L.A.’s own John Morrison. Number one WWE Championship contender Rey Mysterio makes his way out to join them. We have a surprise six man tag match to kick things off.

The Miz, R-Truth & Alberto Del Rio vs Kofi Kingston, John Morrison & Rey Mysterio.

Miz and Kofi start things off. Kofi is able to hit a nice Monkey flip before tagging Morrison and hitting a double team move on him. Miz tags in Truth. Morrison takes him down with some punches and takes him to the corner, then hits him with the flying chuck. truth takes control but receives a kick to the face. Morrison up top now, but is taken down by Miz. The heels work over Morrison, until he hits Miz in the head with another kick, before making the tag to Kofi. Kofi takes it to The Miz, hitting a springboard cross body and the boom drop. Kofi attemps Trouble in Paradise. Miz counters and attempts the Skull Crushing Finale but gets hit with the SOS. Del Rio breaks the pin, and is sent to the outside by Kofi. Miz then spikes Kofi with what looked like a modified facebuster. That was neat. Kofi kicked out at two. The heels then work over Kofi until he fights out of a chinlock from Miz and makes the hot tag to Mr. 619, as Miz makes a tag to Truth. Mysterio sets up Truth, and Miz, for the 619. Del Rio trips him but is taken out with a corkscrew plancha by Morrison. Kingston hits a diving cross body taking out Miz. Truth is hit with the 619, followed by a frog splash, to pick up the win for his team at around the ten minute mark.

Winners: Kofi Kingston, John Morrison & Rey Mysterio.

Match Rating: **1/2. – Good opener. I expected them to win. I think Alberto Del Rio is cashing in at the end of the night, so the loss doesn’t bother me that much. It’s also Morrison’s first win since being back on TV. It also gives Rey some momemtum heading into his hometown, tomorrow on Raw, for his rematch for the WWE Championship. He’s losing. It was a solid tag team match.

CM Punk is backstage, with “Funk Man” John Laurinaitis. Johnny Ace demands an apology. Punk apoligizes, sarcastically, of course. He turns round to see Stephanie McMahon. She wishes him luck. Punk looks shocked and say to wish her husband and father lick instead. She says that they wish him luck too, but what would she know, she’s just the clueless daughter of Vince. Punk agrees, but then said he said idiotic, not clueless. She extends her hand but Punk says: “Y’know, I would, but I know where that hand has been”. Wink Wink. Punk leaves as Stephanie looks on, clearly not having any comeback for that peach of a comment. I F’n love CM for that. You sir, are THE man!

A video package is shown, for Sheamus and Mark Henry’s match, which is up next. They basically showed you the build up to this match. I personally think the build up has been well done. I predict Sheamus to win via DQ. Mark Henry could also win via countout. Either way, I don’t see either man being pinned.

Sheamus vs Mark Henry.

Mark Henry makes his way out to the ring, followed by Sheamus, who receives a a nice pop. Sheamus and Henry go at it as soon as the match starts. Sheamus goes down with a shoulder block. Sheamus goes on the attack, but is taken down again, this time with a headbutt.  Sheamus is backed into the corner but fights out of it, hitting Mark with some stiff right hands. Sheamus lands some clubbing blows to the back of Henry, but is easily thrown out of the ring. Sheamus is mostly on the defense from this point. Henry works over him in the ring and hits a big splash, but a kick out at two. He then does a rope attack on Sheamus, bring all of his weight down, on to the back of Sheamus’ neck. Sheamus tries to get back in it, but is taken down with a back breaker. Soon after, Henry attempts a celestial splash but misses. Sheamus then hits about three Celtic hammers before taking him down with a forth, this time coming off the ropes. Sheamus attacks Henry with some hard knees to the head. He then hits some clubbing blows while Henry is in the ropes. Sheamus and Henry both attempt shoulder blocks, resulting in both men going down. Sheamus is able to hit a shoulder block from up top for a near fall. He attempts the Brogue kick, but is knocked down to the mat. Henry eventually does get caught with the Brogue, but Henry falls to the outside. Sheamus is then picked up, slammed into the post then slammed through the barricade. That impact looked sick. Henry climbs back into the ring while Sheamus slowly crawls to the ring, unable to get back in before the ten count. This match also lastedabout ten minutes.

Winner: Mark Henry.

Match Rating: *1/2 – It was good for what it was. They have nice chemistry together, if I’m being honest. Sheamus is working very well as a babyface. I thought he was winning by DQ, but Henry winning by countout was my second choice. This is definitely some of the best work of Henry’s career. I’m 0-1 in matches so far. (Out of the five matches that were originally added to the card)

Josh Mathews is backstage with World Heavyweight Champion Christian. He says Orton won’t leave as World Champion. He has an insurance policy and the beneficiary is the entire WWE. He says his match will be an epic summer blockbuster filled with action. I’m guessing he’s still The Rock’s favorite wrestler. He says he’s like Harry Potter. He can make magic happen in any situation. Orton is like Cowboys and Aliens. (Never heard of it) – An overrated, over matched flop. I picked Christian to win. Now I’m not so sure.

Justin Roberts introduces Cee Lo Green. He performs his Bright Lights song, then performs another song with The Bella Twins, Rosa Mendes and Alicia Fox dancing in the background. I’m surprised people were up dancing in the crowd. I’m not going to comment much about the performance…It’ll just make me angry. This performance was shit. Dear Whoever has paid to see him in concert before, you are an idiot. Sincerely, Reality. Worst 5 minutes of, never mind the PPV, my entire life.

WWE Divas Championship match – Kelly Kelly(c) w/ Eve vs “The Glamazon” Beth Phoenix w/ (My favorite diva, not that I’m biased) Natalya.

Kelly Kelly makes her way to the ring with Eve. The Divas of Doom come out together also. Beth and Natalya had a bigger pop than K2. Smart crowd. Beth has new ring gear. I like it. I will also say that Nattie looked absolutely stunning too. Nice shoes Nattie. Louboutin? Anyway, K2 takes it to Beth right from the get-go. She sends her out with a hurricanrana followed by a flying cross body. Back in the ring, Beth knocks her down with a clothesline. K2 is then military pressed by Beth and dropped on the ropes. Beth covers for a two count. Beth works over K2 until K2 hits a neckbreaker on Beth. Beth works over K2 again and ties her up in the tree of woe, banging her head into the bottom turnbuckle. I love seeing Beth destroy her. Beth gets caught in the ropes, after K2 dodges a kick attempt. K2 goes into “Yelly Yelly” mode. She pounds Beth’s face off the mat. Come on! She goes for a handspring elbow but is caught by Beth. Beth takes her up for the Glam Slam but K2 rolls through, pinning Beth, for a huge upset victory.

Winner and STILL WWE Divas Champion: Kelly Kelly.

Match Rating: ** – Good divas match. I rather enjoyed it. This was longer than your typical divas match. Beth, along with Natalya, are the two best divas in WWE. They can make any other diva look good. This was no exception. I’m not a Kelly fan. She’s not a good worker at all, but somehow, she did a pretty good job against Beth tonight. Beth done a good job with Kelly here in making her look pretty good.  Well done Kelly. Nice to see you’re improving. I’m assuming Beth gets the belt in 5 weeks, at Night of Champions. It’s in Buffalo, NY. Her hometown. Makes sense. Works for me, anyway.

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon is seen walking out of John Cena’s dressing room. Now I know what CM Punk meant by: “…I know where that hand has been”. I’m being sarcastic.

R-Truth is shown backstage with Jimmy Hart. he says he likes Truth, but he needs someone to take him to the top. He says that he’s right. He needs to think BIG, not little, Jimmy. Wait, Little Jimmy!? Are you Little Jimmy? asks Truth. Little Jimmy ends up running away. Goodbye Little Jimmy. Come back soon please. He then bumps into some guy called Ron Artest, who is with his daughter. He asks what they’re looking at then walks off. By the way, who the fuck is Ron Artest?

Wade Barrett vs Daniel Bryan.

Barrett is first out. Bryan comes out to face him. I expect this to be a good match. the start was certainly promising, as the match went back and forth. Crowd is behind Bryan while Barrett is able to draw some heat. Bryan hits a dropkick which gets a near fall. He hits a Dragon screw and another dropkick for yet another near fall. He goes for a Mexican Surfboard but stomps Barrett’s knees into the mat. Bryan is in complete control until Barrett somehow hits a rope assisted back breaker. That was nice. Bryan fights back with some uppercuts but is caught with a running forearm smash. Barrett works over Bryan for a while and even teases Wasteland from the ring apron the outside, but no avail. He kicks Barrett to the floor and hits a running knee attack. Back in the ring, Bryan hits a huge missile dropkick. I love that move! Bryan hits some nasty kicks to Barrett’s legs and chest before hitting a final kick on his head. Kick out at two. Booker T mentions that Bryan is in the top spot in his fave five, which consist of about twenty three superstars, I think, haha, but that’s always subject to change, though. Bryan is caught in Wasteland position but counters into the guillotine choke, followed by the LeBell Lock. Barrett gets to the ropes. Bryan takes Barrett to the top rope and follows up. Barrett knocks him onto the ropes then hits a flying clothesline. He delivers Wasteland to pick up the win at around the fifteen minute mark.

Winner: Wade Barrett.

Match Rating: ***1/2 – A great match by two of WWE’s future major stars. Daniel Bryan is by far one of the best in the WWE, perhaps the world. Certainly in the top three with CM Punk and Christian, which I keep saying every week. I love everything about Daniel Bryan’s style. I hope that when he cashes in his MITB contract, he wins the World Title. He deserves it. Barrett also did a tremendous job. Great outing by both men.

The World Heavyweight title match is up next. Christian comes out. He reveals that Edge will be in his corner. And out comes Edge! He gets a well deserved huge pop. Fans are loving Edge. Biggest pop of the night by far. Edge hugs Christian while they both soak in the ovation. Edge tells him that he’s his best friend. He always will be, and no matter what, he loves him. Edge says that when he had to retire, that opened the door for Christian, and he was happy that Christian used that to his advantage. He’s proud of the fact that Christian went on to become a two time World Heavyweight Champion, but winning it by DQ wasn’t a good thing. He says that Christian is better that that and he knows it. He says he needs to hear this from him. He says that Christian has become a disgrace to himself and that, while he loves him, he never thought his best frind would turn out to be a whiny little bitch. Edge then walks off as Christian shouts after him. Orton then makes his way to the ring with a big smile on his face.

World Heavyweight Championship match – No Holds Barred – Christian(c) vs Randy Orton.

Match starts off with both men hitting each other with right hands. Orton hits a clothesline but is then hit himself with an elbow off the top rope. Christian chokes Orton in the corner, but Randy sends the champ into the corner and hits a back body drop before stomping away at the arms and legs of Christian. Christian sends Orton to the outside. Orton takes apart the announce table and attempts the RKO but Christian grabs the title and goes into the crowd. Orton is in pursuit and throws him back over the barricade. I can hear “Let’s go Christian” chants. Orton takes him in the ring and punches him in the corner. Those punches look legit. Orton runs towards him but goes shoulder first into the post. Christian grabs a Kendo stick and beats down Orton with it. He goes for the pin for a two count. Christian hits a spinebuster for two, goes to get the Kendo stick again but is dropkicked while coming off of the ropes. Orton takes out two tables, sending one into the ring. Christian takes him down and sets up the remaining table on the outside. Orton takes him to the top rope and hits a superplex on the table in the ring. It wasn’t set up so he just landed on it. Orton sets the table up in the corner. He then gets dropped with a reverse DDT. Christian stalks him with the spear, misses, Orton attempts an RKO but is sent to the outside. Orton throws him into the steps and sends Christian flying over them. Orton sets the steps up against the apron but Christian sends Orton face first into them. He drags Orton to the Spanish announce table and stalks Randy for an RKO. Orton ends up hitting an RKO out of nowhere. Guess what? The table ACTUALLY broke. Oh my lord. That has to be an achievement for Randy in itself. Both men climb, slowly, back into the ring. Orton attempts the RKO but is countered with the Killswitch. Is this one over? One…Two…Thr…No!. Kick out by Orton. This match is awesome. Christian grabs two chairs. He spits in Orton’s face, attempts the Con-Chair-To but doesn’t connect. Orton uses a chair on Christian’s back, sending him to the apron. Orton knocks him off with the chair, sending him through the table on the outside. Orton brings steel steps and trash cans into the ring. He tries to stomp Christian’s head on the steps, but Christian moves. Christian then gets power slammed (not scoop slammed, Cole) through the other table, set up in the corner. He hits Christian with the kendo sticks a few times, before using his signature DDT on a trash can. Orton stalks Christian with an RKO. Christian grabs a Kendo stick and whacks Orton is the head with it. Christian springboards out of the corner, into an RKO onto the steel steps. This one os over folks. Randy cover him as the ref counts to three at the 25 minute mark.

Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion: Randy Orton.

Match Rating: ****3/4 – Fantastic match up. Definitely a candidate for MOTY. I don’t like the fact that Christian had a one month reign. He deserves a decent reign. He is better than Orton in every way, in my opinion. I honestly thought Christian was winning, but it was an epic match. I like Orton, but I don’t want him to become Smackdown’s John Cena. I don’t want to see him with the title all the time. He doesn’t need it. He has come out of his shell, in terms of wrestling ability, with this feud with Christian, though. I think they have a rematch at the next PPV to end the feud, where hopefully Christian becomed a three time World Champion in what will hopefully be a good and lengthy reign.

Stephanie and Triple H are shown backstage. He kissed her then made his way to the ring.

Undisputed WWE Championship match – Special referee Triple H – CM Punk(c) vs John Cena(c)

Triple H makes his way to the ring. CM Punk is the first champion to enter to a big pop. Cena comes out to a lot of heat. Both men are announced with CM Punk, yet again, receiving a huge pop, while Cena draws in more heat. Looks like the kids are in bed tonight. A lot of wrestling holds are used by both men at the start of the match. Hammerlocks, waistlocks and headlocks. Those are wrestling holds that John Cena, of all people, is pulling off. Punk hits Cena with a calf kick, puts him in a chin lock and wraps his legs around his waist. Cena fights out and hits him with a gutwrench suplex, then a fisherman suplex. He cinches in another chin lock on Punk. Punk is able to get Cena with a boot to the face, before sending him into the ropes and hitting a high knee. Cena tries an STF but Punk kicks him away. Cena goes to the apron and Punk dropkicks him to the outside. Back in the ring, Punk locks in a unique submission. Cena powers out and counters with a side slam. Cena hits a shoulder block but is caught with a knee to the face second time round. Punk and Cena exchange offense before Punk locks in what looks like a modified Anaconda Vise. Cena counters to the STF, but Punk counters again with the proper Anaconda Vise. Cena locks in another STF but Punk gets the ropes. Punk sends Cena to the outside and connects with a suicide dive. Hunter gets to a nine count before throwing both men back in the ring. Good cmove by The Game. Punk escapes an AA but eats an effective, but badly executed, dropkick to Punk. Cena hits the five-knuckle shuffle. Both men exchange roll-ups. Punk then clocks Cena in the head with a kick for a near fall. Punk goes for the GTS but is sent to the corner. Big splash by Cena. Punk is able to send Cena to the corner to hit a shining wizard followed by a top rope bulldog. Cena gets Punk back in the STF but he wont give. Punk fights out of it but eats an AA for a two count. Cena can’t believe it. Punk hits the GTS for two. Now Punk can’t believe it. Punk goes up top and hits a flying elbow for two. Great tribute to Mach Man as “Randy Savage” chants fill out the arena. Punk gets out of another roll up by Cena, hits another high kick and a second GTS. Cena has his foot on the ropes. Triple H, nor Punk, see it as Triple H counts to three. Match went twenty five minutes.

Winner and NEW Undisputed WWE Champion: CM Punk.

Match Rating: ****1/2 – It was another epic match. A notch below their MITB, but still an amazing main event. Both Cena and Punk did a great job. Kudos to them.

Cena tries to reason with Triple H but Triple H says he never saw Cena’s foot on the ropes. cena walks to the back. Punk poses with the Title though-out ringside. He goes back in the ring. Triple H extends his hand, but ends up raising CM Punk’s hand. He walks to the back, clapping Punk’s victory. Punk celebrates with the Title some more. He turns round to eat a boot from Diesel! Diesel hits the Jackknife and walks through the crowd. Triple H looks on, stunned.

Here comes Alberto Del Rio! He has a referee. He’s cashing in MITB right now!

WWE Championship match – CM Punk(c) vs Alberto Del Rio.

Alberto Del Rio hits an enzuguiri and pins him for three.

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: Alberto Del Rio!!

Alberto walks to the back, while Triple H looks confused at what just happened, as SummerSlam goes off the air.

This was the right move, putting the title on Del Rio. He’ll have it for a few months before losing to Punk at Vengeance, in October. It’s replacing Hell in a Cell, I believe. Great surprise return by Diesel too. I’m looking forward to the future story line plans from WWE. It’s a great time to be a fan of WWE right now. If you disagree, that’s your loss. I, for one, enjoyed this PPV (Even if I did predict every match wrongly, except the end. I KNEW Alberto was cashing in!) very much. Great PPV again by WWE. Looking forward to the next one. I give SummerSlam an 8 out of 10. Well worth the money and well worth the watch.

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